This Condition isn’t Season related, But I do tend to find that MY Issues with SINUSITUS does tend to become Aggravated over the Winter months!

Within the Realm of this Affliction, there are a few Causes why Most or possible ALL people around the Globe suffer from this Medical Problem –


  • There’s a Possibility of Infection


  • Some People may have an Allergic reaction


  • Some Chemicals may have an Influence on us


  • OR the Sinuses could just become Irritated

While all of this is possible, with the Sinuses reacting as they do, we have some Symptoms which Contribute to Our Discomfort –


  • We suffer from Sinus Headaches – Which I can attest to, Mine most of the time become Migraines!


  • When You’ve got a bad case of Sinusitis, it can Affect Your Face, feeling far Too tender as the Muscles are affected in your Face.


  • With our Head and I’d say, Facial features in such Close Proximity – it stands to Reason that those Features can become Irritated – HENCE You can feel Your Ears feeling Inflamed as well.


  • If the Sinusitis is as Aggressive as I’ve mentioned so far, It can also Affect the rest of the Body – Especially when this is Cause by an Infection or Allergic Reaction which could cause a Fever too.


  • Within the Intensity of the Sinusitis, You could More often than Not feeling there’s a Sinus Drip at the back Palate – feeling as if You need to Swallow more Regularly as the Sinuses becomes more Active.


  • I have Myself found that Either one of My Nasal Passages becomes So Irritated that Not only do I feel a Stuffiness, but I can almost feel that the Sinuses expand to make the Passage feel blocked in this way.


  • The SORE Throat might be because of an Infection or an Allergic Reaction – but I’ve found this one Quit Regularly; with me the Issue here is, with the Nasal DRIP, my UVULA becomes So Irritated that It actually become Limp and it also can Touch the Tongue. THUS, every time I swallow with the Uvula irritated as it is, it’s Also Pulled Via the Swallowing and this is Directly related to the Sinus Drip!


  • While the Throat is Swore, one thing the Body does try and do, Expel the Virus or Remedy the Problem and thus – the body Cough and this as well Irritated the body as much as it’s trying to get Rid of the Problem…


  • It all depends on just HOW intense the Irritation or Allergic Reaction or Chemical Effect or such would be if it’s Too much for the Body to Deal with, Some of the Facial Muscles could become Swollen with this Attack on the body.

There had been reports where Patients had to be Hospitalized because of the Severity of their Reaction to Whichever cause which brought on the Symptoms of the Sinusitis.

THUS, be Very careful not to Believe it cannot be Detrimental to Your Health, ANY kind of Unnatural Stimuli on Our bodies Could Potentially have Ill effects on it AND cause More Harm when Unchecked!

If NEED Be, Go see Your House Doctor, Seeing that he with the Pharmacist will look at Your Medical History to see what would be the Best Course of Action to use when You suffer from this.

There’s Various External Factors, ONE of which I suspect we’ve got a Great Deal to suffer from here in my Hometown, Air Pollution AND Never forget what Stress can cause onto Your Health and Your Body as well!

If You’re NOT Sure, go ASK someone, ANYONE who works in the Medical Field to HELP You out OR direct You to someone who can Help.

The MORE Information We have one what Could be Happening;

The BETTER Prepared we can be to Help Ourselves!


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