Preparation H (Ointment)…



I SO Wish I’d had the Foresight to take a Picture,

But then the Pain, as well as the Total Uncertainty of how and what had Happened, caught me Totally off-guard!


So here it is,

I was Once Again working,

Doing my Job while I was Starting the Cars which are situated on the Boss’s floor.


Then, at some point,

While I was doing this – I must have come into Contact with some kind of Chemical

Which burnt my Skin to such an Extent, I noticed there was Something very wrong!


I could see inside the Affected area that it Looked like a Massive ( V ) in my Skin.

The area which I could see looked like this V, was also raised.

I suspected that It should be a Chemical of some kind,

Probably touching my Skin and Spreading in the Shape of the V.


The ONLY Problem with this,

I cannot Remember or even Begin to Speculate where or how it is,

That I got into Contact with this Chemical.


There was no Blood and NONE of the Skin in the Affected area was broken,
By whatever Affected me there.

It was blood-red around there, the Size of your Thumb-nail almost.


As Prescribed, I IMMEDIATELY rinsed this area.

I was able to deal Effectively with the Burning Sensation,

And kept a close eye on the Area, making sure that whatever it was, didn’t spread OR

Affect any other part of my Hand or body.


While the Pain was bearable, I didn’t Figure it to be that bad,

Seeing that it dissipated not long after.


Since that day,

I had kept my Eye on the area and felt pinching pain sensations when SOMETHING touched the area.


I didn’t cover it and while I hoped that My body would Automatically heal the area – this wasn’t to be.


Having this Ointment at hand,

Once again I started treating myself with this.


Now then, I must STRESS this as much as I can,

THIS Ointment if you can buy it and use it,

NO Matter how Effective it May be to you,

It’s NOT to Replace the Need to see a Medical Professional if the Injury OR Accident befalls You or Another could have incurred.

Seek Medical Attention when there’s Injury and or Symptoms of more Severe Problems.


I have taken this Afterward picture,

Showing just how Effective this Ointment can be,

Applying Regularly and Keeping an eye on the Problem.


In the Past, I had used this Ointment on Numerous Occasions and I know how Effective it can be.

YES, I’ve even Forgotten to use it,

ESPECIALLY when we Start feeling better.


Like when we have to Complete a Course of Antibiotics,

When Your Body start winning the Fight against the Foreign Agent – Virus attacking your Body;

Then we Tend to Forget to Complete the Course.

JUST to Know, when that Foreign Agent OR Virus DOES come back the Next time,

It will come back Harder and Faster,

NOT only that, but it Could build-up a Resistance against the Medication You’d used so far…



Be very careful what you Take or Use,

Make sure to Keep an Eye on the Injury


Make sure to Complete the Course of Medication You’d been given…


Happy Healthy Living!


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