Cleansing of the Gluing…


In my Job, I use glue and the Variations of it to some extent.

Not only this, but I regularly get spilled Glue all over my Hands and Fingers,

Depending what I’m working on at the time!




I did read-up on the Method of Manufacturing some Glues,

BUT what really Caught my Eye and what will be Most Efficient would be the Removal of Glues from our Hands and Fingers…


So here goes;

If you’ve got Two Finger’s stuck together, you can do something about it–

Even if you’re alone, BUT always still be Really Careful in what you do Decide to do about the Problem at (finger)… Hand!


Firstly, assess your Situation. If the Situation you’re in, doesn’t feel Right,

Do not waste valuable time – Thinking that you can do this Yourself,

Rather get some Expert Medical help when You’re in Doubt!


If not such an Intense situation comes to mind,

Here is what you could do.


  1. You can use some Spirits – there’s a Normal one as well as White Spirits, so you can use either of them. Just be sure, Spirits is a Chemical and could affect your Skin and with the Glue there as well – could Irritate the Skin even more. Do not Use it Excessively, just see how the Skin would react first.


  1. At ALL Times when you’re working with Any kind of Chemicals, removing Any kind of Glue, wash your Hands, removing any Excessive fluid or such from your Hands and Skin.


  1. Warm soapy water would work in getting the Affected Glued area softer and would make removal so much easier.


  1. You can use Acetone or Nail Polish Remover. ONCE Again, be Very Careful when Using any kind of Chemicals. It could react to Your skin and even Create some kind of Additional Reaction to the Glue itself.


  1. If the Glue is only on a few places and not Gluing two Fingers Together, you can Allow the Glue to harden. Then using a Nail Fail or Nail Emery Board to work it off. Just be careful not to Irritate the Skin in the area.


  1. If you have Time, allow the Glue to harden and in time, while Performing your Normal Day-to-Day tasks will inevitably turn in another Colour and in effect the Hardened Glue would Crack, falling off little by little. With the oily discharge of your skin, it will inevitably affect the Glue.


  1. You can also Use Margarine as well. It will eventually soften the Glue and the softer it becomes the Easier it could be, just pealing off the Glue from the affected spot.


  1. If you have any Laundry Detergent, you can mix a ¼ Coffee Cup with warm water filling the same Cup and soaking the fingers in there. Soak the fingers in the solution for as long as you need, repeat say for a 20 minute period, seeing how well it works or not.


  1. A mixture of Salt with a bit warm water, such a past can be rubbed on the Affected area and continue for as long as you need. As well, use Lemon Juice in place of Water when the Glue and Affected area is intense. Rub for at least 2 minutes, rinse and see if it has any Effect on the Glue. Continue as needed.


  1. Some Alcohols (Vodka) have a Degenerative effect on the Chemical actions of the Glue and could easily be use to clear it off. Just remember again, it’s a Chemical on a Chemical and the Skin can become irritated. Press the fingers inside the Glass, using the glass as a scrap, getting the Glue off.


  1. Take some Salt after smearing or soaking the Affected place with the Alcohol, it will help with the Rubbing Affect and as well, neutralize the Chemicals so that you’d see how to proceed further.


As you can see, there are various ways of helping yourself, but the best would be to have some Rubber or Latex gloves at hand, working with them on with the glue.

There are some Combination and Compounded Glue’s which react Intensely and with what I’ve read and mentioned here, Will NOT help you in the least bit!

Be Very Careful with what you’re working, even if it’s just a Little Project at Home.

If You were to Swallow any of the Glue, OR if it comes in Contact with Your Eyes or Any Part of your Face, be SURE to get Additional help!


It might be a Helpful Product,

But even the MOST Helpful of Products can Cause as Much Injury and Harm to use than Good it can do when Used Properly.


Many Accidents, leading the Hospital Admittance,

Takes Place at Home.

Rather Teach Your Children how to use something Less Dangerous than Letting them find something That’s SO Dangerous without Suspecting it.


Rather be Safe than Sorry.

All The BEST!


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