In the TRENCHES of Retrenchment;


I’d read on my FACEBOOK Timeline as well as Spoke to Someone the other day,

Hearing and Reading of the Possible Retrenchment approaching…


Not ONLY is it a Fact over the Years;

Meaning, Since the Beginning of Time and National and International Business and Finances – that things had gone Bonkers when we Least Expect it!


MY Faithful day was,

28 February 2011,

When my Boss, THAT time ago, Called me into his Office.

Telling me as well, It’s the END of the Month and that He has to make a Choice,

In what they’d be Doing…


MY Ironic Fact was this,

They wanted to Introduce Another Lady into my Position,

Seeing that She’s the Girlfriend of a Man which Worked there for MUCH Longer than I had worked there… Wanting an Increase or such…

So a Plan was formed and Yes, I went.


Funny Enough,

As far as I know,

NOT Seeing her there for a Long time –

I suspect that She didn’t Last there for THAT Long either!



Along the Grapevine,

I got it on Good Authority that they’d Miss me working there!


I never went back,

NEVER Knowing when the Idea of Retrenchment would come up again,

Seeing that I’d be Working there for ONLY Six Months!

Yet, that didn’t Matter much to them!


The Fact of the Matter is this,

No matter Who you are,

No matter What you do,

Each and Every one of US could easily enough Face this Issue!


I was HIT by this Situation there before I’d left the Workplace that Afternoon.

They’d Paid more into my Account than would be Normal;

Making sure that I didn’t kick-up Dust and for me to get going…



Even this,

No matter how much THEY pay into your Account,

There’s Absolutely NO way for Anyone to Know what will BE Tomorrow.


With our Lovely Economical Situation, we have in Our Country,

Probably the World,

How long would Anyone look to find another Place of Employment?


There WERE and there ARE Jobs available,

BUT then as well,

If you’re NOT Uniquely qualified for Each of them,

Then you Might as well Scream into the Wind as well!


Not ONLY My Brother,

But myself as well,

What Qualifications he’s got in the Long Run,

Have not helped him landing the Last Job which He’d been Offered,

When he Last got Hired…

YES, Experience has helped him, but there’s a Good Deal More for him to Learn as well…


Myself as well,

I’ve worked in a Variety of Areas,

Not what I Truly want to do,

BUT that’s also the Idea –

If You’re NOT doing what You’d Love to do, DO this Job as Best You can!

We may Never reach that Position OR this current Job, Career COULD potentially lead you there… if you are willing!


The ONLY thing that’s MORE Important that Most places in Life,

If you’re Willing and Able to Adapt to what is Coming,

No Matter HOW Bad it might turn to be,

If you can See and Reach for the Light at the End of the Tunnel,

You’d NEVER know what is there for you to Have and Do

When that Opportunity does arrive on your Doorstep!


Always be WILLING and Open to the Possibilities!


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