The TWINKLE in the Orginal…


It’s Part of the HUMAN Condition,

We’re not Always too Sure of what to Do OR how others would take what we Do.

EITHER you do what You know OR Conform to what the Rest believe We should…


It’s not the Easiest of things;

Taking that LEAP and not Ever really Sure how Everyone would Take what YOU, Me Or THEM let loose on the World at large…


If what I’d heard is true,

At some point, Someone asked Michael Bay if he’d liked to Gamble –

He responded to this;

“I gamble with 250 Million Dollar Movies…”


Our Dreams, Passions or Desires might not Make for Such huge Proportions,

BUT, then it’s what YOU have the right to do.

As well, We’re all Totally UNIQUE and that’s Brilliant.


Everyone of Us can Improve on what we do,

It all Depend on what We’re doing and IF it comes down to the Point,

How much should you Change of what Might be working for you?


You might not even be Sure of what You need to do,

What your Uniqueness is,

Which isn’t an Issue – as long as you follow your Path in Reaching it,

BUT, do not Underestimate an Honest Person’s willingness giving you Honest Feedback either.


No matter what Anyone tells You,

It doesn’t matter Which Direction You Launch Yourself into,

Reaching for Your Unique Dreams and Desires MIGHT be Harder than Anyone can Know – seeing You’ve NOT gotten there Yet…


THUS, Know that we all Need a Support System


No matter How many times we fail,

Being that You’ve Listened to the Wrong person


Made that Mistake Yourself,

Dust Yourself Off and get up;

Life and Reaching for Your Dreams never would be an Easy Road for anyone to walk!


There had been Others before You,

There would be a Mired of People after You,

The ONLY thing of Importance is this–

What would You do with the Opportunity when it Does ARRIVE,

Would You say – What If… OR

Would you take that Leap of Faith in KNOWING what You know to be true.

What You’re here to do?


You can ONLY But follow Your Heart,

If that is for Business,

Your Career,

Someone You need to Follow for Love…

If you do NOT do what You have to,

REGRET, I’d say it One of the Single MOST Poisonous Killers for the Soul If I’d ever Known or Hear or Seen one!


BEING unique is Your Right,


It’s the RIGHT of the World to See what You are and what Unique Qualities You can Present the World,

SO we who are Creative or Productive or Systematic,

WHOEVER you are,

We have an Obligation to Show others they can Reach there as well…


As DIFFICULT as it may seem,


There’s ALWAYS someone else who has it Even Harder…


Help Any – and Everyone who You can SEE needs that Support,

NOT everyone would Ask for the Help they Sometimes Need,

Reaching out to that Person,

You just MIGHT help them Through a Very Difficult time,

Seeing them Blossom Beautifully at the Other side!


Studeant potius quam pridie… (Latin)


Strive to be Better, than You were Yesterday…


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