Battery Dreariness…


Within our Lifetimes, we’ve had to deal with the Need in speeding up with every single thing we do.

To the point that Life has become very fast and it’s just Continuously speeding up!


I’d not really say that Life itself has Sped-up,

But with Our need for Instant Gratification,

We’ve over the past few Years, become accustomed to Everything having to take Less time, before we could See or Use it.


Within all of this, there’s been More Mistakes and Problems which arouse from the Continual and High-Speed of the Processing of Everything we want on Demand.

Our own nature is Perpetrating this Cycle…


Within all of this,

I have seen, Felt and come to Realize that running as Intensely as I have,

No matter how hard You’re working, at the End of the day, You may NOT finish the work THEY want you to get done.


Another Side-Effect I’ve come to Experience,

When I get Home,

After having a Nice bath, washing as much of the Day’s Irritation from my Body,

When I sit and start to relax with that Nice Cup of Coffee –

The Batteries fall to the way-side very fast!


Simple tasks become far more Difficult to Finish

& I have to concentrate even Harder on what I’m working on.

If and When I’m working through my e-mails,

I’ve found that I’d Dim-and-Bright…

Doze Off, when it becomes too Boring!


Either I have to make myself Another stronger cup of Coffee,

or at least just Get-up,

Making sure that my Blood circulates and I kick-start the System again!


Mostly after ONE of these spells I’d feel better,

But I feel like I’d sleep even Better than a Baby at that point,

Seeing that the Day’s work and Running around had Drained me as Much as it had!


It’s not Always possible to Relax as much as I’d like,

Seeing You’re thinking of what Still have to be done and

Worried because Other people You’ve got to Rely on in Getting their Parts done,

So you can Finish the work You’re responsible for…


Relaxing would be Brilliant,

But Most of Our Weekend consist of a Half Saturday and

When You’re running around on a Sunday as well,

Where had Your Weekend gone and where is the Rest before the

Dreaded Monday Morning comes knocking at the Door again!


Public Holidays and Our weekends turn out to fall under the Same category,

Then as well, Either you Cannot take a Holiday for there’s No One able to Relieve you

or worse, You don’t have the Funds in going away!


I’ve you’ve Ever stayed home over Your Holiday,

You work harder at Home than what You probably work at Your Day-Job,

Seeing Everything you do – you do it for Yourself…


Your Physical Batteries run Low and if you Struggle to sleep as well,

Recharging doesn’t happen that Easy,

Not to even say that Your Soul becomes Tired –

Depend on what You’re dealing with at Work as well…


No matter where we Go,

Everything had changed for Us and

It’ll never go back to what there was beforehand,


Through all of this, we need to Take Care of Ourselves and

Find the time to Recharge not only our Physical Batteries,

But Your Soul needs rest from all the Stresses, Everyone of Us faces every day…


I know from Experience,

When I’m working or doing something Small at Home,

When I get and feel so tired,

I know that I’m Racing after something which Shouldn’t be so Hard to find and have.


That’s why it’s Really Important,

Running the Race isn’t the Issue,

If you’re not Doing what you Love to do OR

The passion for – I suspect that at This point is when the

Exhaustion set in, Doing something beyond what You Crave can become as

Tiresome as it is at Going for your Goals, Dreams and Passions –

Without anyone else there to Support you…


This isn’t an Easy Feat to Accomplish,

But we Owe it to Ourselves to do what we can,

Loving what we do… every day…


Get as close to that as possible…


Save the Batteries!


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