Towing. . . the Pain out of the Waine…


Friday Morning,

I’ve got more than Enough planned for the Day of Work and

Every Other thing which can So Easily fall in my way,

There’s Almost no way of Planning for Anything else which Might rear its Ugly Head!


Yet as you can Imagine,

There’s another thing Way-Outside-Of-Left-Field that’s coming to Bite me!


I get a Call from Mom,

Telling me she’s stuck along the way,

Before she can Drop my Youngest Brother’s boys at the house.

Luckily it’s Public Holidays and so, there’s no Immediate rush.


Still, I cannot leave her along the Road for Too long


There are the Other aspects of the Day’s Jobs at hand…

HENCE, the Brian run at a Thousand Miles per Second.


My Poor Oldest sister got Retrenched from her Job the week before,

Thus, I got her to come with me, Driving there to firstly,

Drop the One kid at Home – the other doesn’t want to stay there…



Now then,

My Poor sister has to drive behind,

Bringing Up the rear so that we can get the Car to the Specified Mechanic.


As with Jump-starting a Car;

Here are a few things to think of when you tow a car Without a Solid Pipe connecting the two with each other.

The Solid pipe would make the Car in the back, Almost react like a Trailer behind pulled along… Almost, not entirely but it’s 90% easier…


The NOT so easy one would be the Following:

  1. Always have Two tow ropes with you. If there’s not Hook or Eyelid or hole for Towing on the other car. You find the most Solid part Underneath the car, there the Second tow rope would tie around. Make Sure that it doesn’t Obstruct the movements of the Suspension and thus be Worn-down or Cut while you’re Towing. (If it looks okay, it should mostly be.)


  1. Obviously, tie the Two cars to each other. Make sure to leave some distance between the two cars, so the Rear driver can maneuver. Three Meters should be sufficient or Ten Feet of slack between the cars.


  1. Make sure the Hazards work and be very sure that the Brakes on the rear car is working as well. The rear car with a Towing rope will break the Towing car.


  1. If possible, the Towing Driver should drop the window, able to give hand signals to make the Job at hand so much easier.


  1. Now, keep the Towing Road always tensioned. When both cars are Running on an even level that wouldn’t be an Issue. But on a Downward hill or such, the car in the back must slow down so not to bump the Towing car. This is Important as well when stopping. The Car in the Back must be dead stopped and keep the Tension on the Towing rope. When Pulling away the Action would be Smooth and not too much Yanking and Shaking can be averted.


  1. There are in my Opinion Three primary Signals for the Rear driver to know.
  • With an arm reaching out the Window. Palm down, move the arm up and down – thus Signaling the Driver to Apply the Brakes lightly so you can slow down evenly. Not stopping, just Reducing speed.
  • Also the arm out, for them to See – the General looking Stop sign. Arm at a Ninety Degree angle. L – If you’d like. Then with the fingers pointing at the Sky to show the Universal sign for stopping. ALWAYS keep the rear car Dead still at the Stop, keeping Tension on the rope…
  • Then as well Important – the Thumbs-UP so you can go. You’re moving again and all is good.
  • The Towing car should Use it’s Indicators to show what their Intensions are and make the Towing as Easy as possible for the Rear Car. As well, Plan Ahead to use the Least busy roads possible. The Less Stopping the Less additional problems there Might be and More concentration on the Job at hand.


  1. Do NOT drive Faster than what the Rear Diver is Comfortable with. Anything can Happen along the way. No Need for any Additional damage either!


  1. At All times keep in eye contact with the Rear Driver if there’s anything they might want to Signal to you. The Hooter might not be working and so, if you don’t Periodically check them, how would you Know there’s something else wrong.


  1. Do your Best and leaving space for those Behind you to pass, it will make things So much better and keep the Stress to a minimum.


  1. Slow both Cars down well enough before any kind of Intersection, You never know if someone will Cut-in and cause you more Issues. Rather go Slow and Safe than overdoing it, Expecting the Rear Driver to Know what you’re going to do.


  1. Do your best at Changing gears as smooth as possible, not too slow though, seeing you can loose momentum. The idea here is to keep the Towing rope at tension so that the drive would be without Too much Bobbing Heads when you apply the Petrol / Gas / Fuel after you’ve changed gears.


No matter how Good you become, being Safe and being Cautious is the Name of the game. If your Last Option is to Tow another car, remember to keep as Calm as possible and Plan well Ahead of what you’re going to do.

If and When Driving at a Comfortable speed, it’ll Always be easier to keep out of any further Danger.

Any excessive Speed would cause a Danger to both cars and those around you.

Just think logical, see what works then Next time you have to Tow and see what doesn’t work for you.


Keep Safe and be Aware of Everything around you…


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