Fever-Pitched Fear…



Yesterday I got a task to do at the Bosses house.

I took along one of the Other people working with me, having to supervise the work to be done on the Swimming-pool-pump.


Now what would be So Interesting about this situation,

For me to be writing about it?

That’s really Easy – something I’d been Thinking and Probably working with for some time Now.


The man who drove there with me,

He’s afraid of Dogs.

Especially this one is a Particularly Afflicted Pug.

Or they’d call it a Shar Pey… Image with the Post.


Now then, when I got to the Other gate, the man with me had Already reacted incorrectly.

Yes, that’s very easy to say as the Consensus is that Dogs can Smell fear.

Even here Most people have varied Ideas on this and I can tell you that I’m a Dog person as well as Cat person.


If you Know the basics of their Behavior and know their Personality in general,

That can go a Long way for you to get one over them.

Not to trick the Dog, but to make Friends with it!


This is not the First Dog which I’d come across which wasn’t really Me friendly.

The other one, even if they Told me what it was,

I cannot for the Life of me remember.

Not only that, But it was a Hunting Dog and was playing at a Totally different set of Rules as I found out really fast!


So, here is what I’ve learned from other Posts and Articles on the Internet

As well as what I’ve Experience over time…

Just One Thought here, No matter what Anyone says or what they Believes –

Always be Careful around animals which you don’t Know!

Rather be Safe than Sorry…


When I was faced with the Hunting Dog,

There was luckily for me a Smaller Dog as well,

When I walked into the Yard of the Boss of that time,

It Growled at me, showing Her teeth and reacted Really-Really aggressive!


That would be Understandable, seeing that She’d never before Smelled me.

She’d Never before met me and even though I was there with one of the Workers,

The Dog was Protecting her Territory and No One was going to tell her anything else!


What helped me her to make Friends with her,

Firstly, the Smaller dog was Friendly and enjoyed me Patting it.

As well,

Your stance in time should drop to their Level.

This shows the Dog that You’re not a Threat to them or that You’re not Aggressive or Hostile in the Situation.

JUST never make Yourself Venerable when you See the Dog is still behaving Aggressively.

Having someone there who can help you, which the Dog trust will help a Great Deal!


Always Allow the Dog to come to you.

Never run after it, trying to get it to Trust you.

You Must earn the Dog’s trust and that will take Time OR never ever happen!


In this Regard, I got the Dog so Jealous that it had No other Choice to come closer.

As a Matter of fact, when we make friends I was one of the very Few people who would Play her so Tired that she didn’t want to Play with me.

She drank water and just lay on the grass out of Breathe!


Now then,

The PUG isn’t the same kind of Animal.

Here is what I’d copied from the Internet on the Dog’s Character itself;


The Shar Pei is a Chinese dog listed in the «Guinness Book of World Records» as one of the rarest breeds in the world. Dogs of this breed have very independent and dominating nature, love to be a head of the family, so from the childhood, they should be taught who the boss is.

The Chinese Shar Pei successfully took part in the fights, so in it is in the breeds’ genes to show aggression towards other dogs. In the families, these dogs behave pretty well, but they are not always patient with children. The early socialization of the dog can help to minimize its aggression


It will Mostly Follow you. Not allowing you to walk behind it.

This is a sign that it’s being Forced!

It will Growl at you, being Unhappy as You’re excreting Authority and Dominance over the Dog.

As long as it’s walking back in the Direction You need it to go,

Allow the Dog to take it’s time and Get there.

The moment You physically try to Force it, that would be a BIG mistake!

That would be the time the Animal would become Violent.


With this Dog as well, there was another in the Yard.

ONLY, here it doesn’t matter if You try to make it Jealous.

If and When the Owner and Primary Person comes onto the Grounds – You could be perceived as a Threat!

As well with these Dogs,

It will almost Every time Challenge you for Dominance.

Mostly only when it does Perceive You as another Alpha leader.


Like Horses, the PUG would also play with you in time.

It would jump up onto you – Hence do not get Too low as the Dog could bump you

Over and that would be a bit of a Problem if you’re Not Too friendly with the Dog.


As with Horses, they tend to Bite Each other in playing,

When You’ve got a Good Report with the Dog,

I know of the Pug in this Regard,

It would Love to play with you.

AND do not be too shocked – it would Lightly nibble on you as well.

I’ve not stood Still long enough,

To see if the Dog would Bite me – but my Instincts says that it’ll not happen.

I Could easily be Wrong on this one!



One thing that You should know,

The more Often the Dog sees you,

Smell Your own Unique Body Odor,

The More attention you give the Dog,

Gradually the Better it’ll be for you and the Dog to get along.


I suspect that with my ability to pick-up on Small changes,

It’s a little bit Easier for me to Read the Situation.

THUS, If you’re not Sure, do not Overstep your boundaries.



Never Ever turn Your Back on the Dog and Run away!

Show the Dog Your palms and have your Arms reached out fully,

Do Not Move Fast or any Sudden Actions,

Move Backward still Looking in the General Area of the Dog.

Do not Look in its Eyes, this will Make the Dog feel Threatened.

If the Animal is following you Slowly, uncertain if it’s Safe,

Keep on moving out of Sight.

Even if this doesn’t sound Natural – try not to Scream.

Our Higher Pitched Sounds and Big Movement just stresses the Dog out.


The Dog will in Most Instances react on Instinct,

It’s Protecting its Territory and will Perceive You as a Threat.

If and When You’ve got to move into a Yard or such where You come Upon an

Unfamiliar Dog, reacting Aggressive –

Remember You don’t know the Dog and Anything is Possible.


Rather be Safe and get out of there as Cautiously as possible.

It’s Almost like a Child You frightened – Only this one’s got Teeth to Attack You with.

Nothing else Matter in Showing Fear or Such –

Just Vacate Yourself Safely from the Situation if possible!


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