The Infinite Insight into the Windows of the Soul…


When last did you have that Scratchy feeling,

Either when the Wind was blowing badly or

You could have been around a great deal of Sand or Dust?


When you least expect it, and That particle finds its way into your Eye!

That Damn painful feeling when something gets in there

AND whatever it may be, it’s big enough for you to feel every Damn second of it!


There’s very Little you can do about it,

We Only know that the longer it stays in our eye,

You cannot use your eye and the tears forming to get rid of it,

That really doesn’t help that much in using your Eye!


I’ve for a VERY long time wondered just how it was when those bits did blow

Or fall or float into My eye – if they were bigger than I suspected,

How would they even leave my Eye OR if I was able to maneuver them into a better place – where was that place actually?


Well then, it’ll be Really good for you to know; Reading on the Internet about Eye care and Treatments of such issues of the Eye –

A foreign object that lands on the front part of the eye cannot get lost behind the eyeball, but they can cause scratches on the cornea.

This one had me worried for a long time, Especially when the Foreign Object getting in my eye was So big that I wondered if it’ll not press right into the Eye itself!


Wherever you may be, if You’re alone and suspect that Whatever it is in your Eye is only but a Dust Particle or such,

What I have done in the past have helped a Great deal in getting this Object out of there.


You may know this one,

You take your Top Eyelid and pull it over the bottom one.

When you Blink while doing this – discomforting as it is, it will change the Pressure on both the Lids and could potentially release the object and with Tearing up of your eye,

Help to move the eye to your Eye ducts.


I Wouldn’t Recommend this kind of Action with something that You feel Impacted on the Eyeball itself.

When you have to blink and you find that either your Vision or the Pain or the Scratchiness had increased far too much – then Seek Medical Assistance immediately!


When a Medical Doctor examines the Eye they could also use Fluorescein Dye,

which glow under special light.

They apply this to the eye, not only seeing where the Damage is but they can find the Object to see what it is in your eye.


Whenever you’ve got something in your eye, If you’ve tried or Someone with you had done the same and You still feel discomfort – it’s time to see Additional help.

The longer the Object is in your eye, the more Severe your Symptoms become,

The More severe the Object is affecting your Eye and the Longer it will take to Remedy this situation.


Even while we don’t Realize this,

In our Everyday lives there’s A great deal of small Dust particles which Impact on the Eye and although we might not believe this,

Our eyes secrete just enough tears to wipe this from out Eye-balls.

THIS is only my conclusion.


The reason why I suspect this does happen and Found the correlating connection,

Our eyes and Nose are Connected with each other.


Just Think about this one,

When last did you Use some Eye-drops,

AND miraculously You got the Taste of this Medication when there was an

Excess of this from Your eye.


In the Image, You’d see there’s a Tube which drains excess Tears to the Nose.

NOW then, think about this one as well,

Within those Tears, you have dust Particles –

Which means that the More dust which accumulates on the Eye,

The more of these Particles gets to our Noses.


With Sinusitis and Flew and Hay-fever,

Affecting many of us,

The dust which gets into your eye,

Some of that gets to your Nose and this also affects our reaction

To the three I’ve mentioned.


Your Eye needs to be Moist to Function correctly,

Your nose as well,

But then Combine these two and You’d see just how Interesting this becomes

For us, while things go Bonkers for us

Which Affect us throughout the Day, Month, Year…


This ONE-way street helps not only getting the Excess tears from our eyes,

But it’s the Eye’s garbage disposal route,

Meaning – when you sneeze and cannot sometimes understand why that is,

This Could be the excess build-up of Dust particles coming from your Eye-balls…


“Grandma, what Big Eyes you got;”


Keep Em’ Safe To See With!


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