Where do you Come from My Lovely…


There’s a Song by:

Peter Sarstedt,

I suspect it’s really Famous – Where do you Go to my Lovely…


Just Sometimes we Find or Land upon something that we Couldn’t for the Life of us,

Imagined or Planned to have Happened!


I could go and say something like this was a Small Miracle,

But then there are Mathematical Equations which the More Clever People could get up to as well – My Inclination on this is,

We find or get Shown what we need at the time.


I cannot even say that This Idea of mine is in Any way even Remotely

Sensible OR even Close to the Possible Truth.

What I can say is that Me seeing this Note – gave me the Idea of writing this Post

About what I’d seen or found OR more-over,

What found me!


When you Read the little letter or note on the Bill you’d see that

It looks to be from a Grandmother to her Granddaughter.

It’s meant as a Token of Love and Great Appreciation from the Older Lady to the Child which truly means a great deal to her.


I have Absolutely no idea just how this note came into Circulation,

But then with Life being as Hard and Difficult as it is at this point,

I suspect that “whomever” needed to use the Note in buying whatever they needed.


I myself received the Note when I drew Monies from the ATM,

ONLY when I wanted to pay the Rent did I see the message on the Note

AND suspected,

When the attendant asked the Supervisor / Manager,

They’d not take the Note.


Thus I used one of the Additional notes to finish the Transaction…

I tried to Pay the bill into either one of my Accounts –

Which Ironically didn’t work!


Funny enough the ATM was willing to Issue me the Note,

But neither one of the ATM’s at the two banks I’m banking at,

Neither one of the Machines allowed the Note to be Deposited into My account…

Needless to say, I had to take the Note into the Branch and they’d exchanged it for me.


Since I’m pretty Active on Various Social Media Networks,

I’ve come to Remember taking Pictures of Everything that Intrigues me,

Seeing that I could Eventually use the Images in some of my Posts or such…


Henceforth – here’s the Post that Directly Relate to the Note.

The thing of this note isn’t that by some Small Miracle I got the Note,

Intended for another…

But My question would rather be,

Where did it come from?

Who did it come from?

Who was it intended for?


As I’m steadily Learning the Smaller Integral components of Screenwriting,

One of the things which they’re Really pressing on,

With Characters in-mind,

Would be the Background of the specific Character.


That’s the reason why I’m curious as to where the Note had come from.

Who wrote it and for who is was intended as well.

Not that I’d ever Realize the Answers to these Questions,

But it’s almost as Interesting to Think and Wonder about this,

Than it is to Look at another Aspect thereof…


We’re all Headed somewhere in our Lives,

That’s not to say that We’d even Reach out Destinations,

But that doesn’t take away from the Fact that we’re on our way somewhere.


Reaching where you Wish to reach is almost as Important as to Know

Who you are and Know where you’re coming from as well.

What are you Willing to do to Succeed,

What will you Never do in this Regard and

Will you ever give-up at reaching that Destination?


We can Only know the Path which we had walked,

Left behind in Hopes of walking another Different or Better one,

But we’ll Never know if the Next direction will Lead us where it is that Our

Hearts, desire us to reach, go to…


This is One of the Reasons to know Who you are,

Know and Remember where you’d come from

BUT most importantly of all,

Where you would Eventually Go to and

Do when you do react that Destination…


Only our Choices,

The Good or the Bad will determine who you’d be in time –

Which is Directly linked to where you’d come from


What you’d done since then in your life,

Just like this Note,


Just how many Hands will this Note pass through and would it have any other Impact on anyone else in the meantime…?


What would be Our Impact on the People around us, Wherever it Ends up for Us to Reach and arrive at?





P.S.:     If EVER you find any kind of Money, Notes or issues with them, Wait for the Bank to open and get it Exchanged there and then. Do not wait, for the longer you do wait; the Smaller the chance would be for them to care to help You…


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