a Change, as Good as a Holiday…?


Firstly we had the Departure of Britain from the European Union,

THEN there’s been the International Converge for the build-up of Elections in the USA

LASTLY for us here, Our Local Municipal Elections, here in South Africa.


First and Foremost,

I’m not at ALL interested in Politics!

No matter what Anyone tells you – every Person out there is trying to get Our support for Something They’d like to do.


I’d not argue this fact either;


SOME people out there do not Care about the others and


SOME of the people out there DO Care what happens to the rest…


This isn’t the Issue at hand,

What is the Most common thread throughout All aspects of this Change is

What happens Before and After the Vote or Change.


Even if it’s just Within the Restructuring of a Company,

The Change in a Marriage


Like the Political Landscape changing around the Globe;


The impact of such Changes is Far-Reaching most of the time!


It’s not for Nothing that Most People have a Really Hard time at Changing,

It’s in Most cases not the Easiest of things to do or Accomplish,

We are being Pulled or Forced into a direction we don’t want to be in.


Within this Change, we’re Unhappy with,

There are Additional forces working on us,

Knowing that the Next person in Power might not in the least

Worry what happens to you OR what you may want for yourself.


The Ironic thing within all of these Changes is,

We cannot Know or See how good or bad the Change might be,

BUT one thing I can tell you for a Certain fact,

The longer and harder Everyone fight against Allowing the Change,

Being Positive or Negative to take place,

The more Difficult such Changes would become.


This is the Time and Place within the System,

When things go Really Bad and we get News Reports on the Television,

When people Refuse to take the Chance – making things Being Better,

This is the time the Up-Risings arrive right at our Doorstep…

You can Always afterward Shout it out,

That the Change whoever tried – Didn’t work;

But then, being that





as we can be –

Even IF this Change in someone else’s ideas, Could work,

THOSE people unwilling to Accept something Better,

Will forever stand in the Way of someone Trying to Improve lives.


Thus Another aspect of Politics,

If I cannot make things better Myself and take all the Glory,

Then I’ll stand in Your way not to Reach there…


No matter who is Changing the World,

Those who believe THEY are the Ones who should do it,

Will Forevermore, Not allow Someone else to do this,

Especially when that Other Person can get Rich in doing this as well.



The question should actually be Asked,

HOW many Politicians would be in Office,

If there was NO way for anyone of them to make One sent from their Elected positions.

How many would Really want to Help and Serve the People…

What would the Chances be for an Idealist Thought like this to EVER take root and

Those Politicians to Really work for the Betterment of the Peoples…


I doubt that We’d really Ever see something like this come along…?


Change, will Only happen when They do not have Choice in the matter anymore.


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