The ANTI in the Biotic!


Various capsules and tablets in row

Ironic for the Name on this post.

As well as, in Conjunction with Last weeks’ Post – Me, Myself and I – the Tooth!


The word; Antibiotics comes from two words in Greek.

Anti – meaning Against


Bios – meaning Life…


THUS, using Antibiotics, we are Literarily taking the Life from the Bacteria which is Infecting us.

This Bacteria is a living Organism itself and is Infecting a Larger organism.


The reason why People as well as Other Creatures – for a Lack of a Better word,

Fall ill so Regularly – either Our Immune Systems aren’t up to Speed,

BUT Mostly,

The MORE simplistic the Organism is – Virus, Bacteria, Infection,

The easier and more effective this Living Organism is.


US, Animals and such,

Being Multi-Celled Organisms thus must have a good Immune System.

As well as,


With Most smart-phones these days – you have to Upgrade and Update your Apps on the Phone to work correctly.


Most of the times we get sick, ill or catch some kind of Virus;

Our Immune Systems most of the times Adjust to this




Virus… and so, Adapt to become Stronger.


The ONLY issue here is this,

IF and when you are sick,

If you don’t Complete your Course of Antibiotics –

The virus, bacteria, infection or disease COULD become Resistant and when that Happens, you’d not as Easily pull through the next time.


There are Wide Spectrum Antibiotics we can use and

Be treated with – making sure that the Unknown Virus, Bacteria or Infection is being Treated, but then if that Wide Spectrum does not Cover or Effectively Treat whatever might be wrong; it Could as easily be a Waste of time…


HENCE the idea,

Getting to a Doctor so they’d see what you’d Really need and thus,

It would work more Effectively.


Antibiotics are used to Treat various Problems such as;




As well as Forms of Meningitis.

There are Harmless and good Bacteria’s

But then we’re not worried about those ones right now.


Miss-using Antibiotics have also got pretty Serious Side-effects;

Diarrhea – most of the Bacteria (Harmful ones) thrive on Sugar and thus in your

The Digestive system is a very good area for an outbreak.

If miss-used, You can feel sick as well, more than just you did before.

You can incur even more Infections; Mouth, Fungal and Digestive – as well as Genitals.


Rare Side-effects could also be:

Kidney stones                                     – because of Sulphonamides


Abnormal blood clotting         – Cephalosporins


Sensitivity to Sun                    – Tetracyclines


Blood Disorders                      – Trimethoprim


DEAFNESS                           – Erythormycin and Aminoglycosides


This said as well; Miss-Using some of these Antibiotics – not when they’re Prescribed in the correct and well, used manner.


There are TWO ways in which Antibiotics work;

As a Bactericidal, (Penicillin) would Interfere with the Bacteria’s cell wall and its formation of the Interior content of the cell.


Another kind; Bacteriostatic – this stops the Bacteria from Multiplying.


But then,

None of this would help anyone,

If you don’t know which Correct treatment to use,

VIA your Doctor and Finish the Course.


Always be Cautious when Seeking Medical help,

More so with Antibiotics if you’ve got one of these Problems as well:


Reduced Liver or Kidney Functions,

If you’re Pregnant,

If you’re Breastfeeding;



Don’t mix Most Medicines and when You’re on the Pill,

The combination of the Chemicals could cause Contraceptives no to function Correctly,


Don’t use Alcohol with Medicine EVER! ! !


Think Clearly, Be Careful,

Be Smart and Be Safe!


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