This easily sounds like One of My Books Titles


Screenplay Ideas, which are running Rampant through my Mind…


Well, this isn’t that –

In fact, this is Much closer to every one of us then You’d expect it to be.


The Common name here would be Battery Acid,

Which is, in fact, SULFURIC Acid.

Being one of the Main ingredients in Most Batteries.


These batteries would be mostly those in Cars, Motorcycles, Boats and Trucks.

Our batteries in Phones, and such, as well as the normal Replaceable and Rechargeable batteries, are of a different Variety but have also to do with a Chemical Reaction.



What I’m talking about this time around,

Quit a long time ago one of our Clients bought a Car and

Asked me very Recently to help him out with a Battery which he borrowed from his brother.


What I noticed from this Battery is the following:

  1. It boiled.
  2. It became really warm, burning to the touch warm.
  3. There was a Smell of Sulfuric Acid, in a gaseous form – very TOXIC!
  4. It leaked some of that Acid.
  5. The battery itself formed a Bubble.
  6. The Smell is that of Rotten Eggs…

IF you’re in the position where you’re near a Battery reacting like the Description as I mentioned,

You need to be REALLY careful!


Firstly what you NEED to do,

Switch OFF Your car or whatever You’re busy with, where the Battery is working in,

The LONGER you leave the Battery, to have to deal with,

The bigger the Issue would become!


One of the Reasons why the Battery is generating so much heat,

The Continuous Charge is constantly creating a Chemical reaction.

There’s friction inside the Battery itself and the Chemical with the Lead Plats –

Mostly there are Six; depends on the number of Plastic Tops / Lids on the Battery.


All and all,

The Battery is either Broken or if it’s Filled with Too much Water,

With the Lead Plats inside and the Sulfuric Acid inside as well,

The Constant Chemical reactions react the Gas which allow us to Smell the Sulfur.

The Liquid inside the Battery literarily Boils and that’s when the Acid,

Flowing or Boiling out,

It COULD as well be that the Lead Plates – Two of the Six are Touching,

Creates a Great deal of Irritation or Annoyance for us…


Here’s the TERRIFYING aspect of a Broken Battery,

Especially when we can

Smell it,

Feel a Burning heat,

See the Physical change in the shape;

This means that the Battery itself isn’t Stable anymore.

At this point, You should change it


Not easily applied – see if the Specialists can save the Battery for you.

I have Heard AND Seen a battery Explode!

I have Heard and Know that a Few Cars had Burnt-Out because of this Problem with the Battery in the Car.


If the Battery did Explode and the Sulfuric Acid did fall on you,

The Clothes you are wearing would be a waste.

You’d very Easily feel that Acid Burning your skin,

YET – rinsing the Affected area with water would easily clean it off.

Putting a lotion would help the Skin to heal itself.

If needs be – use some Baking Soda to cancel out the Acid (Ph),

But within the Clothes, the Acid would drain into the Fiber and it would be lost!

The Biggest Problem here comes at – when the Acid and the Battery is HOT when something happens, With such Heat the Danger and Damage are Far worse!


The BEST course of Action to take when You’ve got an Idea that the Battery

Of your Car might give you any Issues,

It can be because of the Battery – but as well the Alternator.


To be as Safe as possible,

Leave the Car over-night and wait to see that the Battery is Cold before working to find the Possible problem with it!


If the Car doesn’t want to start,

Either the Alternator is Overcharging or Not at all,

But if you Find Symptoms as Described in the points above,

The Chances that it’ll be Your battery is very good,

THEN see if there’s someone at Any Battery Specialists who can help you.

Drive the Car as little as possible,

Especially when you Smell the Eggs and don’t know what it could be.

There could easily be one of the Lids, not tight enough.


If the Battery is Cold,

When opening the Lids on top of the Battery,

You can see if there’s Battery Water inside,

This could also have an Effect on the Battery itself.


The THING is this,

Make sure to know the Symptoms of this Battery

AND if you’re not sure – find someone Knowledgeable on this.


Sulfuric Acid is pretty Strong and can be Really Dangerous,

So, whenever You’re at the Garage,

Topping up on Fuel,

Water and Air on the Tires;

Be sure to ask the Attendant if there’s one,

Have a LOOK at the Battery.

This could help you a great deal down the line as well!


If You’re unsure,

Rather ask for Assistance,

Many a Person had ended up in Hospital because of an

Accident with Acids.


Stay Safe!


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