The STATIC in the Shock.


It was a few Weeks ago,

NOT entirely Sure why it was,

But for at least a Week I’d been Really Statically Charged!


I didn’t do Much of anything Different than before

AND Yet, I got Statically Electricity Build-up which You’d not believe;

So much so that I’d SEEN the sparks jump now and then –

To say the Least; I actually FELT the Spark burning my Finger!


As my Research showed me,

On Average, when You’re Shocked with Static Electricity,

There can be between 3,000 easily up to 25,000 Volts involved!

VERY Lucky for us, there’s No Amps involved – with that much Voltage,

If you added only ONE Amp; It could be Fatal or even send You to Hospital.

LUCKILY, that doesn’t happen easily; not to worry about that one.


The EXPERT do say that it depends on what Clothing you’re wearing

AND I can tell you when I did take some of my clothes off – the Hairs on my Arms would stand on Ends.


This Phenomenon is due to the Hairs are trying to get away from each other as far as possible.

When the Hairs on your Head is standing on Ends as well;

Your Hairs are reacting like a Magnet – Positive pushes a Positive away.

A negative and positive pull each other closer – hence the Magnet can Stick to other Metals.


THIS same principal works with us and Static Electricity.

Your body takes the Negative charge from the Electrons of the Materials around you,

SAYING, for that time – Your body can accommodate them; store them in the same way as a Capacitor is working.


THUS, when you come across another Material or another Person,

Who is more Positively charged,

You get the Shock of your Life when you least Expect it!


The weather has got some to do with this Phenomenon as well,

But I cannot say for sure if it’s Really such an Impact,

MOST of the times I got myself Shocked was at night and

Didn’t Concentrate on the Weather outside…

But, We’ll keep that one in consideration.


What I know is this,

Friction and as well, the Materials which Your clothes is made from,

That’s Definitely got an Impact on the Charge Accumulated,

As well, if you were to Rub your Shoes, Feet in shocks over the Carpet;

Heading to somewhere else – you could Generate that Charge!


When we were Young,

Someone would get themselves Shocked and

THEY would see if they could Recharge themselves in Shocking someone else in the House as well, that was Kind of Funny.


My situation,

Not so much!

Especially when You’re in bed and you can Feel the tiny sparks jumping between the

Bedding and your body…

WONDERING when the Big one would come!


Be sure to KNOW,

Some Electronic Devices aren’t so Happy to Receive such a Shock,

So much so that NASA has taken steps to Ground their Workers;

Having STATIC Free rooms where Components can be safely worked on.


That little Spark which Shock you into bewilderment,

If that can happen when You’re working with Gas, Petrol or Fuel,

That can be REALLY Bad for you!

Touch your Car when getting out, If that is, You suspect you could once more

Generate some Static Electricity, can help – keep yourself as safe as you can!


Be VERY Careful when you’re Opening up an

OLD CRT Computer Screen,

As well as Any OLD Televisions,

They have Capacitors inside and can hold on to their Charge for Weeks on end!

LIKE me, not having any Idea what they might Look like – that might give you a Really Shocking Jolt when you Least expect it!



This Static Electricity Phenomenon can shock you and it’s Used in conjunction with

Capacitors, Computer Screens and Some Television Monitors.

They’re also used in Laser Printers and Photocopiers,

Some are used in Security Gates, release mechanisms.


AN interesting one, in Electrostatic Spray Painting –

The Paint itself is given a Charge and thus,

When the Spray Painting is done;

MORE of the Paint actually falls or is attracted to the Surface being Coated.

Less Paint is wasted and the Finished Job looks much better.


YES, Yes… that Shock isn’t the Nicest of Feelings,

Being Shocked at least Five times each day for a Week wasn’t that Cool either,

But, MOSTLY with everything in Life we know some about,

There’s a Positive side to Everything…


We just need to see it… Not So Much FEEL It!


P.S.:     Just to know, Lighting would also be a kind of Static Electricity – the Major difference there is this; there’s easily 300,000 volts involved.

The reason why a Lighting strike is so Bad, Dangerous and Deadly to us.


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