The SIGHT inside Aging…


It’s Happened a few times now,

To that POINT that I know this isn’t just something Unimportant,

I’m ENTERING inside one of the More Prominent aspects of Aging myself.


I was inside a Store with Mom and Step-Dad,

Looking at Small Bottles of Paint she wanted to use for some kind of

Little Project for them to get done.


There was writing on the Bottle which was pretty small

AND I had to look-see what the Paint was used for,

Which I was able to read – BUT I had to allow for my One Eye to adjust

Focusing on the small Font…


Reading up on This and HERE now working on the Computer,

I can see what I’d read and feel what is happening with my Left Eye,

Would be part of the Problem with my Lens,

Starting to Lose its ability to Focus Clearly.


In the Family, I’m not the ONLY one who has got an Issue

With my EYES and,

With me working on the Computer for so many Years,

I suspected that It’ll happen in due time!


It’s Called;

Astigmatims and Presbyopia (inability to focus on near objects)

Within this description, there are Conditions which We might recognize as being part of the Problem OR Symptoms, which if Known, will help Us determine if we’ve got a Problem, that a Specialist might need to have a look at.

  1. Blurred Vision
  2. Reduced Accuracy
  3. Posture and Viewing Distance Adjustments
  4. Inconsistent Work
  5. Reduced Efficiency and Productivity
  6. Difficulty Maintaining clear vision
  7. Difficulty Shifting Focus from one Distance to another
  8. Visual Discomfort and Eye Strain
  9. Pain in or Around the eye
  10. Headaches
  11. Avoidance of Reading and Writing
  12. Difficulty with Visual Concentration and Attention
  13. Fatigue
  14. Moving print




At this point, I feel like my Eye is definitely Irritated,

The Distance between my Sitting Position and the Computer Screen is;

More or Less at ONE Meter.


I know as well that the Better the Light in the Room or when You’re working on the Computer or even Watching Television,

The Better it would be for Your Eyes to Use in keeping the Focus correct.


It wouldn’t Matter much in the End,

If and when Your Sight start to Change because of the Reaction from Your Eyes,

The ONLY thing you can do is to see what Corrective Measures You can take

Making sure that Your Vision doesn’t NEGATIVELY affect Your life.


If you cannot See clearly,

While Driving or doing Your Normal day to day Work,

That could Easily place You and Others in Harm’s way.


In the past, I had woke with this Irritation,

It had withered away with time,

BUT I suspect that with My age at 41 plus some…

This will ONLY be the beginning of what May come in time!


I do suspect that with Some rest and Relaxation,

This could also help,

But if the Lens in the Retina Cannot Focus as it should,

There’s very little you can do about that,

Than speaking with a Specialist in due time…


There could be More and Other things happening along the way,

Which isn’t that much of a Bother,

BUT seeing that we Rely so Heavily on our EYES,

I suspect that the Inability to SEE is one of the Most Common-place Worries or

Issues that Every person in the World has to deal with at some point.


It could possibly be Time which would tell

Which of the Corrective Measures I’ll have to look at with me

Eyes’ Focus – but one thing I do know,

If this Does get Worse;

If you DON’T want to see a Specialist in Helping you,

Leaving the Problem to become Worse could also become

Something much Bigger than it has to be!


Taking care of Ourselves also Means that we much Admit

AND Accept that there are Limitations,

Live and Exist within them and You’d be Amazed

At what You Can do and what you could still Reach! ! !


DO take Care…


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