The IRONY in the Factual…


Most days I don’t have to worry what Strange or Weird thoughts cross over from ONE side of my Mind to the Other,

THEN there are Days that I have NO idea what I might write about…


I was Leading up to one of this Weeks,

But to my UTTER surprise, I had a Visitor,

I had no idea how this would be and this got me THINKING!


So here it is;

Living in the Apartment Building,

Before Mom Married – she’d Repair and Make clothes for her Clients.


She still has them,

But Everyone in the Apartment Building knew this was something she did

AND she lived in the Very Same Apartment.



The Season being SUMMER I don’t wear a Shirt of T-Shirt in the Apartment,

AND SO, I heard a pretty serious Knock at the door.


I’d not waste time,
Although I did look through the Peephole,

BUT I was unable to see who stood on the other side.


For the Moment it didn’t bother me and I opened up the door,

It was an Older Woman who was looking for Mom to drop off some Clothing,

She has to assist the Woman to repair.


She was Shorter than Myself, standing barefoot Myself;

Then as well I saw that the woman Looked somewhat Older than myself

AND lastly, I saw that either Her Hair Dye was Fading OR she had Red Hair and the Intensity of the Color was dissipating with Age.


I was standing in my Pee-Tee shorts and

NO Shirt on,

So You could if you Wanted to, Imagine A Possible Idea or Thought of this woman in-mind while she stood there.


She didn’t Hog me,

But the Manner in which she did Need me to Hold the Clothes for her to Show me what the Problem was on each of the Pieces did make me Wonder a little more.

This Action did bring me much closer to her than I actually wanted to stand to her.


I’d not say that she was Falling Head Over Heals,

Seeing a Younger Man without his Shirt on and NOT having a Belly hanging so Much that it looks like a Second Spare Wheel… like an Older Man…


But I did pick up on Small things,

Leading me to Wonder –

How Often or had it Happened at least Once;

WHEN you Least expected it that Someone coming into Contact with you

Was TOTALLY Thrown by your demeanor.


That Instant when We affect others,

Without Trying to do so and

Only Later did We realize that in some Strange way You could have

Made that Person’s DAY, Week or Month!


In most Instances, it may not turn out to be Anything Troublesome,

But then We’re not always THAT Lucky!


If and When you do affect someone in this way,

How would you React and

Get out of it when YOU start Feeling Uncomfortable about what is going on.


It could be a Humorous Situation,

But then, REMEMBER that what You find funny may not be that for Others,

And so it could Blow-Up in Your Face.


This situation happened so Fast,

There was Nothing to do about it,

I was very lucky that Nothing Strange did Occur,

But be careful how you Behave in Such situations.


One Person may find it Funny and Smile about it,

Yet, before You may know it;

This very same situation Might easily Give the Wrong Message to the Wrong kind of Person – Making them to Believe there’s MORE than what there really is!


You’d NEVER know when You’d find yourself in a

Compromising situation;

If and When that does happen – You’re already in Too Deep…


Be VERY Sure how Others May perceive Your Actions and

That You, being Comfortable in Your Own Skin,

Doesn’t BLOW Up in your face…


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