The Night I Met A Monster…


IT WAS dark. Well past midnight. Lindsay was creeping to her room. If Mom or Ronald knew she was still awake… Even thought it was the weekend, Saturday morning to be precise.


“Why can I not stay up later?” she’d asked, but then there was no reaction to this question – thus she took matters into her own hands!

Without light, she was going about it slowly. The moon, as well as all the stars, were blocked by the darkening clouds. She was almost as blind as a bat. The curtains and blinds were all drawn. Thus, she maneuvered by touch only.


This was also the problem, “Just take it easy if you knock something down they’d know that you’ve been up… then there would be trouble…” Lindsay scorned herself as she struggled to get the Movie out of her mind and to her room as well.


The wind was constantly howling around the house. It was keeping a very close eye on her as she only reached the staircase. She had to bare her weight on the railing, as there were a few of the steps which would snitch on her if they bore her full weight!

“That really does sound like the wolves from the Movie… They must be circling the house. They must be smelling my fear!” she almost wanted to scream – only she heard her own fears very well – “Why don’t they just leave me alone! I don’t even taste that good!” she whispered, just making sure that she did hear herself speak.


She looked at the staircase. She didn’t have the courage getting to the top. Only, if they found her sleeping downstairs, there would be far too many questions!

“You’d better know what you’re doing Lindsay! How many times have you tried to sneak up and they found you doing so!” she asked herself as she heard another wolf howling around the corner – this one sounded different from what she’d heard.


Lindsay jumped around, hearing the sound from the front door. She saw some kind of light paying off the metal of the post drop.

“Just… how in the World… There’s no light on inside the house!” she said, not even realizing that she spoke aloud!


As a shadow played across the ceiling, she turned slowly.

“Get a move on… the longer you stay here the more you waste time and chance of getting caught! They can smell your fear! You sat through that movie, all alone! Now you better get yourself upstairs!” she shouted within her mind, shaking as she took the first step and closing her eyes for the time being.


She grasped the railing with all she had. If the wind were to blow at her, she wouldn’t want to fall off the staircase!

“You see… you see! This is the kind of nonsense that gets up in your head that makes everyone know, everyone believe you’re weird! Stop… sto…p wasting your time! Get a move on and to your… r…” she was about to say, but then there was another play of shadows on the ceiling at the top of the staircase.


Her heart pounded in her cheats!

Her hands were sweating profusely because of her fear!

Her hand was slipping from the rail!

“It’s coming for me! Coming for girls, children who didn’t listen to their parents… Even if one isn’t my real…” she wanted to fight with herself again – but then the next installment of shadowy figures blasted across the ceiling!


This time, her desert dry mouth didn’t allow her to swallow properly.

She shut her eyes tightly. Covering them with her other hand. Bending over and trying

to hide as best possible!


Then suddenly a massive wind-burst ripped at the house.

“Ha…” Lindsay just barely contained her immediate fight – “The giant is coming after me! The wolves tracked me down by my smell… Here at our house! They’re going to get me!” Lindsay shouted within herself, as she felt the railing, the wind again violently ripped at the house – aiming at her alone.

Lindsay once more dropped down low, there was no way to know what was coming next.


Getting up slowly, “This cannot be happening! How could things go from bad to worse in a few minute…” she asked while the wind again blasted the side of the house with full force!

“It’s going to rip off the roof before I can get to my room!” she sweated all over by now, “I need… I have to chance… getting up the stairs!” Lindsay tried her best in gathering all her courage for the journey ahead.


Then suddenly she heard a door open. The hinges just barely squealed. She heard an unmistakable crack as well. Froze in position and she couldn’t look at what was going on, at the top of the staircase.

“Who might that be? Are they in the house already? Who is there?” she shouted at herself, but in the darkness, neither she nor anyone else would see each other.


She just stood there frozen, out of her mind, at the moment. Then, the door to her newborn, bother’s room opened. There was no sound, but she just knew.

“What are you doing, going into the room of such a small person!” Lindsay shouted deep within her own deep-seeded, terrible fear; “Why are you going into Charlie’s room?” she screamed at the top of her mind!


She just stood there. She didn’t dear look up if she did see it – just maybe she’d scream. Mom or Ronald would wake if or when she screamed. They’d know she wasn’t sleeping and it would have been all for nothing!

“Why are you looking for me in Charlie’s room? Who are you? What are you doing in our house?” she shouted, still set in stone, she’d only moved two steps as the fear truly gripped her heart by now.


As soon as Charlie’s room’s door opened, so soon did it close. Lindsay would clearly hear two footsteps and then there was the crack!

It was louder than she’d believed it could be!

She literarily shook with the sound of the crack!

It was right on top of her!

Who or whatever it was, it was very close to her!


“If you cannot get to me, then you’d go after my kid-brother! What kind of thing are you?” she once again screamed quietly.

Then she heard another two steps and once again there was another door cracking.


“They’re looking for me! They’re waiting for me in my room!” she almost lost control of herself, “I did hear something outside! Why didn’t I then jump to get to my room?” she shouted at herself, “Now… now… I’m in trouble!” she screamed angrily within herself, while her fearful sweat started soaking her pajamas.


There was silence in the house for the time being. Just as she moved to step once more, the wind shook the house again. Lindsay was caught off-guard and lost her grip on the railing. She lost her balance and headed to the wall!

There were more than enough pictures hanging. If only one of them fell and broke…

“This is going to be hard,” she whispered to herself, hitting the wall head-on.


Bracing for the impact she held out her free hand. She just manages to press with her fingers between the frames. Her moment slowed and luckily only her nose pressed against one of the hanging pictures.


“They’re not making it easier for me… They know… they truly know!” she told herself as she regained her balance – “Get to your bed! Just get there and you’ll be safe!” she forced herself to move.


At this, she hears the most piecing highly pitched, whistling cry of a sound!

It was continuous. In was deafening and it was directed at her alone.

As she pressed close her ears, her supporting hand just barely touched the one picture. She just looked in utter horror, as the picture-frame got dislodged. With the sound still ripping through the entire house, she could only look at the picture moving in extreme slow motion.


She couldn’t move. She couldn’t release her ears. She was on the verge of screaming as the picture tilted beyond its equilibrium. She looked in utter horror as it was going to give her position away.

Not only would they know where in the house she’d be, but Mom and Ronald would know she wasn’t sleeping.

“What if Charlie wakes up? What if they suddenly come after him, he’d be awake and be in danger!” she shouted inside herself, as the free picture, falling towards the step, she was on.


It was do or die!

She dropped and as she released her hands simultaneously, so did the highly pitched sound seize to rip through the house…


Without even knowing this, she caught the picture just before it hit the corner of the step. Only then did she realize that it would have had a few steps to go, falling down to make any kind of noise.

“There’s no more painful noise…” she told herself, almost lying on her stomach having caught the picture – “This is getting really weird!” she thought, shaking far too much, having a hard time in getting up.


IT WAS hard for Lindsay to get back the full function of her legs. Each and every single movement she made, reflected back to a muscle, in one of her legs. With the fear and stress she was experiencing, her pajamas were completely soaked in places.

There was sweat dripping from her face as she had no idea how difficult the short distance to her room would become.


Suddenly the clouds broke.

There wasn’t rain first, there was immediate hail falling.

“Ho no…” she again jumped, frantically grabbing the railing, keeping herself from falling with the sudden burst of the intense sound of the hail.


She moved slowly as the wind again hit the house.

“Just put it back… if you forget this… they’d wonder why it’s missing…” she forced herself in moving to the wall again.

Again the wind pounded the house. The rain only now started falling. Only it was as hard as the hail had been – there was no difference.

“I cannot even hear myself think!” she said, not that she heard herself saying this – the sound on the roof was still pounding in her skull.


Still shaking, she had to concentrate hard in putting the picture back. Then

another one was pushed out of place. This was getting even harder than what Lindsay

could have thought.

“Just don’t fall… please… don’t fall…” she almost prayed, as the other picture was

still pushed by her shaking hand – “No… don’t shake so much!” she tried in vain.


At long last, as Lindsay had moved in closer; finally placed the fallen picture back in its place. The other one was just about to fall as she took it, pulling it correct.

“That wasn’t nice!” she said, still unable to hear a single thing; “Where they are in the house… If they come at me, I wouldn’t be able to hear them!” another fear shot up in her mind; “How on Earth did they get inside the house!” she stressed even more so.


With the lack of strength in her legs, she was unable to run up the stairs. The loud rain could easily cover her tracks in doing so. Lindsay saw the play of shadows. She looked at the top of the staircase, it looked really far as she struggled with another step.


As soon as her foot touched down, just before she started shifting her weight there – the rain immediately stopped!

There was no thunder.

There was no more hail.

There was no wind.

There was no rain.

There was indeed intense silence in the house now.

She only heard the ringing in her own ears.


With only one inch of pressure, she heard the stair cracking under her weight.

“Ho brother! This isn’t good at all!” she thought to herself – “They want me to get caught… there must be another way to get to a kid, even when they’re in their beds! There is another way! What would that be? What are they playing at?” she stressed, even more, looking at the ceiling.


There was no shadow-play, there was no light play, there was no reason to suspect there was anything out of the ordinary happening around her…

“I’m truly losing my mind!” Lindsay said, she couldn’t hear herself, for the deafening sounds was far too loud – her ears needed some time to recover.


Without warning, there was a massive lightning strike.

It was so intense and so close that Lindsay’s hair was statically charged. This time she did jump and unfortunately for her, came down far too hard onto the step.

She got such a fright, she didn’t even make a sound. The crack in the wooden step was loud enough to rip shreds through her poor little heart!


It was beating with the immense sudden bolt of lightning, which caused her to hyperventilating at the same instance.

“Where… where did… that come… from…” she wondered, looking around but saw nothing that looked damaged.


Again she was faced with the very same step under her foot. There were two steps laying next to each other. Only one was pretty unhappy when anyone stepped on it, but then she had no idea how the other would react if she tried to leap-frog the worse one.

“You’ve got only one shot… Step on the rail…” she thought, barely touching the old step – moving her foot to the rail.


It wasn’t smooth and her barefoot would feel the scruffy surface. She looked at the staircase. She’d only climbed three steps, there were a corner and a few more steps…

“I’m going to be here all night long!” she whispered, steadying herself, to get onto the railing.

Just then the wind returned.


It wasn’t howling anymore. It was there only to let her know… let her know that they’ve got another plan for her.

“What’s coming next?” she asked, getting onto the rail, pressing with both her hands on the top; leaving as little pressure on her feet; “I just hope… just hope… hope for all you’re worth…” she said softly, moving slowly and carefully.


Again the wind slammed into the house. It came at her from behind, willing to knock her from the railing. It would do anything to make her fall, anything to get her caught, anything to get a hold of her!


The impact on the house should have shaken everyone awake, but then it was her nightmare she was enduring. Lindsay could feel she was slightly tilting, back and forth on the railing. She held on for dear life!

Shutting her eyes tightly, “Please… please just don’t break! Please… please don’t.” she prayed, while the wind knocking the house harder, repeatedly.


Just as she stepped off the railing, the weight on her other foot was far too much and she heard the crack!

“Ho on!” she said, as the crack broke and she lost her balance.

She reared toward the wall, very lucky for her, she was inadvertently aiming towards the steps. Missing the pictures on the wall completely. Hitting her head against the wall, thus she didn’t see that the pictures were all of them shaking with the impact she had on it. For a moment she sat there, feeling the pain of the impact.


Looking at the wall – “Not… one fell!” she whispered softly, regaining some control of herself.

Looking at the railing, “That’s going to be a dead give away!” she told herself, listening to the wind once more howling around the house.

She pressed her hand on the step, forgetting it’s the tricky one. Thus as soon as she supported herself in getting up – it sounded like the railing breaking even louder!


“This is getting really difficult!” she said aloud, luckily for her – the sound of the next burst of lightning and rain muffled the sound of the cracking step.

“By the time I get to my room, the whole staircase would be broken, if things go on in this way…” she thought, with another massive impact slammed into the front of the house.

This time, she was knocked over onto her side. The step which broke just moments before. Hearing three distinctive cracks, taking her weight. The step just above it didn’t sound too healthy itself when Lindsay pressed down on this one as well.


The cracking sound ripped through her ears, sounding really loud, lying on the stairs.

“Really… this better stop… tomorrow no one would get down this way!” she said aloud, struggling to get up.

She was getting quite tired by now. She’d also hit her side on the edge of the step. The last of her strength was seeping out of her body with the fear and stress of the situation was even heavier now.


“Will this storm not subside before I get to my room?” she wondered, pulling on the rail again – only hearing another crack where she took a hold of the railing.

“This is just great! The rail in coming apart and the steps are falling through!” she thought, eventually standing up – “We’ll not come down this way tomorrow!” she said

softly, sweating more profusely as the worries gripped her even more now.


LINDSAY STOOD carefully. She’d have a mark on her side and just as she wanted to move again; another intense lightning strike barely missed the house. Again the pictures on the wall were rattled with the force.

“If all of you are knocked off the wall, that’ll be my queue to run up to my bedroom!” Lindsay said loud enough, hearing herself.


Just then the hail re-visited her, the forceful wind blew intensely; the thunderous sound of the droplets on the windows wanted to penetrate her mind, into her heart and

scare the life out of her!

“Ha… ha… ho ho…my goodness!” she said out loud, luckily for her, another thunderous burst not only muffled her reaction – but then again, ripped through the heart of her courage once more, knocked her into utter bewilderment.


Lindsay looked toward the door of her parents room – “How in the world can the two of them be sleeping through this massive storm?” she wondered, angry at this fact; “Never mind, Charlie must be dreaming of something very nice, if he doesn’t wake-up himself…” she thought, getting up again.

Standing there on the next stair, the one which also gave her position away – not that anyone was there to see!


“Now then…” she was about to climb the stairs when the rain and hail suddenly eased; it was still coming down but only the wind was circling the house.

“I’m really…” she just uttered the words, when there was another thunderous lighting blast across the house now; she could clearly feel the massive bombardment!


She stood like a statue, hearing a crack from the kitchen. Lindsay’s eyes were fixated in the direction of the hallway, heading to the kitchen. There was no way of seeing anything at the angle she stood at – but that didn’t stop her from stressing, dropping down and heart pounding!

“They really are inside the house! The longer I stay here the closer they’d get to me! They’ll come for Charlie in the same manner and I’d be the one to blame!” she scolded herself, “Get a…” she said too loud, while another crack erupted from behind her – just outside the front door.


Simultaneously she jumped up another step and turned around at the same time.

“Now what?” she asked as she stood there, looking at the door, hearing the wind playing around the house – knocking various items around the house.

“They cannot get in, not unless there’s something open…” Lindsay thought, praying to be correct about this; “They need to be let in, if they’re not invited, they cannot come and take anyone!” Lindsay shouted in her mind – “Is there… any of the windows… open?” she just had to ask.


A moment longer she stood there. She listened. She kept a close eye on the front door. She tried with all her might, to be better than what she was. She wanted to be sure that they were safe inside their own home.


“Ho brother…” she thought, “Now of all times you have to pee!” she said, forgetting that the wind wasn’t blowing as rampant as it had been before.

“Why is it that such things happen when you least want it! Why doesn’t it happen when you most need, a get out jail, free card?” Lindsay wondered while turning.

She suddenly saw the play of shadows on the ceiling.

She could swear that it could be Ronald standing at the railing!

There was someone looking down at her!

They’d slipped inside somehow!

They were coming for her and no one was there to help her!


Her mouth was dry. Even if she wanted to scream, there was no way it could happen. She stood motionless. She just looked at the darkened figure…

“Maybe if I don’t move he’d not see me?” she wondered, the very moment later, the flash of shadows disappeared and there was absolutely no one standing there.


Lindsay’s heart was beating in her throat!

She was feeling light in the head and the stress was impacting her a lot. She was shaking again. The strength in her legs gave away and before she knew it, she was

hunched down in a puddle of misery!

“How hard can it be… sneaking up to my room? So much more than me are doing it right now!” she thought, barely able to stay conscious.


Then Lindsay’s bladder was starting to really bug her to get a move on it.

Just as she took another step, the lighting ripped past the house yet again. It was so loud that it almost sounded that it would be shattering the windows.

Lindsay dropped down yet again, having no idea if it did hit the house.

“This is so bad… what is going on!” she stressed as there was another crack upstairs before she reached the first landing.


Lindsay now literarily started to sail over the steps.

“They’re up here already!” the scream echoed inside her mind, “They’re close to Charlie’s room!” she couldn’t stop screaming at herself, “They’re coming for him because I didn’t listen!” she silently screamed hysterically within herself!


THERE WERE only a few steps before she’d be at the top. She moved very slowly, but then there were cracks from some of the steps, never knowing they did make a sound until now.

“Where are they?” she wondered, barely piercing over the edge of the last step before she reached the top landing.

“They’d be hiding from me… they’d wait until the opportune moment! What, do they really think me to be that stupid?” she whispered to herself, standing up carefully.


The wind slammed into the closest wall to where Lindsay stood. She could almost see the effect the wind was having on the house.

“You’re really angry with me… you’re really trying to get to me, aren’t you?” she asked, seeing another shadow playing over the wall, catching her off-guard.

This time, there was someone standing next to the small dresser, against the wall.


“No matter what you do…, you’ve got light… pajamas on… whoever that is, they’d… be able to see you… no matter what you do…” she struggled to whisper to herself, shaking in her pajamas, looking directly at the one stand there.


Whoever it was, he or she was keeping a close eye on Lindsay; not making any false moves and just biding their time.

There was another lightning strike. Lindsay heard it, but knew far too well that she couldn’t move because of it, he or she would know, she was really there.


As the intense light ripped through the darkness, it flashed to where the dark figure was standing – waiting to get her. There in the darkness, figuring that she had not seen a thing.

The light was bright in her eyes, but she still didn’t flinch; she kept her concentration and just as the light was to blind it…


“What… just a coat and the pole?” she asked, seeing there was nothing

immediate to worry about.

The only thing that scaring her now, was the continuous cracks she heard coming from

her bedroom door.

“They’re either closing the door or checking if I’m on my way…” she told herself – struggling to keep her bladder control, “I wish I could hold more… this isn’t the best of time to have a full bladder!” she thought in utter disgust, looking intently at the coat and pole – still unsure she did see them as they were.


Only then did she step onto the floor and walk briskly the few steps to the bathroom.

“Do you leave it open just… just to get out fast? Or… do you lock it, what if they popped in through the window? How would you get out if they storm you?” she wondered, but then the need to go won out – leaving her, leaving the door as it was; halfway open.


As soon as she got herself set… The ice-cold seat!

The sudden shock!

The cold, reaching right to her heart!

The fear… what if Roland walked in!

Everything stopped, she just needed to get going and out there!


This time the wind and the lighting ripped just past the window. The wind was doing everything it could, getting inside!

“I just hope that the bathroom would survive the night…” Lindsay again prayed, with the wind constantly pounding at the wall.

She couldn’t relax.

She couldn’t let it go.

It was so hard to get relieve she was so close and yet she might have been downstairs as it was…


“Why don’t you just open the tap?” she heard the strange voice inside her mind ask, tensing up even more because of this.

Lindsay opened her eyes, moving just a bit and just barely reached the tap.

She had to concentrate, to just hear the water flow. The water started flowing, when she heard the intense hail; slamming with all kinds of ferocity on the wall – hitting the glass as hard as the wind could slam the falling hail into it.


“That’s just great, a few seconds earlier and the tap wouldn’t have mattered! I would have easily wet the toilet!” she thought angry for the first time.

Thinking of something else helped her greatly, her stress level released and she was able to relax to the point of letting go.

“Wow… I wonder if boys feel the pressure release as we do ourselves…” she smiled, finishing up as fast as she could – having made short work of getting out of there.


Getting done was only moments away. Rubbing her hands on the towel, then she moved slowly to the door. Just before she’d take a hold of it, it started to crack open by itself!

She stood there in utter terror!

They had planned their attack well!

There was nowhere for her to go, they’d be coming at her!


“How… what… I need to…” the thoughts ran through her mind, none of them in actual fact forming cognitive ideas; “How in… where now…”

Yet the door kept on opening and there was louder crack after louder crack!

None of them increased, but with her higher beating heart; her whole body experienced

every single moment with intense clarity!

Be that as it may…


“They’re almost inside! What…what…” she still struggled to plan for what might be coming.

Although she’d just used the toilet, she could feel that very soon she’d be wetting herself!


Another intense crack in the effortless motion with the door still opening.

Lindsay’s mouth once more dried-up. She couldn’t swallow, if they did walk in there she couldn’t even shout-out for help!

She was alone in there and she was in trouble.


“What, what will… I need to…” she shook so badly, that the strength in her legs gave way, dropping to the bathroom floor.

Her head was bowed, with the final crack ripping through her – “The door is hard to open… it doesn’t just blow open… it doesn’t just swing…” she whispered inside her mind, fearful of what was to come through it.

“There’s no wind in here, I cannot feel anything on my face…” she said softly, while tears rolled freely over her cheeks.


She heard something scratching coming inside. She could hear some strange breathing. She could feel there was a presence inside the bathroom with her…

She wasn’t alone!

Something was there, inside with her!

They were coming for her!

There was more than one scratching sound!

There was more than one of them!

There was a strange smell!

It was… it was…


Then Bruno happily walked up to her, licking her hand…

“Haa… they’ve got me!” Lindsay screamed inside herself – not sure if she could fight them off, even if she wanted to!

Then she felt Bruno jumping up at her. She looked, seeing her own little dog looking at her. He wasn’t sure why it was that she was there in the bathroom, not going to her room and why he had to wait for her.


“You scared me out of my blood-type!” she told him, taking the dog, holding him close as she was shaking fearfully a moment ago, “Come now, let’s get to bed…” she tried her best to put on a brave face – “They… they can sneak past Bruno so he doesn’t know a thing, who could stop them?” she wondered, while the weather turned foul once more.


LINDSAY DIDN’T take a hold of Bruno and before she knew it, at the door he darted downstairs. He was going to get a drink or something to eat.

“Bruno… come…” she wanted to stop him, but there was no way she could.

She looked out the door, there were more shadows playing on the wall than should be possible. She looked everywhere she could, but there was no way of knowing.


“You better get to your room!” she told herself, knowing far too well that she had to leave the door open or Bruno would wake everyone.

With the first step Lindsay took outside the bathroom, each step she walked closer to her room; there was a thunderous roar outside as well.


Stopping and listening, “There’s no way that this can be!” she listened again,

there were no other thunder strikes, yet she stood very still.

“Let’s see…” she smiled and jumped, as her feet came down; there were two distinct

thunderous strikes, her feet didn’t match their impact on the floor – yet the strikes matched her feet’s impacts exactly!


She stood there, feeling her blood pumping ice-cold through her veins. She was shocked once more. She was snow-white in the face, for there were no other strikes or thunderous roars outside. She didn’t move a muscle.

“This cannot be! There cannot be such a thing!” she tried to convince herself.


Then as she stepped from there, she heard once more with every footfall she felt; there was a massively loud thunderous roar outside. Lindsay stood with both feet separate from the other. She was almost doing a split, a light one but it was heading that way – sliding her feet away from each other.


There was no thunderous strike this time, but then Lindsay heard there was a massively deep sound heading their way.

“Now what… Get your butt to the door!” she shouted at herself, a sound reached up to the house and as she jumped for the door, Bruno sparked past her into the room, before she could slam the door shut.


The roaring thunderous sound erupted right over the house. Within all of this, each step that she took; she heard each lighting sound that accompanied her moves.

Then, at long last, the thunderous roar truly erupted over the house, this time, it felt like an earthquake from above.


Lindsay dropped to the floor, pressing her hands over her ears.

Bruno was underneath the bed, even his guts gave out and he was almost underneath Lindsay as fast he could.

“Stop! Stop this! Stop!” she shouted at the top of her lungs, while her entire room shook with the rest of the house.


She was the only one awake, with Bruno that is, in the house. Not one of the rest woke-up and nothing more registered the intense haunting thunderous sound, erupting right on top of them.

“Come on Bruno, you’re a good brave doggy…” Lindsay said while both curled in their own little fetal position.


The ripping thunderous roar lasted the best part of half a minute, then all of the sudden there was no sound and for the time being Lindsay was not only disorientated – but she was deaf from the intense roar of nature.


“What, do they want to kill me all of the sudden?” Lindsay slowly started moving, with the wind, rain, hail, and the storm sounded to be over.

She looked at the window, not that she could see any difference for it was still dark.

“Have they given up or what?” she asked, not sure what she should be doing.

Getting up, she felt that her legs were still wobbly. She saw that Bruno wasn’t that brave and darted underneath the bed.


Within in the darkness, suddenly Lindsay swore she saw other figures which were there – waiting, looking and planning.

She immediately turned, walking two steps – without any lightning strikes this time. She hit the foot-end of the bed.

“Okay, now to get to the drawer…” she thought to herself, not sure if they’d understand what she might be saying, “Get a move on, they might be in here!” she shouted at herself, “Bruno was in the bathroom, there was something; even luckily for you – it wasn’t one of them!” she thought, moving down the side of the bed.


Lindsay hit her knee on the side of the drawer. She dropped to the floor immediately and was in horrible pain. She just had to deal with in, getting a move on;

getting halfway up and pulling at the drawer.

“Come now, they’re almost on top of us!” she told herself, this time speaking aloud.


She scanned through the drawer and found that the flashlight was not close at hand. Pressing her hand in all the way, she found what she was looking for.

“Okay… now we’ll see where you are!” she almost wanted to shout, switching on the flashlight and scanned the entire room.

There was no one in there with her, but then what she felt was so strong. The last time it was Bruno there with her…


She made sure that there was no one. She looked everywhere she could. Behind the curtains. She even opened the closet, very carefully and slow. She was once more breathing hard, stressed and worried; for the only thing she could hear was that Bruno was growling from underneath the bed… There was something wrong.


Before she finished her sweep, the batteries gave out and once more there she stood in the darkness of the early morning.

“Come on, not now… I’m not finished!” she wanted to shout, hitting the flashlight in her hand – only it didn’t work.

There was little she could do and tried her best in seeing what was once more hidden from her sight. The thunder roared as well and the storm suddenly returned, as if it knew…

“I should get under the bed with you buddy…” she said softly, for the time still hearing poor Bruno growling.


She almost fell over her school bag, lying in the middle of her room on the floor.

“Better move that by daybreak, that is if I’m still here…” she told herself, almost not hearing the words she’d spoken.

There were far too many shadows where anything could hide in. She just had to know!

“You better not get into bed with anything in here with you! You’d not wake up in your bed… You wouldn’t be here!” she ordered herself in doing all she could, in making sure.


There was another roaring ripping thunderous explosion right over the house. Inside her room, every single thing shook intensity with the loudness ripping through everything. At this moment she heard more than one of the pictures on the staircase taking a tumble.


“Ho… that’s just great!” she thought, stumbling toward the door, opening it just a bit and heard the last of the pictures which were dislodged, glass shattering while they ended up at the bottom of the stairs.

“Luckily I’m not there…” she thought.


She stood with her back to the whole of the room, with the immense sounds of the storm dissipating; she heard something else inside the room.

“No… they’re waiting for me to get in here… what now?” her high-pitched voice screamed, as thunderous inside her mind, as the sound which just dissipated!


With only the flashlight in hand, she spun around. She tried her best in looking into this vast darkness. But to no avail, there was nothing she could see.

One step into the room and with no wind in the room, the door slammed shut behind her.

All the hairs on her body stood up!

She was almost in an experiment, for her hairs not touching her body. It was highly

charge, standing in all direction.


“NO! How?” she shouted with the sound of the slammed door, ripped through


For a moment again, she was set in stone, not moving, almost not breathing.

“How could they be in here… How?” her mind tried desperately to phantom the possibility.

Still, her mind was racing. Bruno was growling even deeper. There was a sudden cold on her back. She wanted with all her might to move but wasn’t possible for the time being.


Then came the very faint crack of the door… even though it was so soft, it ripped even worse through the room than anything loud.

There was no other sound to be heard, there was no wind, there was no rain, there was no thunder, there was no lighting.


With the very last bit of courage Lindsay could muster in herself, she spun around. She held the flashlight in hand, ready to strike at anything there was which tried to grab her.

“Haa!” her worrier’s cry came from her mouth, it wasn’t intense for she didn’t concentrate on giving it ample voice.


She couldn’t see a thing and stepped forward to make sure there wasn’t something wrong… At the very same time, she did this; she brought down the flashlight, ready for her attack.

“I’ll get you…, whoever you are!” she said loudly.


Only, as the flashlight dropped down level in front of her; another lighting strike ripped past her window – illuminating the entire room.

She was facing the door head on and at that same moment, even the last life of the flashlight came back to life.

Everything was ready and willing at the exact same moment.


With the loud lightning strike, her echoing roaring scream only engulfed her room. Not only scaring herself but then the growling Bruno suddenly fell quite himself.

“There it stands! It’s real! It’s coming for me!” she screamed aloud, not only seeing this beastly figure before her but then she smelled it and she could feel the presence inside her room – “It is here!” she wailed still!


The intensity of this realization was so immense that she wanted to wet herself.

She could barely keep conscious… The flashlight, dead again dropped from her hand.

It hit the floor before she did, while the strength in her legs gave way.

The realization, “It is here! They’re really coming for me! MOMMIE!” she could only but scream this echoing fear in her mind.

She had passed out.

The shocking fear was far too much for her to handle.


Where Lindsay dropped to the floor, she lay almost fully stretched out. There was nothing more for her mind to do, when and if she woke up – she might not even be on Earth anymore…

The only thing the mind can do, from being totally destroyed is to completely shut down and try its best to safeguarding her sanity within the situation.


Bruno knew she was on the floor, he was far too scared himself and crawled to her. He’d not be a match for whatever shocked her unconscious, but then she was his owner and all he could do was to lie next to her.

The poor little dog would keep an eye on the bedroom door; waiting until the morning – keeping an eye on her and the open door-sized closet mirror…


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