The Politeness within the REFUSAL…


It was a while back that I’d witnessed this situation,

It was to some Extent very Uncomfortable,

But then, I did think about the Other Point of View to understand what I witnessed.


There’s a VERY Big difference between Helping someone whom you Know needs it, AND being used for your kindness, those ones who are More than willing to Use You!


So Now,

The Actual Idea that started to intrigue me, is something Entirely different…


Have you Ever encountered that situation;

You Politely asked someone,

A Friend

A Family-member

A Colleague

An Acquaintance

For something that you needed or for assistance?

You knew they would be able to Help you out…


I suspect this isn’t as Far Fetched for any one-of-us to imagine or to remember.


What if that Person you so politely asked,

Just as Politely refused to help or assist you?


FIRSTLY, You didn’t expect something like this to Happen!

NOR did you ever think that this person would so Blatantly Refuse Your request,

For them to Assist You or Help out in whichever way.


This could happen At First Request

Much later when You’ve asked a Few times down the Line –

AND Yes,

As you suspected this is the IDEA which intrigued my



Strange mind…


HOW would YOU react WHEN someone CATCHES you OFFGUARD with SUCH a REFUSAL…


Everyone has got the Right to Say No,

But then, have You ever thought about the After-Effects of such an Action.



You’ll ONLY know how someone’s life is Turning out,

When you walk the Proverbial Mile in their shoes,

But then – there’s also that Humane thing in doing,

Helping out Where you really Can and where you’re really Able to.


I suspect that there’s also People out there,

With such Personalities who wouldn’t Care about this in the Least bit,

But – those of us, Mere Mortals who can see the




Unfortunate Lives which some People may live,

For US it’s Worth the Effort to HELP those who Need it.


NOT to Say,

You should expect help in Return,

But that’s also the Kind of Humanity we should Strive for.


You help Me when I’m in dire straits,

When I’m on the Up,

You ask – then I’m able to Support You and do what I can,

So you can help yourself out…



This was the Strangeness in my Mind,

What if that Person did say NO,


Without any Thought or regard For You, and didn’t care what the Situation was.


How Terribly Awkward would such a Situation be for you,


Anyone else for that matter?



The ONE thing I’ve Learned and Saw over Many years,

You might have Thought that Children and Kids in General are

Rude, Terrible and Mean when they are speaking some kind of Truth…

When Grown-Ups believe they are Allowed to speak THEIR truth of the Matter,

Just how BAD could that turn out for that Poor Soul who didn’t expect such Insult to their Person or Ignorance for their situation when merely asking for help?



Asking for Help when

You Can help out

That person Asking

It’s NEVER Ever easy to do that on a Regular basis OR at All!

This isn’t the People wanting to USE you,

But those who Dearly Need Your Help for a Short duration of time…


Just TRY to walk that MILE in their Shoes.


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