The LAW of Averages, Murphy, Life, Ripley’s Believe it or Not…



Well now… I suppose you are Wondering just what I’m going on about,

was there something in his Drink, like the Gamma Radiation in that bottle of Cold Drink, which Stan Lee drank in the Incredible Hulk Movie…


Here it is then;

There’s a General Rule, by author

Malcolm Gladwell who states that We need at least 10,000 hours of Training, in Our Fields of Choice to become perfect OR as close as possible, to World-Class, in these chosen fields we enjoy, love or which we’re passionate about.


Now then, let’s look at this in another way;

10,000 hours would Calculate to

416 Full (24 hours) Days,

Leaving you with a Shortage of another 16 hours to make up on day 417


Okay then,

Not everyone has got that time to play with

AND a full day – Right,

What about that Much needed sleep if you can get 8 Hours a night?


Now then,

You’re down to 16 hours if You are that lucky and have the TIME to spare to Learn OR to do what you Really Love.

This would leave you a Cool rounded Number of no less than

625 Days – which simply means that it’s already more than a Full Year!

PLUS another 260 days to be worked in at Some point…


IF you’re like the Rest of us,

You’re working and have to do this Part-Time,

Let’s say you can spend MOST of your Full Saturdays and Sundays at this…


Now then,

This will be the breakdown;

If you can Spare at least 12 Hours each day,

For these Two days and do this for 52 weeks,

You’d Eventually come to 1248 hours per Year.

That would leave you with 8 Years of work And there’s a Percentage of Year 9 you’d need as well…

No Less than 16 Hours, to work in at some point!


If you are Really lucky and you can add a few hours in the Week as well,

This could leave you with say 2 Hours a Day,

With 5 Days in the Week and whatever you can Use over the Weekend…

Let’s say there are another 10 Hours during the two Weekend days, if You’ve got that to spare,

At 20 Hours a Week, over a 52 Week Year would give you…

9 Years and some Change – of which is 640 Hours for Year 10!


Okay… Okay…

This is really Depressing!

But that’s just the thing –

It’s just a General Guideline and I cannot state for a Fact how Accurate this is even!



Here’s another Question for anyone who Wonders if they’ve got the time,

To become Good or even Great at what they do and Love…


What if you’re Dabbing in more than One Field,

Would the First, if they’re Connected,

Support you or even Help you out in some way,

Reaching that Target of being Good enough in the Next Field?


THEN as well,

This is a Very Interesting Thought at that!

What about those Lucky people who have a Natural Talent in what they’re doing.

Just how much time do THEY need to work at this 10,000 Hour thing?



If this is in fact as Factual as some Might believe?


Another interesting scenario,

If you Know of someone Able and Willing to Help you,

In the same Field, You’re working in,

Mentoring you through what They’d learned along the way,

Showing You the ropes,

Helping you to Side-Step the Pitfalls in a Manner of Speaking,

ARE you still doomed to work toward that 10,000 Hour Mark to perfection?


The Insights we may have and Knowledge over time,

Could THAT not assist you in Becoming better at what You’re passionate about,


Do you really have to go through all of those hard Lessons,

Thus, Eventually becoming some kind of Expert in Your Field?


There are SO many fields to Delve into,

SO much to learn from each of them,

Can it ever be Said that You’d know Everything in that Field –

Especially in today’s day and age…


ONE thing that I’ve learned a Long time ago,

And IMPACTING GREATLY on my Writing these days is that,

IF there is Someone willing to Help you,

With a Different Point of View OR Perspective

Willing and Able to help you Improve on Your Mission, Work, and Passion;

If you Seriously and with Honesty look at what they Might bring to your Journey,

You will be able to Shave some Hours off that target.


I do not Know if the 10,000 Hour thing is real,

But I can tell you this much,

If you can become Better because Someone Else is willing to Offer you some of Their Time,

Do NOT waste theirs, Just because You may think that They cannot help you;

Your Supporters in Your Life are the Ones who Might as well Bridge that Gap to Your Success and help you out Faster than you can Imagine!


Your Obligation;

Take the Opportunity and learn, challenge the odds, see if Their Willingness to help you,

Might, after all, work out Positively for you…

IF it Does – Remember to give them a B I G Thanks for their








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