The HU-MANÉ Condition.



This I suppose can be a General Feeling or Idea for almost ANY person out there,

Not that it should be THIS, but then as the Heading states – our Condition…


What do I mean by this Human Condition?

It’s really simple,

If and when, either You help another OR they help You;

Would the Other party Expect something in Return?


It doesn’t matter what we Might think,

If someone goes out of their Way in helping you,

How many times does that Person expect something in Return;

SAYING – more than just a Thank You?


In the World and Times that we Live in,

I can almost say it’s a General Given,

ESPECIALLY when someone does something out of their Normal Routine,

While they’re helping you with Something which You cannot do for yourself,

That person might Expect something more from you in due time,

Than just the Normal Thanks…


You, I, We might not consider this in the Same way,

But then,

When last did You step-out and Assisted someone you know,

Doing something MORE than what you normally would do?


Would a Normal kind of Thanks be sufficient?

AND the reason I mention this,

We should, if it’s possible, Help another if and when we can –

Especially when it’s No Skin off Your Back,

Doing it with No Expectations as well…


YES, we’re not Entirely built like that,

We don’t Live like that

AND our Lives do not work in that way anymore.


YET, what is the Alternative,

We simply do not help another when we Can,

Suspecting that they’d not Return the Favor.


Have you even thought about it,

What if they Cannot just do that

AND what if this is something that Haunts them?


Yes, it could be Easy if they don’t Care,

But if we ONLY do something for someone,

Expecting something Back and You lose out on that,

Would that Eat away at you – to the Point that You’d like to take it OUT on them, when You do see this person again?


That’ll ONLY make the Situation much harder than it is.

KNOWING there are those People able and willing to abuse your help,

NOT what I’m talking about here.



If we help another, NOT risking something from Your side as much,

What is the Harm in Assisting another,

NOT saying You’ll receive a THING in return –

If done in this way,

If you don’t Expect something back,

What would it matter if you did Help that person?


It makes me Think of that Song,

Money for Nothing…

I believe what You send out in the World, Life, Universe OR whichever You feel comfortable with;

If and when YOU need that help,

It’ll come back to You when You need it the Most.


The Question remains,

Are you Willing to help another out,

Without Ever getting something in Return


Will you be okay with Just helping and seeing at the time,

Just how much it Meant to that person?


An interesting thought I might say.


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