PAYING the Piper.


While I can Understand the concept of social media and what Some People and Authors have to say about Facebook’s idea of Advertising,

I also Understand that in Today’s Life you NEVER get anything for Nothing!


NONE of us want to Pay unnecessarily for anything,

Yet when You’re doing something for Yourself,

How can that Ever be Unnecessary?


I started with a few Social Media Platforms,

Doing what I could within my power and knowledge,

Spreading my Reach as they call it – as far as I possibly could.


I used a Twitter Add-on App / Program and with this,

Over a WHILE I increased my Followers on my Account;

AND, I still paid Every Month, using this App to my Advantage.


As the SMARTER people say,

Somewhere down the Line Someone will pick-up the tab…


My Idea was that after I Reached a good Target on Twitter,

I could focus on Facebook,

I thought I could get More Likes,

VIA Advertising on the Facebook Site.


This wasn’t done on a Whim and I looked for the Best Possible Action Plan to achieve this.


The same as SO many Major Companies over the World,

They’d like to sell their Products and they’ve got Marketing and Advertising Teams within the Company to Plan all of this!


Getting Your Name out there and

Getting enough Exposure as well as making a Name,

Getting out there is One of the Many ways in which You, Me, Everyone are Selling either a Product or Themselves…


I’d say the ONLY times when we’d be Really Irritated,

Is when Our said, planned Strategies don’t work in the Manner which we plan for it to work.


We will ALL be really happy to PAY when things work out Brilliantly!

It’s only when things don’t work out in the least bit…

That is when We’re not in the least bit happy with what is happening or if our Idea didn’t Materialize in the way that we Hoped…


Paying the Piper isn’t just Directed at Paying for the Marketing or Advertising

or even paying the Company in doing this.

That can be Paying Year in and year out if you Don’t have the Best Plan laid out before you.


It doesn’t matter in the least bit,

No matter Who you are,

No matter What you’d like to do,

If you do not follow a Plan in Creating the Opportunity for yourself,

No matter what You’re trying,

You’d waste either Time or Money at the end of the day!


When we make Peace with what we Might have to do,

Reaching where we’re Aiming at,

Then at least when You’ve got to Pay for something along the line,

Getting there – wouldn’t be that BAD!


Let me ask you this,

You’re possibly Driving a Car,

On your car and possibly your House Content,

Do you have Insurance?


If you NEVER Ever Claim for a Thing,

Would paying this be a Waste of your time and money as well?

YET – the moment You don’t have it anymore,

If something happened and You’re not Covered,

What then?


The same could be said of the Various things we have to do,

Increasing our Social Media Reach,

UNDERSTANDING this: You will Never know when THAT Specific person might See You or the Possible Add or whatever it might be,


They could be the Difference between Your Plans working out or Not!


Make peace with what You’ve got to do,

Especially if it’s for Yourself…


You may Never know!


All the Best.


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