The FEARFUL Success…



I suspect that I’ve written Quite a bit about Our




And for Us who have them,

Needing to Work as Hard as we can in reaching them.


At times I suspect that I’ve even Sounded like a Pompous A…..

while I sit here before the Screen,

Jotting down all the Ideas and Thoughts running around in my Head.


Well here’s another Aspect on those Thoughts,

I cannot remember within all the Posts I’d accumulated over the Years,

YES – Years, whether if I’ve written something about this before.


The fact is, It is really Important to know and Understand this idea,

Seeing that I’ve come Across this far TOO many times in the past,

Having in some way Experienced it Myself as well.


The First time I heard anything like this,

If I can remember this Correctly,

Was on the Oprah Show when Dr. Phil spoke to someone about it.


You see,

It’s not Enough to have this Hope, Dream or Aspiration for us to Reach it;

You need to KNOW that You’ve been given a Desire which is only Yours to Succeed.


LIKE so many Ideas I’ve had over the years,

Very FEW I missed,

Because when I do have something that Sound Really Cool in my Mind,

I will stand up in the Middle of the Night or Wherever I am,

And I will put it down on Paper.


That Should be Our Passion with which We, YOU, I should be Chasing Our Dreams and Successes!


Now then,

Getting back to the Human side of things,

Looking at the Various People around you, who told you over the Years

That you CANNOT do what You’re dreaming of!



Not even talking about your own Self-Doubt,

But just thosePeople that you have met,

BLOWING them out of the Water with what You’re attempting!


A little reminder in this regard;

One of the girls from Primary School bumped into me


And we spoke a little.


I Thought that she would be Open-Minded,

OR that’s what I suspected or what I might have Remembered from School…

YOU cannot Imagine how fast she made herself Scares when I told her that I was Almost finished with my Way-Back-Then First Book…


Now comes the Question many might ask,

What Gives me the Right to believe that My Ideas are worth any kind of Mention to the World at large?


So that brings me back to the Idea I got from the Oprah show with Phil,

Asking the Artist or Whomever it was that day,

WHO gives Us the Right NOT to do whatever We have to,

To Reach that Star – Aiming for whatever or whoever we should be,

Allowing Ourselves not to take the World in a negative way,

Doing what may be Burning in Our SOULS Year on Year!


I’ve been working on My Screenplay course for the past few Months,

Struggling and Working to not ONLY get the Hang of it,

But Aiming to Rewrite the Screenplay a 6th Time!


This I mention because I Just began yet again,

Noting the Story Line for the 6th Book of the World of Imagination Series

AND, seeing just how Interesting my Ideas and Thoughts were from Day to Day,

Made me Realize that when You IGNORE Your Passion,

You could Eventually Lose it altogether!


AND that is the Danger, Amongst OTHERS,

In Not Finishing whatever it is that You Know that You were Blessed with.

NOT ONLY this, but Showing and Helping and just Getting there is Also Part of Our mission to let the rest KNOW it’s possible!


To say the least,

Over the past few Months, I felt my Fingers talking to me,

Very Subtly… ALMOST as if to say,

You NEED to Tap or Pound that Keyboard,

KNOWING that it is my Finger exercises, my creation release

Each and Every Day!


If you’ve got that Unshakable Blessing in Reaching something,


For Fear of Change can Stop us from Doing something



AND Yet,

How Do you even Know if someone out there isn’t in need of Following

The Brave,

The Free,

The Strong,

The Passionate,

The DREAMERS (P.S.: Tomorrowland… A Very Cool Movie!),

Even if You Never reach there, Trying is as Important as it is in Getting there!


The Journey to Save and Free Your Soul is the Most Important Journey I believe,

For ONLY then to do Know what Your are made off.


My Fear,

Letting Life slip by,

Not at least Trying – blowing up maybe sometimes,

And I’m NOT sitting on the Sidelines!



Typing enough makes my Fingers Smile as well,

IRONIC this kind of Therapy!


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