Slowing the TIME Passing by…



Each morning before I start working, I stop at the Normal or Regular

Parking spot and sit there, waiting for the Right Time to open up the Offices.


This I do every morning and while I’m sitting there,

Listening to the Radio, I look at the constant procession of People,

Passing me by in whichever Fashion they’re busy with.


I know very well for myself,

Sitting there in the Mornings, doing almost nothing,

It’s one of the Best ways for me to Relax, waiting for the Manic of the Day to come.


I have a look at the rest of the People around me,

Seeing them in the same way as Others might be seeing those around them,

Especially when those people as well have the Time to Relax,

Not needing to run around, doing whatever the others around them are…


While I’m sitting there, I see and know that Life had sped up so much,

Leaving for us Too much to do, in the same amount of time we had Yesterday,

ONLY, now there’s almost twice as much to do within the same time.


We’re running SO constantly that when you actually have time to Stop and Relax, Our brains are running as much as we are; Physically,

That there’s very Little chance for Most People to let go and ENJOY the moments we might have to blow off some steam…


I know when I’m trying to get to sleep, My mind just cannot for the Life of me shut down and allow the rest of me to Relax and Rest.

This is almost the same with US under normal circumstances.


The Lucky part of this for me,

When I’m writing – even here Post right now,

I’m listening to the Radio or Music on the Computer.

BUT – the big Difference is this, I’m sitting Still with ONLY my fingers Dancing over the Keyboard.


In this regard, Myself like many other Writers,

We KNOW by now what is the Best way of getting the Most work done.

Relaxing and letting, anything and everything flow – that’s a really good way of working while We’re being creative.



When I do listen to the Radio and do what I can to Relax before work,

I draw on my Writings and use that Method in becoming STILL,

Using it to do what I can in Stopping what I can control.


The reason I’m mentioning this,

Every one of us does Something that we Enjoy and if you’re doing it Right,

You might as well stop and Relax enough to do this specific Activity.


If you do it Regularly and you Enjoy what you’re doing,

Then you can help yourself in Relaxing as much as Possible,

Before Work or Something, you could find Pretty Stressful!


We’ll ALWAYS have too much to do in a day.

We’ll Always have a Rushed life,

We’ll Always feel like we’re Constantly Running,

We’ll Always feel like our Brain’s cannot shut down,

We’ll Always find it hard to Relax…


That would be part of life and we cannot get away from that,

BUT when and where you can,

If you can start training your Mind to slow down;

It would be the First step in slowing Yourself down when you need it.


This is also a Chore if I can call it that,

Like Me and possibly so many Other Writers,

If you don’t Sit down and Write – how would the Work get done?


Those Early Morning Relaxations has helped me more that I’d suspect,

BUT – if you do not work at Relaxing, Practice it over and over again;

HOW would you Eventually get Yourself into that Relaxing Frame of Mind?


YES… Yes… it is a Paradox,

HOW can you want to Work to Relax…

And yet, NO ONE ever just walks into a Place or Something You’ve never done

And just do whatever it might be?


Life will be what Life will be,

Without much we can Do about it,

You can do something For Yourself, though,

I had not Suspected what this Idea would really be;

That is Until I started with this Post…


Taking Care of Oneself is as Important

Than Taking Care of Your Loved Ones,


You’ll Really need to Learn in Taking Care of yourself!

Relaxing, Unplugging and Enjoying what You have in Life,

It could go So much Further for Our Health than Anyone would Imagine!


Relaxation I think is Really Important,

The LESS Stress we have to deal with,

The BETTER for our Life and Positivity…


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