The USABLE Samaritan.



On Most Saturdays, I usually go to the Store and buy what either I’d need for the Week to come OR hopefully what I’d be using for the rest of the Month.


I suspect that Many of Us do this either Weekly and / or if you do Buy your Groceries for the Month then you spend ONE day or Session spending inside one of the Many Supermarkets.


Why this Post or Idea got Glued in my Mind,

I was once again walking up and down a Different shop on this Saturday and before I knew it,

Walking around to see NOT to miss what I want to buy – I was Approached by someone…


THIS wasn’t that Kind of Trouble,

BUT as you might suspect,

This wasn’t that NICE either!


This man, like so many Others,

The way they Approach you, you can See them Coming with an Idea,

Which at this Moment, was to help this man.


I was pretty Relaxed and didn’t mind what was Really going on around me – LOOKING for the items which I needed…

THUS, when He approached me, the first thing that I saw was the Things in his hands.


Firstly he told me he wasn’t looking for a Hand-out,

Rather – he was Starting work soon and needed some help in Buying these things.

One Loaf of White Bread, One bottle of Two Liter Milk and 18 Eggs.


I must say that this IF he wasn’t Lying through his Teeth was a little better to do for me, Knowing that Very few people if they are Honest,

Would do TOO much with the Items he had there with him.


Beyond that,

If he was just Using me and Buying this for someone else,

Getting the Monies from them – That would be His issue and problem,

If and when he was doing this…


Unfortunately as is my Nature,

I’m REALLY-really curious and Sum-up people pretty fast,

So, I saw a 50-50 Percent chance for him to Play me a Fool.


He was clothed normally – not sure what that would be his Attire,

I could SEE that there were Tattoos hidden under the sleeve of his T-Shirt,

But mostly he did look clean – someone who could be telling the Truth.


I had Nothing to Lose and was Willing to accept that he Genuinely needed the help AND would use it as Intended by him.

I did FORGET with this to Buy Milk for myself;

Seeing that after ONE of my Operations, I’d become Allergic to some Extent to Coffee Creamer and had to change back to Milk.

Not that I drink THAT much in my Coffee… Yet, I did forget to buy it!


On the Sunday after this Episode above,

When I stopped by my Sister,

I did buy Milk and something else – Cannot remember what it was.


When I did Exit the Parking area of the Shopping Centre,

I AGAIN saw another Person at the T-Junction before Turning into another Street,

AND here again, this Poor Lady also wanted some Help and or Donations for herself and her Children…


I must say that MANY a Times I’ve come across people

WHOM needed or wanted Help or Monies –

Never knowing what they Really need or want.


We’ve Seen all over, some of these People NOT using the handouts for something Good and doesn’t care what they Look like and how they Present themselves to the people Wanting to help them.

THUS, We’ve become REALLY weary to Some of the People asking for the Hand-outs.


THIS to such an Extent, You cannot Know which of the People really needs this Help if AND when you can do so.

BUT most of all, You don’t want to keep on feeling at the end of the day as if So Many of the People asks for something – also is willing to Use you…


Another Problem exists here,

I cannot say it’s so Immediate – but if you were to Hand out what They’d like to receive,

Just how long would it take for You to have to ask someone else for help in the very same way?


I’m NOT Arguing the Fact that there are Some People who really Need that help,

I’ve got this from First Hand Knowledge;

Having Driven with my Second Oldest Sister;

Dropping off an Older Man at a House for Helping Homeless People,

If I can remember correctly – Within a Week after dropping the Man there, he was out and Once more back from where we’d picked him up, so Others could help him further.


IF you Don’t want the Help,

No matter Who you are or What Help you need,

If you don’t want to Help or Change your Own life –

There’s Absolutely Nothing anyone can do for you…


All we can do if our best, Making sure You do what you can for Your own Family and those around you who Also may need the help,

Beyond that – when you can, Do what you can for That person you May be able to help…


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