Optimistically SAVVY…


I’d helped my One sister with her Phone, to say the least, she Moved from a Smaller Phone in the very same series to something More Advanced.

That said, it’s Far easier to Use and NOW more Functions as well.


IRONICALLY, I got a Call this Morning from another Sister,

We’re ( 6 ) Children.

Three Girls and Three Boys…


And again, I was asked what background Knowledge I have on the Phones which are on the Market at the Moment.


NOW here comes the Rub on the Speed of Technology in today’s Day in Age!

It’s going So Fast that no matter how Tech Savvy You believe yourself to be,

There’s just NO Way you can Keep up to Date with everything that’s going on around with the Technology of today…


There’s SUCH Functionality that You cannot believe what you can Link to your Phone – which is Sometimes NOT such a good Idea.


YET in our lives, we’re Accustomed to having Everything at our Fingertips

AND if that doesn’t work for us,

We make DAMN sure to find out what is going on and Why things aren’t working as we Know they should or Had before!


Then as well,

When you start using the Newer Technology,

There are parts thereof which we Might not have Used in the Past,

THUS – how can you Learn these if you don’t Use them and Learn how they work.


That’ll be all Good and Well,

BUT – as fast as you need to be with Your work OR assisting the Next Person,

ALSO expecting You to be as Fast as the Technology THEY are use to,

You don’t have the time to Learn the very Basics of Your own Newer Tech Yourself!


This becomes a Compounded Issue,

You need TIME to Learn what you Don’t Know at the time

AND They – whoever this may be, Expect you to Run with it,

When you didn’t have the time in Learning the Newer version or Technology which you can Use to Possibly make life easier for You or at least assist the Next Person…


THEN after all of that,

Comes the Arrogance of the Human Race…

The Idea of;

The Client is Always Right…


We NEED to do so much Business that we Need to Bend over backward

Making sure that the Sale goes through AND we have the Monies and the Funds in the Bank so that we can Pay whatever Accounts need be paid!


THUS, if ever You Believed that None of what You do have an Impact on the Rest of Your life,

You’d better THINK again!


Our Lives have Sped-UP with Our Need for MORE,

Our Technology has Increase NOT having the Time to Learn it,

Have made use Rush with the Little Time we did have,

Needing to get Ahead and do More when there’s NO Catching Up…


The very Things we Created to make our Lives easier,

Have become the very things which Push us to do things Faster,

Seeing that we Refuse to Slow down and reaching for that, that Much Needed Breathe!


Rather KNOW what you need to do and

Know your Technology as best as you can,

Because you could also run the Risk of

Exposing Yourself and Your livelihood to Those who use Their Knowledge and

Wisdom over their Technology Taking what isn’t theirs,

Leaving you in a Pretty Pickle!



ALBERT EINSTEIN – Everything is Relative,

As well as the FACT – we’re the Ones who Cannot get Enough,

THUS pushing ourselves and our Lives to keep up with the Pace…


Be careful what kind of Technology you use,

If you Don’t know it well enough,

Take the TIME to do so and Use it as Safe as possible –

For Your own Safety AND those around You…


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