The Reality of PRIVACY.


I can Honestly not Remember when this Thought had Crossed my Mind,

BUT I do know that once more I got up out of Bed,

Just writing the Title down, suspecting that I’d get to what I was thinking when I’d read the Title once more…


The Weird,


Odd and

Totally an Unorthodox way in which

SOME writer’s Minds work… OR it could be Just Me.


Now then,

You’d suspect this is ONLY for any person who in their Lives had Reached that Plato on which they’d be Famous or in the Public Eye or in that Spotlight…


But I’m here to ask you Yet another question,

How safe are you with Information that You allow on the Internet.

You don’t have to be Famous to allow Too much of yourself out there.


Those in the KNOW would tell you,

I’m NOT the most Open person,

NEVER enjoying that Other’s know TOO much of what I’m thinking,

POSSIBLY the After Effects of being an Eccentric Writer!


But this is a Very Important Idea,

I’d REALLY like it if I could have only ONE avenue where Others could see what I’m Posting on the Web.


YES, this being part of the Social Media Reach which is Almost to say;

Is a Necessary Evil…

For TOO much of yourself is left Out there for Anyone to see.


In Most regard, that’s not such a Big Issue or a Problem,

But let’s see…

KNOW of any Woman or Man for that Matter who had UNWANTED advances from the Opposite Sex Same Sex? ? ?


Someone who just didn’t Get the Message

OR Anyone who kept on Bugging you with their Internet Scam

OR Got TOO much information on You from the Info you allowed on the Net…


You SERIOUSLY don’t have to be Famous to have an Issue with the Information which You’d allow on the Internet.

As well as the problem, Stealing your Identity OR getting into your Bank Account from the Linked Profiles or such.


THUS, one of the Reasons I thought this Prudent to share this thought with anyone reading my Ideas, Thoughts, and Posts.

In OUR time where Most of Everything ends up on the Net,

For Us, You, Me to be as safe as Possible;

Make Sure you don’t let yourself be Trapped by the Norm.


If you don’t Mind,

That wouldn’t Matter much,

BUT – if you’re more like me and More Private,

DO make sure that You don’t Share UNNECESSARY information on the Net and thus,

Keep Yourself as Safe as well as Possible!


As I’ve Heard on either the Radio or Possibly here and there on the TV,

People Share more info on the Net than in person,

Which could bring me back to this Idea as well;

HOW much of the Information on the Net is true?


I’d like to Meet and See and Speak to people in Person,

THUS, my little bit Trained Spider Sense goes on Overdrive

Seeing the Signs which People give off in Person,

When I KNOW that I don’t trust a word OR Little what they’re saying.


If that may be the case,

Do not worry too much – except for this,

REMEMBER on the Internet, most of Everything is Linked and so,

YOU believe you’re okay… Remember, from one Account to the next,

Someone Far Better at Finding Information on You,

Can use the Smallest bit of Info on You to get to Everything You’d place out there.


A little goes a Long way,

Thus, just think about what You allow out there,

Seeing that if the Wrong Person Sees you – like myself,

Having received some Unwanted Scams coming my way a Few times Over…


That, without leaving TOO much out there myself!


The Safest you can be is the Safest you can think, about sharing anything, beforehand.


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