The Timing within the TIMING.


I’ve seen this a Few times and ONCE again the other day,

I’ve picked up on this.


The Next time you’re in Your car, waiting to Turn either Left or Right,

Have a little Look at the Indicators on the cars ahead of you.

Not sure it will work with More than Two Cars at a time, but You’d never know!


The Indicator like the Intermediate of the Wipers when it Rains,

Have a rhythm at which the Lights blink when You’re turning.

If there are two cars ahead of you, look at the Rhythm of the sets of lights blinking.



The Two cars had Possibly stopped there at different moments and the Driver had Activated the turning signals at different times as well.


YET, when you do sit there behind the Two cars ahead of you,

Looking at the Lights – you’d see that for a Blink or Two the lights would flash like this at the very same time.


After those TWO possible synchronized blinks, they would once more Fallout of sync.

NOT only this, if you do stay stuck there Long enough, this will happen Again and Again until they Indicators are canceled!


This to Me feels just a Little bit Freaky, to say the least,

As the Saying goes as well –

Patrick Jane (The Mentalist)

“Even a Broken clock has the chance at being right at least Twice a day…”

Thus, even within the Rhythm of Everything, there are more than One Item or manufactured Piece which can at some time Run Rhythmically with each other at some time while they’re used together…

YES… Yes… a Big mouthful!


Okay, so just Maybe some of You will see this or Pick-up on something else which Rhythms comes together and then falls out of sync…


BUT here’s another one of those.

Having Two phones,

At the time their Watch-Time weren’t in-sync as well…

YET, the Alarm clock was set for the same time.


I’m Mostly awake before the Alarms start sounding,

THUS – when they do start Sounding, I can Hear the one ahead of the Other.

So, sometime after the Indicator Lights which I’d seen,

I saw and heard one Morning that even the Phones’ alarms,

Sounding as they were and being out of Sync,

It turned out that even they fell into this same Paten,

Where they were out of Sync and then eventually did sound at the same time.


Now I wonder if this is part of Our World or even of Our Technology,

Where everything we do Make and Produce,

Eventually would Run In-Sync with each other – no matter what they are.


ONLY when I looked Online at the Various Images which I’d like to ADD to this post,

I remembered that ONE Episode of the Television Series;


Where they’d shown TWO Piano Timer running at Opposite rhythms,

AND what do you KNOW – before you knew it,

These two also had a Few Moments when they Moved In-Sync…


If this may be the case,

Then there could be Another reason to believe that Life isn’t such a Random

Series of Events AND when something does happen for you,

When you cannot See why it did manage to happen for you,

REMEMBER – when Your life falls into Sync with that Part of Life itself

And you’re ready for that Change – whichever it might be,

Magical, Awesome and Inexplicable things Could Always be Possible!


A little Magic,

A little Excitement,

A little Wonder,

A LOT of Life and

Every Possibility attached to that,

That Could be what the Doc ordered for you…


There’s Far MORE Rhythm and Sync in Life,

We’re Sometimes just Too BUSY to even Notice it,

Especially when it’s Happing to Help you out on An Adventure of Your life!


Always be open to Every Possible Opportunity in Your Life,

Especially, those which are POSITIVE for You!


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