That SILVER Lining…



For those Readers of mine, not Living in South Africa;

Speaking from my Own understanding and knowledge of how things do work –

If it’s Not breaking International News… none of Us would know!


So, we’ve been having a Drought over the past few Months in South Africa.

We’ve been Praying, Hoping, Dreaming and Every other thing we can Do – for any kind of Rain and relieve for this Drought.


Some weeks ago, while I was at the Apartment,

Over the Weekend – the Curtains were slightly drawn.

When I thought I heard someone at the door I walked, to go see.


We I turned, going back to my work-room; wouldn’t Easily call it my Study…

But you get the idea – I saw once again the Brilliance of Nature.

I saw a set of clouds, having the Sun’s Rays reflected off the side – shining Brilliantly into the Apartment windows.


I can Promise you that the IMAGE, Photo thereof will Never be able to do the Moment Justice in what I’d seen and Experienced in that second of seeing this.

AND as per usual, My mind was on a Completely different track!


The Question came to Mind,

How is it that Clouds like the one(s) I saw can reflect light like this?

Coming to the Answer I suspected that it could be Water vapor in the clouds itself.

THUS, I read up on this, online…


As I suspected, it was Indeed water particles trapped inside the Clouds,

Which at the end of the day Do form the Water Droplets which we Know as Rain,

When they become TOO heavy or possibly blown out of the Clouds because of

Excessive Winds… (not read up on this…)


Thus, having a Look at the Clouds and the Brilliant Light which ONLY Nature can generate at such a Moment without Needing US doing something Artificially,

Made another connection in my Mind…


That Perfect Moment,

That Perfect Situation,

What else have to fall in Perfect Place to give Us such a Memory?


At the Height which the Clouds are formed,

There’s not ONLY atmospheric pressures to content with,

But there’s wind circulation, the Continuous Rotation of the Earth,

There’s a differentiation of Temperature,

There’s also the Possible impact the Ozone layer has on all of these AND

The Percentage of Solar Radiation which could easily seep through,

Affecting the Combination of all of these.

THEN as well, where We are on Earth to See this Impossibly Beautiful Sight.


As I told you,

What we SEE so Clearly with our Own Eyes,

NO Camera or Video We can use Shooting this,

Could EVER come anywhere Close to that Moment You see this Brilliance…



After you May be Thinking of what I’ve just mentioned to you,

Ask Yourself this – How many more Times have You seen or Experienced such a Moment.


Remember this, those Droplets or Water-vapor in the clouds is standing NEXT to each other;

Forming the Perfect Mirror to deflect the Light which is hitting it,

Reflecting it at You, Me or those who could or would see it…

It’s a Perfect Moment which I suspect NO Supercomputer in the Life of Us could ever Easily calculate, re-creating such a Perfect Moment in time!


Now you wonder which Other interesting Moments I’m talking about here as well?

Here’s the rub. . .

How many more time did you Need to latch a door as the wind blown it close?


I’m NOT talking about a Solid door,

More like a Safety Gate – having bars and big open spaces between them…

When the Wind blow from the Perfect direction and catches the Bars in the Perfect angle,

It forms an Almost solid surface.


You can do your Best at Calculating the continuous wind blowing,

Feeling it blowing against you and then Aiming whichever piece of Man-made construction,

Catching the force of the wind or such,

Affecting the Sum-result which We’d like to see…


BUT, the Odds that this can Happen Naturally…

The Chance that We’d be at the Correct place at the Correct time to Witness something like this,

That’s WAY far out of my League to even Try to Comprehend or Explain.


These are only Two things which I’ve seen,

There’s so much more to Leave us in Awe still,

The ONLY thing we need be doing,

Just believe in the Impossible to become Possible,

What you do with your Possible…

That’ll be Up to you…


Truly hope Many a Person sees things which will make them Believe in the Possible!


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