JINGLE all the Way!


Here we are Once agian;

It’s Christmas and IRONICALLY,

It’s only here Now this time in the Morning I’ve got a Different Thought, Idea which I’d be posting today.



So many people all over are Still working OR have something More to Sort out OR Deal with, for Themselves OR Work.


This isn’t Work for me,

As I’m not being Paid to do this,

AND I do enjoy getting the Various Ideas, Thoughts or Ramblings out of my Mind…


Now in Question,

At this time,

“The Silly Season” – Christmas Season,

Over THIS time of the Year, you See and Hear of So many indifferences…


That’s Unfortunately – US being who we are!

So much we want to do,

So much we Try and arrange, Spending the Time with each other
AND then,

Some of the Times;

Those Unnecessary ARGUMENTS!


I’m not getting in on ANY of them,

As there’s so Many it’s not even Funny…

Especially over this time of the Year!


All of this ONLY stops after New Years,

Seeing that it’s As well a BIG deal for Most people

AND so, only After all of it’s Over and Done;

Do most People – Families move on…


So here it is then,

We’ve got SO Little time,

We cannot even Grasp when it’ll be Done,

YET – when we do have Time spending it with Family


Friends which are Family after all this time –

We Waste it on Frivolous senseless things!


This time of the Year is there for ALL to enjoy the time,

The Blessing and the Joy – however, you can see it.

Take this time and Use it to the Best of Your ability!


MERRY Christmas!



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