The NEW in the OLD Resolution!


And alas, here we are Yet Again…

This is the Last Post to be Written for 2016 – seeing that it’s still Saturday Afternoon for me here AND Tomorrow when this Post is Uploaded,

It would be the First one for 2017…

Oh so Funny, Interesting, Weird and Strange!


We MAY say that Time’s passing us by… Faster;

Yet, if you really THINK about this Absurd statement,

Like Day and Night; the Sun, Moon and Stars –

All of them are Constants in our Lives.


I’d rather say that the Older we get,

The Faster Life whiz by and the MORE we need to do,

The Less Time we have to really Enjoy Life!


At THIS point We know this one All Too Well…


New Year’s Resolutions!


In this regard, It’s Totally Ironically Damn FUNNY!

Now then, ask that Question bubbling in your mind…

Why would I say this?


Firstly, It’s just My Opinion – not saying that it carries ANY kind of Weight and as Such, ANYONE for that Matter can have their Own Opinions as well!


So… here it is,

I’d say, MOST people who make New Year’s Resolutions,

They do it at the Drop of a Hat.


It Could Easily be something that they’d Desired for a LONG-LONG time,

OR they’ve only Now got the Time or Opportunity to Reach further in their Lives.

Not that it Matters in either way – the FACT is,

When MOST people make these New Year’s Resolutions,

It’s something that Disappears as soon as it had been Uttered!


Either they Don’t have the Means, Time or the Willingness to pick-up the Fight to reach their plans

OR Believing they’d Never Reach there –

THUS, why would they Actually go at it, to begin with? ? ?


BUT here’s another Idea as well,

Let say that within the Group of You,

Enjoying the New Year –

Someone came up with the Idea that ALL of you stand together to Name Your own

New Year’s Resolutions…


This could be Nice,

Everyone there and then has a few Ideas.

THE ONLY problem here is – IF this was done a Few Years ago;

Just HOW can it be Possible that Everyone around you is Making New Ones every Year since then;

When they’ve NOT even Reached their Original ones they’d Made… Way back when?


If this makes ANY Kind of Sense,

Just think of this as well,

AS soon AS anyone You know makes Another set of new resolutions,

NEVER having either Tried or Worked at the First or Original ones –

They’re Lying to themselves.


This now becomes a Trend,

Being VERY happy at Making those Resolutions


Never actually reaching them


Worried that they’d not get there OR Fail trying!


How can You, They or Them want to Reach something a-new,

When You’ve never OR half-tried, reaching the Original ones…


Here I believe… You SHOULD rather say;

You’ll do whatever you can,

For as LONG as you have to,

Reaching where and what You’d Resolve to do.


The People who Plan ahead,

Work toward their Goals Year in AND out,

Those are the ones who would Far more Easier Reach theirs,

If you do it in the Moment – it would easily become something to Give-up when You need to do so.


Working every day at this,

Improving on Yourself and Planning well ahead in time,

I’d rather say this could or would be a much better way of doing what you need to Start and Finish.


THINGS which aren’t Well Planned and

Thought through – they stand the Chance at falling apart.

So, be Mindful of what You’d like to Proclaim to the World at Large,

Not giving Yourself a real Chance in reaching them,


Rather Plan well ahead, taking it One Step at a time,

Seeing where you can get to and work Steadily at it,

Reaching Your Resolution…

Not just in the Moment, but Reaching it Somewhere down the Line in Your own Life.


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