FOUR Points For Change.


Some time ago I joined one of my Sisters,

Attending a Church Sermon.

What I took away from there, is what I’d like to share here.


The invited Speaker that night, having spent some time in the Vicinity;

Dr. Gustav du Toit


The Ironic fact is, most of what he told the Congregation were things (Points) which I’d been working either toward or using as stepping stones in reaching further than where I’m at this very moment.


Thus, this is my little part in helping or supporting or sharing this Insight which I’ve been living; without having put it into Words – STRANGE at that,

Seeing that I’m a writer after all…


To make a Change in Your life, if and when you’d like to do so;

YOU need to be the Person working at it, doing what you can in making this Happen.

There’s no easy fix to this and like Most of the worthwhile things in Life – require hard work!


Within this, there are Four points or steps you can use as Guidelines to make Your plans or Change, work out better for you.

I may not remember them in the Correct sequence, but you need to do more than just Remember them – You need to use these Ideas, if they Can work for you…


Try Something New in Your Life:

This one would walk Hand-in-Hand with fear. As doing something new in your life also constitute taking that Risk of doing something other than what you’re used to OR getting out of your Comfort Zone and doing the hard work at doing something New – as well as dealing with the Positive and Negative Consequences.

Positive consequences – very much so, If and when you do Reach that milestone or whichever plan comes to term; you Could lose yourself and forget where you’d come from.

Anyone can fall prey to such a situation.

But NOT trying is Much Worse!


Never be Fearful at taking a Chance:

No matter what you’d like to do, if You don’t put on the Pants and dress of that Success, No matter what you’re aiming at;

Just who would do that for you?

I cannot Ever promise you that if you do take the Chance, doing something New – that it would work out and You’d have Everything You’d wished for.

That, no one can say. Not even sure if that’s where Your path would lead. But, at least you’re doing something More with your life than just the Normal Mundane Existence…



Never be Fearful of making Mistakes:

Every single Person around you, in your life and who you’d Ever met so far, have all made Mistakes. Got fired, lost a Client or so many other things had happened.

The Question isn’t IF you’d make them, but what would you Learn from your Own Mistakes?

Even MORE so, if you know of Someone who had Reached where they’d Aimed to go to,

What can you Learn from them in Reaching Your new path or dream, laid out for you?

Only when you get up, get Going would you Know and See where this Path of yours would lead to. Then as well, You’d Never Ever know who it is out there, who would One day be Looking at Your Journey and learn from how you did it…

It’s all Relative.


Never Back-Down under Pressure:

This one is also part of the Fearful situation. AND yes, I cannot even Imagine what the next person Might be going through.

Nor would they know what You’d experience and what Trials You’d be going through.

But, if you Do give-up under that Pressure and allow Your fears to dictate what You’d be willing to do, Giving-Up will never allow you to reach your Full Potential.

Pressure, Suffering, Hard Work, being Tested – that’s all the things which happen to Prepare you for what will come After this Test, you may be enduring, going through…

We’re Always confronted with something we can Deal with AND if it does get the Better of you, Learning to Ask for help from those you Can lean on – that’s a Test in humility in itself.


There they are,

The ONLY thing that can help with all of this,

If you are Willing and Ready to help yourself.

Looking to Others for Help can be a Possibility –

The ONLY issue here, if they do Help you and You’re Unwilling to put the Effort in for Your own Life…


Change is Scary,

BUT for me, Not taking that Chance If and When it does arise for you,

THAT the Worse kind of Fear a Person can live with.


Use Your life and talents to do something more,

NOT saying You’d Change the World,

But show the Others, Rest of the People around you –

LIVING is far More Important that just Surviving…

staying there, because of Your Indifference to your own life…


It’s a struggle for each and Every one of us.

Never Ever give up on what is Worth to You!


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