The Sweet Smell of SENSES.


With Us having a Drought over the last few Months,

The difference with the RAIN we’ve been Having the last few weeks,

Was FAR Better than most People would have thought before all of this!


While I was either on my way Home or at Home already,

I cannot tell you right now…

ALL I can Really Remember WELL – was that Smell!



I caught the Smell of the Coming Rain for the Night.

It felt Toxic in a Good way!

Especially when it was Gone for such a LONG-Long time!


HERE again, another Thought hit me;

When I was a Little One,

First You’d smell the Rain – that Freshness to come, in the Air.


BUT then, after that had happened;

HOW many other times did you Smell something interesting,

Good, Clean, Healthy?


What I can Remember as a Child,

When the Rains had subsided –

I’d also LOVE the Smell that I got from the Soil or Ground,

Especially when it had just stopped Raining…


When that Clean water had just Soaked the ground,

Just after it had just dropped below the surface and the Ground itself smelling Fresh!


IN this way as well,

I can remember at times when you Smell the Aroma of Freshly cut Grass,

Something which had grown naturally or was Healthy as well.

The Grass just got some different kind of Smell,

NOT even talking about the Smell you get from it After it had Rained.


Yet, that would also be a Different smell altogether…

The Just cut Grass had got a different smell to it again.


THIS led me to the Thought,

Many times over we See or Hear a Character speak on the Telly

OR in a Movie about the Correlation between what we Sense and our Memories.


This might be a FUNNY one,

When you had just Eaten and THEN smell the aroma of a JUST baked Bread,

Warm and Fresh… Makes you Crave it even though You weren’t Hungry!


Whenever we See, Hear or Smell – Touch doesn’t play that much a Great part,

But it does…

Yet again, is and when these Senses Trigger together;

Imagine the Multitude of Memories which are Connected with Our Senses and Just where they may take us at Any given moment.


Enjoy Your Senses,

Make the Most of the Memories which comes with them,


Enjoying sharing all of this with Everyone You may come across!


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