An IRRELEVANT Disappointment…


I had this Post in mind for a while now.

Having a few Others in-line to be Shared – gave me a bit of time,

Getting the Idea just Right…


THEN it Mutated in the time I re-evaluated it!


So here’s where it Began.

I was Watching the Television Series,

The Last Ship

As well

Fringe Season 5.


In the Last Episode of The Last Ship (Season 2),

What the Creators choose to do,

I suspected Affected MANY of their Fans in a Terrible way.


To say the least,

Since I’d bought Season FIVE and the last Season of Fringe –

I found a Terrible situation within the Storyline in the Season,

So much so, Having had this Last Season,

In Six Months I’ve not Finished it…

Not even Passed by this Episode I’d really HATED what Happened!


This is REALLY Interesting if you Think about this,

WHY is it that Television or even Films Affect us as much as they do,

For the Better / Good of all of us OR for the Worst / Bothersome on the Opposite side of the Coin?


I’d say that IF and When the Film Makers,

Creative People do their Jobs well,

We see ourselves OR Imagine ourselves in their Possible Prediction.

We ENJOY that those Characters do what they do

Succeed when they DO and Enjoy what they can do,

When our Lives Might be Limited in some ways…


It REALLY doesn’t matter in whichever way this fall Short for us,

What I again Thought and saw,

When Our Idols – Heroes or Influencers FALL from Grace,

In whichever Arena they are in;

We Regard at this Fall from Grace; Very Personally!


In some ways It’s Understandable,

Parents most times Lives Vicariously through their Children…

What not to say, Living and Dreaming through the On-Line lives

Of Our Heroes and Beloved Characters?


This lets me Think back on a Movie of

Clint Eastwood – Trouble With The Curve…


The Youngish Mexican-American boy told Eastwood’s On-Screen Daughter,

It’s Just a Game.

She smiled and agreed.


Thus, here’s my Other thought on this;

Yes it’s Hard and Necessary to find out Why things had gone Bad,

Never Knowing if the Person Disappointing you,

Dragged Anyone else down Along with them?


Not only this,

When Someone,

No matter Who they are,

Betray you and Lie… that Shatters our Ideas, Thoughts, and Hopes Connected to this Person!


We want to KNOW how this Could have happened,

SEE if this could Help Others not Falling in the Same kind of trap,

HOPE that nothing could Break the Heroes and Idols still Untainted out there.


But ONE thing everyone else Forgets,

We’re ALL Only Human and that’s the Long and Short of this.

ALL of us can Make Millions of Mistakes during our Lives…


NOT saying to Let Em’ off the Hook!

BUT, when Things aren’t REALLY directly impacting You, Me or Them;

What gives US the Right to believe that we Should take their Fall so Personally?



We cannot believe what We just Heard or what this Person had done,

BUT the One thing we Regularly forget –

Walk a MILE in their Shoes and You’d SEE their World from Your Own Perspective.


Everyone can make Mistakes,

Everyone can Fall from Grace,

But as long as it doesn’t Affect You directly…

What gives US the right to Believe it’s an Injustice, Directed at US Specifically?


IF Only we Learn from the Mistakes of Others,

If ONLY we See what their Lives are and What we didn’t know,

If ONLY we didn’t ALLOW this Situation in whichever way it is,

Affect us At THIS Level –

We’d SEE just how many Mistakes we’d make-a-long OUR own way.


IF only we didn’t Believe, Feel and Imagine that their Mistakes

Are Directly Related to US,

THINKING that them being Human is SUDDENLY not Possible for Them to do something Different from what We Believe “them to have to be…”


It’s THEIR Lives,

Their Mistakes,

Their Choices and

If they TRY to make Amends,

THEIR Right as well to Change their ways.


The Same goes with the Creators of whichever Program, Movie or Series,

Our Heroes or Idols –

WHO is out there, trying to do the Right thing?

Even though that doesn’t Compute and Eventually becomes Wrong,


Are their Own Persons,

LIKE all of Us,

Having the Chance at Making Mistakes,

Don’t have to Take this kind of Issue as a Personal Attack on Us…


The ONLY reason we May know about this,

It’s General Knowledge either for US or THEY may be Known well Enough.

BUT that still Do Not give us the Right to believe that Their Mistakes, Choices or Plans should REALLY Affect us on THIS Personal Level.


IF that Person or Choice Slapped You in the Face,

Then it’s just something we’re Privy to,

Seeing they’re Known on the International Level.


Being Human can Lead All of Us in making Mistakes,

THE only time we can REALLY be upset,

When this Issue or Mistake they make, don’t lead THEM to ask for Forgiveness,

ACTING as if, when found in the Wrong – they still believe They’ve NOT made any Mistakes or Try to Rectify their Errors…


If we see them Human Beings as Fragile and SEE them having Remorse,

Understanding that We weren’t the ONES in control of their Lives,

BUT see they can Make as many Mistakes –

We Might see it as a Learning Curve; “It’s Just a Game…”


Then we Could far Easier Accept Their Failure and

Learn to see Issue for ourselves, Way ahead of time,

The Question of it All would be…

What Would YOU do?


If Others takes Your Mistakes as Personal as some Fans take these from their Heroes – JUST how hard would you say would it take

NORMAL People, getting past this and start dealing with what MIGHT have Happened,

Learning to make Better Choices in the Long run?


Life isn’t easy in the least bit!

It’s worth it, every Moment, Second and Chance we get,

Being better than we were before….


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