A Welcome HELPING Hand!


As EVERYONE, I’d suspect, knows that Last Week I didn’t Post a thing on my Page.

The IRONY is that my Technology didn’t play its Part here.

NOT only did I borough my Sister’s Laptop,

BUT I had an Issue with my Own Backup Laptop, I bought for the Reason of Using it ONLY for the Internet…


This affected me because SOMEONE I’d ask for help,

I’ll not say who that is – Seeing I’m not in the Business to play Murphy…

BUT this Person will Eventually find just how much Life can Bite down on you!


Beyond that,

I’d handed in my PC so the Company where I’d bought my Screen Card can SEE why it is that it’s NOT playing along…

UNTIL Now they’ve Not figured out the Long Term answer to this Issue.

At least They’d Try to help.


After my Friend tried helping,

I dropped off the Laptop with him,

Willing and Determined to help me.

Seeing we’ve known each other for a Few Years by now.

Bonito, aka Mr. INTELLECTUAL MEDIA – it’s his name, did Manage to help me out;

Figuring out this issue on my Laptop.



Here is my Second Post for the Day,

Showing my Thanks as Adding this Image for All to see,

Spreading the Word that he’s got his Own Business and is more than Able and Willing to help you out,

Especially when you need Help in these various areas.


  1. Business Development
  2. Accounting
  3. Information and Communications Technology
  4. Branding


If any of you do Need some Assistance within any of these Areas,

You can either look at the Information on the Image,

Or you can always visit the website:




OR SMS the word “Success” to 43366 and they’d get back to you when you leave your

Name and e-mail so they can contact you.


Take it from Me,

What I was assisted with,

You’ll be happy and get Results for what You’d need.


Happy to share the Expertise and Insight of Others’,

Willing to help Anyone willing to either Ask for it

OR take the Help they can get.


Thank You for All Your Support for Me as well!


Have a G8T One!


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