That UNYIELDING Support…


I Recently heard from a VERY POSITIVE person,

Having Seen and Heard, how Others Perceive this Person as being Upbeat and Positive,

Which is a Really Cool and Refreshing Idea and Thought…


So this Lead me to Wonder,

If and when that Person needs a Pick-Me-Up,

Where exactly do We Usually go to get that Kind of Positive Injection?


Then Yet another question hit me as well,

Wherever They did get that Injection or Recharge of Positivity;

How does this Person or Place or Situation get Themselves, Itself or Whichever it may be –

Charged so Positively as well?


It makes me Think of Our Cellular-phones,

With the Technology out there,

You can Charge an External Battery and then when You need it,

Charge your phone so that it get a Boost when you need the Phone’s battery to Last even longer…


Thus it Stands to Reason,

As with Batteries and US, We need to Replenish almost Everything in Our Lives –

That Continuous Recurring Event…

AND so, the very same Question;

Wherever You, Me, They go to – Getting that Much-needed Boost in whichever Way we need it,

That Person, Place, Situation…

Where do THEY get their Positivity Replenished?


This Might not be as Big an Issue as I suspect it could be,

BUT, there’s the Rub as well;

Like in our Natural Resources –

We as a Species Continually USE and Take almost everything for Granted,

BUT, do we Really think of more than just Ourselves?


Positivity can probably be found; in Today’s Day in Age; within various areas and means.

As I mentioned, there are Those Positive influences around us;

And it’s just here where We mostly DON’T see the Issue and Problem,

OVER Using that Resource could also Corrupt it…


We can Use a variety of Actions in Boosting ourselves;



Spending time with Family / Friends

Going to Church

Relaxing with a Good Book or Movie

Having a Good rest / sleep


It doesn’t really Matter what we Do or Need to do,

As long as You’re Weighing down that Positive Aspect of your life,

You, Me, We could Miss-use that Lucky Instrument.


In MOST of the Movies and Series, I’ve seen and had Obviously come to Realize – Other’s cannot Make us Happy,

They can ONLY assist in Your Happiness.


If we cannot See, Know or Understand what makes Us Happy – Positive toward our Own lives,

How can Another; pull you Up from that Place, Spot, Position where we’re Stuck in Despair and HOPE they’d know how to Help US out of it,

If you cannot even See the Positivity of Our Own Lives ourselves?


Thus, there’s another Thought;



We may have that Lucky Penny (Six Pins None The Richer) which can Help us in getting over that Normal Human emotion of Despair – Unhappiness;

BUT Always look beyond Yourself as well,

However you do Reach that Positive Plato,

Remember how you got there and Understand,

There’s only So much We can Absorb or Take or Borrow from Another place,


Seeing that This place of Goodness, Happiness, Positivity, Lucky, Optimism also needs to Replenish themselves, itself and however you’re at.


Not to say it’ll be Okay to use it once in a while,

But it’s also a Common aspect of Humanity –

We Regularly forget that Other’s need this Positivity themselves,

Even if they do Help you, me, us;


No one is a Rock all of the time.

Consider Others’ as well…


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