Pain – the UNFORTUNATE name of the Game.


As of very recently I’ve had the UNLUCKY situation with one of my Teeth,

Obviously, you can Imagine that I’ve been having Toothaches


Again I looked at pain in general.


I do get the idea that when Nerves gets Irritated or even Damaged,

We know of the pain.

You might even have Physically injured yourself to feel the Pain or get that reaction from your body.


Yet I have a very Disturbing question,

This has happened to me over the months and years, gone by and it’s just a very Weird way in which OUR minds and bodies work.

With the Tooth, I’ve been woken by it, the Pain I mean, Especially when I have to visit the Toilet and I’m sleeping so Deeply that my Brain and Body works together in waking me…


In the Other instances, I’d dreamt that there was Someone in my Place and I’d wake Lightning fast from whichever dream I was having!


But now,

Coming back to the aspects of Pain and what we Feel or what You suspect could be coming.

Yes… that’s a Thing as well!


It is Called the Psychology of Pain.

We know it might be coming; For instants, those amongst us would HATE needles or when you go to the Dentist, that Drill they may use.

This causes you Additional stress and feelings of Fear for what will be coming – ideas and feeling which can fall in these Categories: vicious, nauseating, nagging pains, burning, irritating…


THUS, pain isn’t just the Physical aspect thereof,

We in our Minds makes this even Worse when we KNOW something is coming and it could Affect us in a Physical manner or way.

THEN the pain would be so much more Intense for you.


Most of all the Systems in our Bodies are the same.

They don’t Change over time in their Function,

The Brain

The Spinal Cord

The Dorsal Horn

The Sensory Nerve

The Nerve Cells

The Neurotransmitters

Our Motor Nerve…

All of them must stay the same and work in the very same manner,

Sending message up and down the Spinal Cord and the Nerve Sensors,

BUT when you Feel anxiety – Everything would be So much Worse at the end of the Day!


In most instances, the Body reacts and through the use of Long Nerve Fibres, the Brain sends messages, that the pain in the various areas to decrease.

Our bodies have the function to heal itself and also stop the pain, BUT in many instances, the various Medications just assist the Pain or Damage to be repaired faster.


Some time ago I’d injured my Elbow and found that the percentage of Chemical my body would disperse would in due time heal itself.

I’d try to buy the Medication with the same Chemical quantity included in its make-up,

That didn’t work because it wouldn’t have helped.

I did take some Medication as with moment with my Elbow I got a reminder not to Over Exert myself.

Well enough, and yet – I cannot tell you when it did happen that I didn’t feel the Irritation in my below go away.


Our Bodies are made to Heal itself IF you give it the time it will need to do so.

Then as well, IF your Doctor tells you to take it Easy and You don’t,

There’s not Medication for Stupidity…

I KNOW, I did listen to my Back Surgeon – Specialist,

Was it not for my Osteoporosis I’d have only ONE back Operation.

Taking the Prescribed Medications and doing what He told me to do,

I’m Still going strong and not possibly in a Wheelchair!


In many of the Films, they do say,

“If you still feel the pain, it’s a way in which Your body tells you; You’re still alive…”

And yet, doing things correctly, you don’t have to be Burdened by that pain and Can do what the Specialists tell you when you can – to live as Normal life as possible.


Physical Pain is like Physical Problems,

We can deal with them…

Mental Pain is like Mental Issues,

The Question is this – are you going to face yours to deal with them and live a fuller, better life?


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