Too ACTIVE for Our Own GOOD!


This last week I’ve been running at Work so hard,

My Mind had not really Settled when I got home and

There’s just so much time which Passes before We do it all over again!


I’ve been so Busy with what I had to do,

I’ve not even THOUGHT about something to put up on this Post…

That’s saying FAR too much actually!


Then I once more Heard this song and I’d understand just how Important this is,

Even though we may be Really Busy during the day or the week;

It is an ABSOLUTE need for us to Try and switch off after you Finished work!


I Believe that this isn’t as Easy as I may write here


That we do try to reach that Point of Relaxation,

Seeing there’s Far Too much happening around us!


You’ve got a Life at Home beyond Your work and

When you’ve got a Partner, Wife, Husband AND Kids,

All of them need some of Your Time and Attention…


We cannot Make the Mistake in Deprive them from that,


One thing I’ve come to Realize the Past week,

IF you can Create Yourself a Rhythm when You arrive home


You do explain this to those around you,

THIS can help you Relax and You can help them Out Far more Effectively than what You’d have done if you didn’t Relax.


A Warm Bath


Having that nice Glass of Wine


I’d love my Cup of Coffee


Then I do Truly Enjoy Listening to that Song

Music in general which put you in the Phase to Relax…


My Latest Singer / Songwriter I’ve found


Picked up from the TV Series – Suits,

Sharon Van Etten…

AND the Song I cannot get Enough of,

LISTENED to it while I was Getting this Post done…

“People Ain’t No Good”

The Suits TV Series Song,

“Pay My Debts”


The FACT of the Matter is,

I watch a Great Deal of TV Series,

THOSE which I really Enjoy I can Start from Season ONE

If I do have them and ENJOY watching them again.


IF not then I do Watch many a Movie,

As well as NEED the Sounds of Soul in my Ears when I do write…

WHY I’m telling you this,

YOU Cannot Relax and Find Yourself before the Next workday,

If You don’t know HOW to truly Relax Yourself and KNOW

What would work for you…


I’ve Mentioned this before,

But with the Week being SO Hectic for me,

Relaxation is Far more Important that Any of Us can easily believe.


Whatever you Need to do,

When You’re in a Better Spot,

Then those around you Who would NEED that as well,

You can Cope better at Helping them out as well…


Take the time to Help Yourself and then,

Take the time in Helping Them as well.


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