I’ve really started Writing, being Creative the last Year of High School,

I cannot remember if I’d mentioned this beforehand,

Yet very interesting, this Idea that got Caught in my Mind…


When I initially started with My Life’s Journey,

I started writing in Afrikaans – the language I’d been Raised in AND

I’ve never really been good at School in Grammar in Either Afrikaans or English.

That had to Change over time and I’d worked at it as well!


I’ve used my Mother’s Typewriter and Learn a little bit there,

But only when I got Really into Computers

AND even more so the Day I’d bought my First Natural Keyboard.


I started working on many Short Stories in Afrikaans and

Even wrote my First Novel in Afrikaans,

There’s supposed to be three in the Trilogy!


Now comes the Very interesting Addition to this,

Something everyone might find Somewhat amusing, I suspect…


In the English Language, I’d written a good many Short Stories as well,

Some of them have been Placed here on this Site as well,

And only MUCH later did I venture into writing my First English Novel of a few to come after that well.


By now I’d learned to use my hands Fully in Typing and even on a Normal Keyboard,

Which Actually turns out to be Really Irritating,

I can Type pretty well.


Over the past few years ( 24 ) there about,

I’ve learned to do this much better I really Hope,

AND the last few years at that – My work had switched over to English only…


SO, here comes the Interesting situation I’d been dealing with the Past few weeks within my Creativity and my work I’d do in Private.


I’ve entered into a Competition, In my Raised Language…

That would Mean, I’ve had to write work in Afrikaans and there’s been a few

Projects I had to do in this way!


Not ONLY do I have to concentrate harder in Writing Afrikaans,

But while I’m working on the English Screen Writing Program,

It doesn’t Recognize Afrikaans as a Usable Language within the Program!


I have almost every word in this Document and on the Screen Underlined in RED,

The Program doesn’t Recognize it AND worse is,

I cannot find the Addition to this Program to Upload Afrikaans into the Operating System for this Screenwriting Program use.

I MUST say that It’s a really Cool program to use and I do Enjoy using it!


Now then,

When I read through this Document or make sure that My Thoughts or Ideas are clearly stipulated in what I want to say or mean,

In Re-reading this Document, I do find there are Mistakes!


Mistakes which are MOST of them,

The English substitute of the Afrikaans word!


That Could almost be Muscle Memory or Brain Trained Memory…

I have absolutely NO idea about this one!



I have to concentrate these days when I’m writing in Afrikaans,

Even as little as an e-mail,

Watching that I don’t as Easily as 1,2,3…

Substitute an English word for an Afrikaans one, while I’m writing the mail or whichever Document!


This lead me to THINK not only of Work,

But when we have a Change in the Year,

How often it’s happened that You’ve used the Previous Year’s number incorrectly,

OR when you Change work, falling into the Rut at doing something differently because a Position You’ve held for such a LONG time?


I’m just curious,

How often do we Automatically do something,

Without even knowing that it’s not the way and it’s because You’ve done this thing for such a Long-Long time?


Interesting how Long it takes us to get that Down,

Learning this Specific Skill maybe

AND then you learn something new

AND this gets switched with the Previous thing you’ve learned… so you need to Unlearn it in effect…


As far as I can Remember,

We learn on BAD Habits over a Period of Two Weeks;

What would they say about me,

Thinking in ONE Language and Writing these Ideas in a Totally different one,

Just how long would it take for me to Learn to do that properly…

ONE of the reasons to Check the Document before I do anything with it!


Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Eat, Sleep, Repeat…

ONLY when I do work in Afrikaans,

There’s Bound to be a good Many English words in between;

IRONICALLY – not so the Other way round, though?


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