There are Regular incidents where we have Issues and Problems with Insects which come and Disturb us in our Homes, Apartments or places of Work.


The IRONIC fact is this;

There had been Natural and Instinctual areas for these Insects to live and thrive,

Long before we arrived at the SPOT where We decided to Live and Build our Homes…


So, as a Matter of Fact;

We are the Ones who First came to Invade their Habitat and became a Pest to them before they could Ever become one to us!

The ONLY difference is this, They cannot kill all of us as We use various Poisons to deal with the various Infestations of these Insects…


I’m living on the First Floor of an Apartment Building,

We had a few years ago,

A Cockroach problem, when One of the tenants Died.

As far as I know there were a lot of insects in their Apartment on the ground floor and from there, the insects became an Issue for most of the other Tenants.


I eventually Found the Correct Poison and combination of how to deal with this Infestation and Until Now I’ve not had any such issues with them.


I do have the Problem with Ants at this point
AND there are small Red Ants between them!


I’ve been bitten by a few Ants and over the past few Weeks have tried a few things in getting this Current Problem under control.

In the Picture I’ve taken, corresponding with this Post – there’s the Antrap and Blue Death,

Having some Sticky kind of Poison inside it.


As you can see, when You do open the three holes,

Placing the Containers where they Could be the Most effective is a very good idea,

That as well as Not moving them around too much –

Even if they work within a few hours, when You do move them, the Ants which had been dealt with in the Previous area, Could and Would Probably come back…


As with Animals,

I’ve come to once more Realize, even Insects have their own Natural Instincts.


This I’ve seen as you’d as well within the Picture.

The Ants comes along, taking the Poison to the nest – BUT,

When the Ants, in general, Realize that there’s a Problem,

They do all they could – especially those NOT affect for the time being by the Poison,

DO what they Can in blocking the holes so that the Other Ants which don’t know about this


Cannot get to the Poison and doing so,

They save as many Ants as they could.


I received Two of these white Containers with the Poison in,

Sticky and Sweet to them I suppose,

And I can tell you that I’ve opened both Containers even more so that they’d still be as Effective as they can be,

Seeing that this closing and blocking notion happened to Both the Containers…



When you are dealing with Whichever Infestation,

From whichever Insect it may be,

Remember, they as well as Animals also use Instincts and or Even Inherited Knowledge or Information from their Species which had died because of the Poisons We might have used.


In the same way almost a Virus inside the Human body and mutate and become resistance to the Medication which we use in Treating the Infection.

I cannot say that there’s Knowledge or such passed on to the Insects to come afterward or not,

But I do know that not ALL the poisons sometimes work on the various Insects.


Either they’re might not be Affected by it,

OR they might even steer clear of this Problem facing them.


I do know that sometimes we do Struggle to find the Best way at dealing with the Infestation and the Question I’d like to ask here;

If the first Treatment A,B,C Poison worked on the Infestation,

Why is it NOW that You have to look at X, Y, Z to do the same trick…


Coming to the Second Item in the Picture,

I’ve heard about this one from one of the Ladies working with me,

Telling me that this would work in getting rid of the Ants as well;

This had an effect on them, but I cannot say that the Nest is still intact and they’d not return again…


LASTLY, When I spoke to my Mother she told me from what She’d learned from her Mother, that Ants dislike the Smell or Taste of Baby Powder.

I can attest to this IF there’s not Baby to have this Powder used on them,

Smelling this without Reasonable understanding why –

It COULD do the trick on the Ants…


By now I’m at Full Blast War against the Infestation,

NOT entirely Sure which of the Three would work the Best,

But I also KNOW that there’s a difference at the Migration of the Ants into the Rest of the Apartment… We’ll just have to see!


I might be Grasping at Straws,

So here’s the MOST important Idea of all;

If and when You’re dealing with some kind of Infestation,

When You find something that works,

Make SURE to kill the Entire Nest,

Because when they come back and have that Immunity,

Their Offspring Could as well


That would Become REALLY hard in dealing with them,

Than you’d have found beforehand…


Just something to think about.


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