Personal SPACE…


Very Recently I’d found that within the Idea of Relaxing,

Shaking off the Dust of the Day’s work,

We need some Space either at Work and at Home, in Your life all around.


We I spoke to a Client the other day it Struck me,

He walked up to me, greeting as we’d do Usually,

But this person had no Inclination of stopping until he stood almost Right on top of me.


I must admit if it’s an Attractive woman in minds Eyes,

That wouldn’t be an Issue – But I’m not interested in men;

THUS it felt VERY uncomfortable when this Man stood so close to me.


Being Taller as I recall, he literarily stood a Head taller than I do;

Looking at the Cars we had on the floor –

I saw my moment and stepped back only Half a foot…


If You did this and Stood back TOO far,

People who mostly don’t get the idea of that Personal Space would ONLY

Step forward again and You’re idea in having some Breathing space will be Null and Void!


I DO GET the idea at not being Overpowered by their Lack of understanding this Space,

But if you do this very Subtly, You can help yourself out in making this feel much better.

SO, do not Move too much AND obviously, NOT when they can See you doing it!


This person Might take offense even if You feel somewhat Uncomfortable

They Might think there’s something else wrong and If they’re sensitive to this,

They’d take real Offence here!


Another place where I’d seen this,

While we were Helping one or more of the Clients with their Cars,

EVEN when I had something done for myself,

No matter which Item you’d take to any Technician,

Have a look, the MORE difficult or Consuming the work would be,

THE more People working on something need to Concentrate…


THUS, the Client Might fear that the Technician Might make a Mistake,

In this Case, they WANT to See what is being done,

KNOWING some of what is being done OR none at all!


Looking at this in another way,

UNLESS something is Done to you,

Hair, Nails, Tatoo, Suite Fitting, Shoe Fitting or such,

THE more you can Hang around that Person who is working on Your item(s),

The LONGER it would take AND there’s also the Chance for them Making a Mistake along the

way as well!


It would All depend on what You do for a Living,

BUT, looking at this in Yet another way,

If YOU don’t like someone Looking over your shoulder all the time while You’re busy working or Fixing something for another Person,

Just how do you Think would things go when you do it to Them?


Especially in this regard,

When you Expect them to Fix or Do something which You don’t have the Expertise in doing


Unwillingness in doing this, Rather paying someone to get that Done…


This Personal Space isn’t just Exclusive to the Workspace,

This can be in Our personal Lives,

At our Homes when we have Guests,

When we’re Shopping


When we’re trying Desperately to pick that One person Up for something nice…


WILLING and Able to see this,

Can help you out of a Few very Unfortunate Situations,

IF ever you care about it…


It May not always be so Easy with this in mind,

But as soon as You feel Uncomfortable,

Imagine what the Other’s around You might feel when You’re in their Space,

THUS, you can Always see how they may React to you,

If and When you react the same way When You’re in the very same spot as You might put others.


That’s just the Rub,

Either some people KNOW they’re doing this,

No matter when or where,

Some people don’t care, don’t know, don’t realize


They might even Use this to their Own Advantage…


Just be mindful of how People around you May React to you,

Especially when you Expect it the least,


Everyone differs, THUS – someone might just Think and Behave different from Us,

That’s NOT to say they’re being Rude;


They might just Need a Bit more of that Personal Space in doing what they Normally do…


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