Expect the UNEXPECTED!



Over a Weekend a bit back, I had to jump in my Car,

Drive to where the Person was, STUCK next to the Road,

Helping them out with this Issue of a Flat Tire…


The IRONY here is, they’d had more than Enough time to get their Current Spare sorted out AND then the Wheel which they were using… as well…

ONLY as Life would have it,

We don’t always get to Everything we intend to get to!


I had to Pick-Up someone they were on the way to go Fetch,

THUS, I got a Passenger showing me the Way in getting to the Collection.

While we were doing this, at the Filling Station, I started there, asking if Someone could help us out with the Flat Tire.


ONE Major Issue that I found very fast and easy,

This Wheel wasn’t as Normal,

It wasn’t a Tubeless wheel on the Car…


There was a Tube inside the Tire like a Normal Bicycle You’d ride at some point!


This now Created me Yet Another Problem which I had to deal with!

Not only is it NOT that easy to take a Car Tire off the Rim under normal Circumstances,

BUT as well – If I wasn’t able to change the wheel from Tube to Tubeless,

There was very Little for me to do in helping out with this!


Then, the Next issue was this,

At almost 10 o’clock at night, 22:00 –

There are only So Many places open which Can or Would help you with something as Tiresome As sorting out a Flat Tire on a Passenger Car!


We stopped,

After Picking up the next Set of Passengers,

At no less than ( 5 ) Garages – Filling Stations along the way Back.


We were Very Lucky at last finding one Man willing and Able to help us,

IRONICALLY – at the beginning, he didn’t care for any Assistance,

But the LONGER we were busy,

The later and Busier they became at the Garage,

He Finally needed me to Help him out with some of the Work on the Tire / Wheel.


There were numerous Questionable people at the Station,

Drinking and being Happy on a Saturday Evening;

BUT what I found and Picked up on very fast and Easily,

The THREE gentlemen – Probably having had something to drink,

Were Holding-up (sitting) the ATM.


While I waited to see what this Man could do for us,

I realized that the Three men sat there –

Effectively Blocking the Way to the ATM for anyone who needed money.


I Heard one of them Say they would Negotiate TERM for the Clients of the Bank to withdraw Money from this Machine,

IF they got their Cut.


They didn’t get ANYONE to “Bite” on this and

Neither did the Tire / Wheel look that Promising to us either,

Yet – this man willing to Help us was still Looking what he could do.


The Three idiots at the ATM got Chased off by some People,

Bigger than they were and More in Numbers…

I think they just Tried their luck at seeing what they could manage,

Not that it really Helped them in the least bit!


AFTER we tried Patching the Tire itself,

This man told me that we needed to See and try to Fix the Tube itself;

THUS – he got busy with that and found there were THREE punchers.


By now I was pretty Tired and kept a close eye on what was going on around me at this Filling Station.

In all this time the Man had to Assist their Clients as well,

Still doing his Job while we waited.


Luckily for Us,

He worked Faster than I would have!

Not only that – I now saw what I’d have to do the Day I had to check something on such a Tire OR if needed be – do what I needed to,

Taking the Tire from the Rim to Replace it with another.


That’s all good and well;

JUST Remember, If you don’t Have the Correct Tools to try this,

Well, GOOD Luck with that one!


The Tire itself had FOUR Punchers and at Number TWO we weren’t able to Seal up the HOLE – which led the man to Patch the THREE punchers of the TUBE itself.

We had to discard the Valve he’d Fitted as it wouldn’t work with the Tube.


Now the Tube was inside the Tire and we needed to Look and be very careful,

Not to Pinch the Tube itself,

Then only steadily did the Man inflate the Tube itself inside the Tire.

I once more heard the Popping off the Tire-Wall jumping into its Groove – Which there are two

of them to Hear pop.

That was a Good sign!


He inflated the Tire more and My Goodness,

The Pressure and the Air inside stayed!


It wasn’t a Cheap Ordeal and it wasn’t Easy in the least bit!


So do make sure that Your Emergency items in Your Car are okay,

Seeing the car got stuck on the Highway at Night!


HELPING someone out is one thing,

Such Adventures at Night,

Witnessing other People’s Actions,

Unsure of what Could happen
AND Being Responsible for those with you,

In a possible Sticky Situation…

That’s NOTHING anyone should Have to OR Want to Write home about!


Do whatever you can in Keeping Yourself and Those around You Safe.


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