I’m in the Process of looking to Sell my Computer,

THUS, while my Oldest Sister many Moons ago worked on my PC,

When she and the Kids were here,

I saw how hard it was for Her to work with my Natural Keyboard.


In the Subsequent time,

I got a Normal and Cheaper new Keyboard with which I’d be Selling the PC

Keep the Lovely Natural Keyboard,

Working in conjunction with my Laptop,

When I need to do something…


The IRONY here is this;

She cannot and MOST people cannot easily work with Most Natural Keyboards

I cannot for the Life of me; work at Any Lengths with the Normal PC Keyboard,

Not even the Normal Keyboard of the Laptop either…


I’ve ONLY seen something Excessive,

In Keyboard wise, when I watched the Movie –

The Net; with Sandra Bullock.


I’d say it was Designed not to Allow the User trouble while in a Moving Vehicle,

Still able to connect with the PC or while Searching something on the Internet –


This time, it might have been Created for the MOVIE only –

Used by Extreme Hackers or something along those lines…

NOT entirely sure!


I’d searched the Internet to see if there was something like that,

Not that I found the same Keyboard which the Bad Guys were using,

While they tried to Hunt her down in the Movie…



Thinking of this and the Various other Positions and Jobs we have and do;

How many of us have to use some Additional kind of Tool or Learn something Additional as well, when We’re doing this specific Job ourselves.

OR Moving into a new position, section within the same Company?


How many of us have to Learn a new Skill in doing your Job,

Making sure that You’ll be able to do this Specific work or Keep on doing it,

Making sure that You’ll be paid and keep on doing this Specific Job until additional Plans can take you somewhere else?


Now then,

What do we need to Learn or Adjust our Mindset to,

Reaching our Additional Plans or Dreams or That Ultimate Job?


It’s never as easy as we may think,

Especially when we Most of the times Don’t Do our research into what we’ll need to know


Even if we, you, me did this – it’s not Always to say that we’re that Lucky in having the Tools at our Disposal in reaching further beyond ourselves.


The same as in with Training,

You cannot reach another Level of Fitness or another Plato of Physical Perfection,

When You’ve not mastered or Trained in sustaining where You’re at now.

If you don’t do the work, how could you go further without Harming yourself,

Pushing further or even Harder in becoming better?


It might be a Simple analogy,

But we have to Learn a new to reach further,

Especially in today’s day in age,

Having the Tools, Knowledge, and Abilities – the Passion in learning as much as we can,

BUT the willingness to do this as well, Is needed…


The moment You accept to First attain those Tools for the Next trade,

It’ll be much easier to reach ahead to that Position, Job, Career or Reach to that Dream,

Seeing that You’re willing and busy or even able, Learning what You’ll need to do that Job

Or working in that Industry…



The Biggest Tool you can Posses would be a Willing Spirit and

An Active Mind to take in as much as Possible for as Long as Possible,

Depending what You’ll need to do and Learn in doing what You must!


This may not even be for You to work or reach that Other position,

It could also be to stay where You are,

Seeing that we need to Learn and Grow each and every day,

Becoming a Better Version of ourselves, doing what we Love in a better way,

Thus doing what You’d like or want or love for that much longer and better…


I cannot remember for the Life of me who said this or where I heard it first:


A Brilliant Mind is a Terrible thing to Waste!


Thought I’d share this interesting concept Keyboard…

The Other one I couldn’t find an Image of…



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