The Truth, REALITY and the Unknown…

speak-your-truth 2

William Shakespeare had various Quotes:

This one is of direct value here –

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

– Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio.


I do my Utmost at keeping my Distance from Intense and the Repetitive, Continual arguments and discussions of things that we cannot Really See or prove correct or not…

NOT saying they might not be there, but I’ve seen Time and Energy been wasted on such issues that I cannot always discern between all of them – had either side come to any kind of Realization or better understanding;

From their point of view, before they started with this…?


Interestingly enough, if I take my Siblings and Me as almost a Case-study;

We grew up in the very same household and were in general Parameters,

Taught the very same set of Principals, Rules, and Ideas –

YET if you were to Chat with almost every one of us;

Each has their Own idea on various reasons for various things happening around Them, Us or in the World.


I can easily say that from the Age you grow up,

Starting to Reason for yourself,

You start also asking Questions.

Not saying this is wrong – but it’s not Always to say that You find the Correct People,

Giving you the Truth of the Matter.


Also herein, while You, Me, They grow up – a Great Deal of influence is Imprinted on Everyone with whatever Happens to Us during our Lifetimes.

THIS also shape our Idea, Thoughts, and Conclusions of Life in general!


How Everyone deals with Issues, Problems and Hurt within themselves would be the Emotional connection which drives them.

If People deal with these before they go Looking for Answers,

They Might just see things around them in A different light…

OR that could just be My thoughts on this.


Learning not Only who we are, but also what We’re looking for,

Especially the Answers which had been with us over the Years,

They Lead us on our Journey – Path and Road which in Most instances leads us to Whoever we may become or could have, meant to be.


I do not have ANY issue with anyone having to Learn or Walk their own Path,

BUT – I Really-Really do get Peeved when Everyone how Either HAD found that Insight

OR Believe they have –

Do not Allow Others to See and Learn their Light for themselves as well!


The IRONY here is this for me;

When People who Seek some kind of




OR Awakening if you’d like to call it that,

Into the Uncertainty within their Own Lives –

THEY most of the time believe that You, Me, Those Around them,

Who do not share this Newly-Found Knowledge,

Need the Insightful people to show you, me, them the New way…


No matter if We’re not Looking for this

Wisdom, Insight, Clarity or Knowledge –

In whichever direction this Should come to us;

Be it,





IF those who believe they’d found the Answers,

It’s not to say that Their Answers are the ones You’re looking for.


When You, Me, Them,

Cannot be allowed to Find or Struggle in finding those Answers we’re looking for Ourselves at our Own speed and pace;

Then I suspect the Insight or Wisdom or Answers,

These far more Knowledgeable People want to give you,

Push you toward, Would or Could be the Wrong ones for You, Me or them…


The Journey of Life is for Everyone of us making Mistakes,

Learning from them and Gaining insights from that for Ourselves;

BUT the Point where even WE want to Force our own Ideas, Thoughts, and Insights

On those around us – we Might just be at Fault for not allowing Them,

Doing this for Themselves… That is if the Person wants it that way?


There are FAR too much for Us not to know in this World,

Not to Understand and Comprehend as well,

YET, there are a Great Many people who seem to tell A Great Deal of others – they KNOW

And that you Should follow them, seeing they Know better than You do.

THIS could be Correct – seeing that I cannot say Yes or No to this Fact;

BUT I do have some Common Sense to KNOW that a Great Deal more about this Life

Had been hidden from Many of us for a Reason,

IF at the end of the Day you don’t feel Comfortable with the Teaching and Insights

Of Specific People or what they WANT you to believe –


TRUST your Instincts if you feel Uncomfortable… Instincts might be Far More Truthful to You than what Others’ Like You to believe…?!


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