Quit a While ago, while I was Heating up my Dinner in my Trusty ole’ Microwave,

For a very Brief moment, I saw what looked like a SPOT,

Something black in the Corner of the Microwave.


At the moment I placed the container with food inside, I didn’t really Catch it in its fullness and started the Machine.

When I did return, it was only Then I saw this little thing on the Other side of the Microwave,

Inside the very Microwave from which I’d removed the Container.


Whatever this was, I’d cleaned up this LITTLE spec and took out the Container.


The Interesting Idea which hit me while I was eating is, what I’m sharing here now…


When I prepare “Two Minute Noodles” as well as,

Weekly – I clean out the Microwave, Using it as Regularly as we do,

Was the ONLY reason I saw and noticed that spec inside it.


It wasn’t that Heavy seeing that I had moved from one side of the Microwave to the Other while the Machine was in use…

As I can recall it was at least one Quarter of my Pinky nail,

Nothing that big.


As I mentioned,

The ONLY reason this Phenomenon caught my Eye and Mind,

It had M O V E D!


That led me thinking of How this could have happened.

It could easily have been part of some Spices which had gotten out when the Food got that Warm and somehow ended up outside the Container.


I do eat Curry and Rice as well as a Pasta Mix regularly during the Week,

So this wasn’t the Issue at hand for me,

Seeing I cannot recall Right Now what it was when I cleaned it out,

What was Far More interesting to me was, the Method in which It was moved from

ONE side of the “Mickey” to the Other side!


This THOUGHT, I allowed to run its course,

I’m NO scientist and I’d suspect there had been a few times ANYONE reading my Posts could or would have Wondered just where the Wild Horses, sometimes Drag my Thoughts to…

The Belinda Carlisle – Wild Horses… HE, he, HE, he…


So here’s the Question I came up with;

What Actually happens inside the Microwave when It’s running.

Yes, Yes – I did write at least One Post in the Past about the Microwave;


This is a whole Different Idea!


What Kind of Action needs to take Place for any Particulate to be Moved from One side of the Microwave while it’s running to the Other side?


On more than One occasion I’ve heard the Lid pop open when the Steam pressure becomes more than the Container can Handle,

Because of the Heat as well as the Moisture or even Water which resides in the Food or such which is Warmed up,

Is released and THUS forces open the Lid.


Now then,

There’s the Turning Table – glass one in most Microwaves,

AND here comes my Interesting Idea…

It is moving continuously?


There’s the Vibration of the Movement of the Components of the Microwave as well,

Include the Food being Heated up and the Water, Vapor or Steam if you’d like,

Would Easily Fill the Microwave on the inside.


The turning Table either is Creating a wave by its Mere Motion


With the Watery Vapor escaping from the Container,

Depending on where and how it got open…


COULD it be possible that there’s a Very Small kind of Weird Atmospheric Phenomenon created inside the Microwave itself?


There could be a Wind or pressure of Some kind generated inside the Microwave,

Which allowed for that Particle to be move,

Included in this, the Vibration and the Heat inside the Microwave,

It’s is Entirely possible that all of these combined created JUST the perfect Circumstances

For what I’d seen to be possible.


I know we can SEE through the Door, mesh Window inside the Microwave;


If you’re not inside there –

Just how could we KNOW for sure if You were the Size of that Particle,

HOW would the Microwaves’ Action affect You, Me or Anyone else for that Matter,

If you were to be Caught inside a Microwave…

Rather – if you were Able to Survive it;

Just how would it feel like if the Machine was running, working?


OR – would it just be Ironic – something Freakishly funny happen,

For that Piece of whatever it was, to have moved from One side to the Other…

IF you’d read my Posts,

Short Stories


Some of the Book I’d place here,

I’d rather believe there’s Far More than Meets the Eye with this Machine…


Now there’s a far More Interesting Thought…


ALL those Mundane Machines we’re using at Some point during the Day,

What kind of Atmosphere or Effect would some of them have on us,

If and Whenever we could Experience them on a Much Larger Scale…


If we were to be much smaller…


Just think of a Tumble-dryer, a Vacuum-cleaner, what about a Washing Machine –

Automatic or the manual Double Barrel machine…


Just another One of my Weird thoughts!?


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