The Tasteless Displeasure of TIME…


WOW… if you were to say this a Few times TOO fast,

It could, might just as well Twist your tongue faster than You’d like it to.


Ironically for this,

Seeing the Representation of what the Idea portray here is also as Irritating!


This specifically had happened to me more than Once and I cannot for the Life of me understand why someone, Whomever they may be,

Will – Willingly waste your time as they sometimes do!


The Major issue I found shaking this Thought loose in my Mind was when I had the Issue with the Car I’d found myself in a Bit of an Issue with,

When we managed to walk away from the Freak Accident with the Car I’m driving with!


Yet, this can be Directed at as many places as there are Those who as well,

Waste Your time in the



Or the



So here’s the Rub,

When I got into the Freak Accident with the Car,

The Insurance was called and was Notified that there was something wrong…


I don’t know if there had needed to be an Injury or if there had to be Excessive damage to Either my Car or should there had been another Car involved,

BUT – until Now there had not been Anyone coming to see about the Incident which Transpired.



I do get that there needs to be some kind of Follow through from the Owner of the Car’s side and I get that clearly – but this Situation just reminded me Just how often it is that Our time gets wasted because the next Person or even the Institution do not care in the least bit!


Either the Person or Peoples do not Realize what they are doing as they are,

They might be as Busy as You are

OR You might just be on the Short end of the Stick,

Not mattering much more OR enough to Justify for them to Respect your time as well!


I might have to Tell you this as well,

In my Experience, I’ve seen and known that Whomever it is that’s wasting your time,

When THEY feel wronged by you,

Not pitching up OR if you Dare miss that Payment OR if there’s some Other reason they need Information OR help from You – I can Promise you that they’d be on Your case so fast;

You’d Never suspect what hit you along the way!


I can promise you that Everybody at Some Point experience this same issue or situation;

There’s just that ONE person in Your surroundings

Which do not care at all – doing their own thing and Everyone else just have to fall in-line with that…


It could be a Company which don’t have the After Sales Service or even care about that in the least bit,

Either they could be TOO busy to get back to Your grievances, thoughts or your problems –

OR they just don’t care about you!


In the same Breath,

People do the very same thing.

AND there’s the Cherry on the Top;

MANY Men do this to Women they’re not Interested in them as well!


The Ironic aspect of this is,

Those people, whoever they may be,

Wasting Other’s time –

They are either Totally Oblivious to this
OR if they know or think about Your time which Might or Might not be wasted,

They just don’t care at Letting anyone Know that something had changed…


Even if you do corner them,

Speak to that Service Consultant,

Wanting to know why Your issue, problem or concern had not been Dealt with,

HOW would you even know, if you did take their Name;

If this was the Original Person who helped you with this – which had been forgotten and

Effectively now wasting your time…


If and when in General you speak to that Person who does this to you OR those around them, They’d believe you’re climbing into their Character and believe You’re attacking them

On and Unnecessary PERSONAL level.

Not dealing with the Lack of Empathy towards the way Everyone else might be Treated,

They’d ONLY see that You’ve got an Issue with Them…


We find this even when You stand in a Line,

Awaiting the other Person to help or serve you,

Remember that that Person is just doing a Job –

One which Very Few of us are Lucky enough to Enjoy,

Situated in Our Dream Job and so,

They also make the Best of it as you may be doing…


The Problem comes when You Know,

Feel and Experience those People who Clearly don’t Care whether they do this,

Especially when it Happens so Often that it’s become a Constant,

There’s the time and the Place where We should deal with this,

YET as I mentioned – trying to deal with any kind of Issue today;

That Might turn out that You’re the One with the Vindictive Issues on Your plate,

My Advice to you, whatever You do or Feel like doing;

Make sure that You don’t sound like you’re Attacking them,

Making the Topic at hand even more Problematic…


Dealing with People and dealing with Personal issues with those People,

That’s one of the Hardest things do handle and deal with.

In most cases, there’s almost on Right way at doing this –

seeing that they may take Offence at any moment…


The Ironic Question here is this, what about the Offence you take when Anyone, Unnecessary waste your time and they Clearly do not care about that?


P.S.:     The Insurance had NOT to this point called me, found out where the car is or made any kind of arrangements to come see it.

Use your time wisely and take care of yourself…


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