The BLUETEETH within the Accessories.


I am LUCKY enough to own a Nice Phone,

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 AND I might add a Nokia 208 as a Backup Phone…

It does help to be reachable if needs be.


The ONLY issue now is, my Samsung is getting Old and not only is there a Very Irritating Sound which I hear regularly,

But the 3.5 mm Audio Jack plug isn’t working well anymore…


So it took me some time in Buying the Current Bluetooth Hands-Free kit,

Driving regularly as I do,

With the LOVELY new Laws on our Road,

I don’t Want to land myself a Nice Fine AND

Totally HATE driving and then Answering the Phone without a Hands-Free kit!


The IRONIC funny thing about New Technology is this,

No matter How well you want to Read or Understand the Instructions,

There’s only but that One saying we All possibly live by,

Trail and Error!


I’d set-up another Phone on the Bluetooth System of one of the Work Ladies in her Car and the same thing here,

You see what happens and then Re-adjust what you have to do,

TRYING all you can in getting the things working with each other!


This doesn’t happen Regularly and I’ve had to figure out my new Technology the very same as Everyone around me had to in the past!

What is Nice about this unit, it’s running in Stereo and

One OTHER thing I’d seen; with myself,

For the First Few times, my Subconscious told me that There’s a Wire leading to the Phone still,

Even if there wasn’t – Yet, I’d try to move it a few time after I clipped my Seatbelt…


We all could Learn from our Mistakes,

Changing our Point of Entry while dealing with an Additional Problem,

MAYBE, able to figure out the Issue and go on from there.


But then,

When I found myself the First time Wondering about the OLD wire system,

I found it so Funny that my Subconscious worried about a Wire which there wasn’t.

Things we do Automatically that MOST people don’t even Realize!


The Bluetooth technology is very Effective for a Great Many of us,

This is in actual fact, something really interesting,

As it works on a Low-Level Radio Frequency and at the time when we’ve linked at least Two devices to each other – we’ve already set up a Network, with the two or such Items working

together while they’re Paired.


Many times when You set two Devices up with each other,

Either they Scan for each other and then when they Do pick the other up on this Network,

There’s a Security Code to be added,

The ONLY thing is this – when that doesn’t happen, it becomes a Bit hard to Lock them in on each other.


Scanning and Re-scanning so the Two Devices pick up on each other,

That’s really Irritating and when they fall out of the Network you’ve engaged in,

You’ll have to activate the Bluetooth setting on the Device with you,

Hence, the other Stationary Unit should have its Bluetooth unit On so that they’d Possibly Automatically pick up on each other.


What I’d found,

This Hands-Free unit, it switches Off after say Five minutes if my Phone is out of Reach,

Anywhere beyond 10 Meters and thus,

When I get in the Car I just have to press the Multi-Function Button so that it Wakes Up again

AND with my Phone’s Bluetooth on already,

They connect with each other…


Another thing to take into Consideration,

If you run your Bluetooth during your Work Day,

It will and could have a Significant impact on the Battery Life of your phone,

OR the Device which you’ve paired with another Bluetooth device,

THUS, make sure you don’t run out of Battery power halfway during the day!


If and when You do try Pairing the two Devices,

The Code which You’ve got to Add,

When dealing with Phone are Mostly Generated by the Phones and

Accepting or pressing OK on Your phone when you see a Code to be Shared,

This will lock them into each other.


It also helps them to Link in a More Secure Network,

Knowing each other and thus, there’s Far better Communication between the two Devices while you’re working with both of them, linked to each other.


When I was asked a Code for Locking my Hands-Free with the Phone,

NOT having Read the instruction Manual myself,

The Shop Assistant helped me out –

I would have seen the Number on the Paper as being,

( 0000 ) – this is a Generic Code and Possibly only for Devices which wouldn’t Generate their own Codes like a Phone which is far more Complicated.

Just keep this Code in mind if you’ve got something to Pair with each other within the Realm of Bluetooth…


This SMALL Bluetooth Network is very short,

From 1 meter, to so far as 10 meters,

This also helps not to Allow any other Device to easily breach this Network – which is Very Important to make sure that You add the Security Code between them.


There’s another Thing I’ve found, Possibly it works this way IF I’m correct,

But saw that when I sent Items between my two Phones –

I found that the speed at which You send Something between them,

Depends on the Speed of the Slowest Unit with are Linked on Your Small Network.

Just take this into Consideration, when You’d like to Share a File which is Big,

Via Bluetooth, it might take Much Longer than you’d like…

Just some Food for Thought.


There you go,

Knowing a little bit more about Bluetooth…


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