That LINGERING Second.


I once again drove a few places today,

That’d be part of what I do at work,

Yet – I do a lot of things as fast as I can,

Get them Done and Move on to the Next task…


ONE of the routes to another Extension of Our town was Blocked by water filling a Dip underneath a Train bridge.

SO, I drove the long way round and

Stopped at one of the Preferred Supplier of work for us.


At the Intersection,

It’s Underneath a Bridge which the Highway runs underneath,

I had to wait my Turn, getting to the Next road in getting to the two Stops along my way…


The LIGHT changed twice before I got even Close to drive,

WHILE this last change of the Lights,

There was a Puck-up (Bakkie) ahead of me,

The driver COULD easily have made it,

Yet the driver didn’t cross and waited…


Again I waited to see when it was Clear for Us to drive,

The Light from the Other side had changed and jumped back to RED for the Crossing Traffic,

For US, the Arrow would Blink for us to turn onto this + crossing Intersection.


Listening to the Radio and Waiting for my time,

I saw that the Green arrow blinked for the First time.

Being parked Behind the Bakkie,

I was able to see the Other Traffic as well.


The Arrow blinked possibly Three times before the Driver even moved.

Not Me – as soon as I got the Go-ahead,

I would have jumped and got Moving,

Getting done what I need to do!


As I would MOST of the time do as well,

I’d not reach Over the Line,

TRYING to get across the Intersection As fast as Possible,

Jumping the Light as it was…


While I sat in my Car I saw that the Bakkie before me Stood just a SMALL bit past the Leg Post, PILLAR of this bridge above us.

It would have Obscured the Normal Driver who would have patiently Waited for their turn…


Just as the Driver ahead of me started to Move,

I saw from my Position,

An 18-Wheeler Truck – Semi willing and wanting to Catch the Intersection,

Jumping it and trying to get Across without stopping at the RED light!


The Bakkie ahead of me Barely stopped before the Truck ran the Red light!

I didn’t even move in my Car,

Shocked at what I saw and then Realized,

If there was NO ONE ahead of me;

I’d have JUMPED into gear and gotten in the Way of that 18-Wheeler.

It MIGHT have just missed me,

Being Said – If I was able to Stop in time


More Likely,

It would have Caught me on the Nose on the Driver’s Side,

Hitting me all the way up to the End of the Wheel Arch!


If I had driven or moved as Fast as I do most times,

AND with the Support Beam of the Bridge,

Had Just blocked My vision,

I’d have seen the Truck JUST too late a… n… d…

I’d NOT have written this Post.


I can Say without a shadow of a Doubt,

My Angles were working Overtime,

Stopping me just enough for that Truck NOT to have hit my car,

As I might have been Hit on the Driver’s side too Full,

Not getting out of the Car in one piece.


What SHOCKED me even More,

The Speed at which the Truck raced through the Intersection,

That Truck would have taken out Most of anything in its way without TOO much trouble.


Not ONLY was I really happy that I didn’t move when it Could have meant my End,


With So Many people losing their Lives in Road Fatalities,

People in general Drive Really Recklessly.


They would believe themselves,

Such things don’t happen to them,

It ONLY happens to other People…


Being Injured in an Accident is one thing,

Having Others with you in the Car when You cannot do much of Anything isn’t that Nice,

Worried about how they’ll deal with anything which would affect them later one,

Makes you think a great deal!



How would you be able to live with Yourself when You Kill someone,

Driving as this person had done within this Incident…

Having the Unfortunate foresight,

I was VERY-VERY Lucky today,

Willing to Use my Time as best I can;


If and when this same Driver does the same thing Again,

When will it happen that He Might Kill or Maim someone so badly,

They’d Never been the same again…


It’s such an Unfortunate situation that People cannot Care in the least,

Believing such things Will Never happen,

Not to them or Because of them…


Be very Careful and Mindful of those driving around you! ! !


(An actual Aerial view of the very same Bridge…)


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