The e-XPOSURE side of Business.

NBX Brochure

I met with an Acquaintance the other again,

He had helped me out with Issue on my Computer over the Years and I saw that He’s Ideas for not only His Business but Helping Others in theirs was coming along very nicely!


Not ONLY looking at my kind of Need for Reaching more People,

But if I was to look at Most Start-Up Companies,

Seeing I know of Another one going up as well,

To Reach more Customers and Generate more Clients,

That’s almost the Backbone of any Current business today!


So here’s something to Look at for Yourself,

YES – if you look at the image,

This is for the Time Being just for South Africa,

NOT sure if this will reach any further beyond our Borders,

BUT – the Rule is the Same,

Help Others so that they can Help You as well!


No matter what You like to do for Yourself,

There always Could be someone Willing and Able to help you along the way,

THIS I know very well,

As I’ve got someone Looking in on Connections for me as well.


Looking at this Opportunity for yourself,

Not only does it Cost Much Less than what You would have Expected,

R999 for a Year,

As I read it R83,33 per Month when in Use.


So, here are some of the Benefits of working with this Platform.


  • Get Your Business Listed Nationally


  • Search for Top Rated Services Providers


  • List and Find Jobs


  • List Your Property


  • List Events, Upload Galleries & Audio Podcasts


  • Social Media Integration


  • Write & Receive Reviews


  • Platform available in over 100 Languages


  • Secure Online Payment Gateway


Just have a look-see here, it’s not to say that this would be a Good fit for you or anyone you may know,

But at least there’s something out there which you May find helpful.


We’re Taught from a Young age,

One Step at a Time,

If you’re interested in taking that Next Step,

At least you know they’re out there.


All the Best to Whomever you are,

Where you’re Going and

What you’re Planning for the Future!


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