Vacation BLUES.

Wacky Dog

No… No… I wasn’t on Vacation.


But Yes, my sister with her Kids did go on a Little Break.

And Yes, as you can Well Imagine,

I babysat the House and the Other Kids left behind…

ALL the Dogs!


There are Two things here You must understand,

TWO of the dogs just had Litters themselves,

So, there weren’t just the Normal 5 big dogs,

BUT as well – the Two litters of Ten dogs each to contend with.


The Second issue here,

From the Last Litter from one of the Females,

They kept one of the Pups.


I don’t know when Exactly this happened,

But they Wrongly kept the One Pup which was Afraid of me,

Scared for its Life!


Most of the time I’ll make friends with Dogs and even Possibly Cats

Very fast and they some of the times Like me more than

Even their Owners…


This isn’t the Cast in point with the Little Dog you’ll see

In the Picture in the Post here…

In fact, Hilariously funny to say the least!


My sister was a bit worried for the time they would be Gone,

What would happen with the Dog which didn’t like me,

As it was pretty cold over the Week during our Winter,

I told her, either the Dog would Learn or accept me,

Or not at all – I wasn’t going to Worry myself too much here!


As I suspected, The dog still didn’t trust me in the least bit,

And the One morning I had to put all of them outside,

I saw it had hidden so well, I couldn’t get out of the room.

When I did take her outside,

She wet herself…

Really not sure why she’s still Scared of me!


Reaching the House after work,

I choose to relax some, the Previous Night the dog Bothered me so much,

I wasn’t able to sleep that well.


When I gave the Animals food,

She ran outside and would bark at me from a Distance,

The hairs on the Back of her Neck standing on End,

Fearful for her life!


I allowed her to relax as much as I could,

Feeding the poor Dog outside,

Unfortunately not keeping the Really big one Inside,

So the Big Male almost Ate her food as well.


He didn’t fear me in the same way and

I was able to get the Male back into the house,

Allowing her to Finish her food.


Each day I left Open the Kitchen door,

The little Fearful dog would come inside,

Not every day – look around,

Growl at me, once passing by me,

Almost every time she would once more Retreat outside!

She would Sleep out there,

BUT each night when she wanted to come in,

She would Continuously scratch the door, wanting to get inside

BUT even if I did leave open the door, She wouldn’t Come and Stay inside!


So I choose to totally Ignore her if she kept on acting so Stupid,

My sister’s house, in general, is really Cold and so,

I didn’t work on my Editing as much as I wanted to.


Having Uncapped Data with Wi-Fi and Netflix,

I choose to see if I could find Updates on a few Old TV shows,

This didn’t work as well, Doubt they’ll easily Accessible;



Strange Luck

To mention a few I searched.



I did manage to Locate a StarTrek Series I didn’t even expect there,

StarTrek Discovery.



I made the Best of this Scratching, Barking, Crazy dog at her house,

And Enjoyed the entire First Season of this Series,

Not entirely sure when I’d watch the Second.


I’m quite sure that I found a Mistake in their Story-line,

But then that could Only be me…

It was Cool nonetheless,

Pretty Interesting Idea here!


Use what is around you,

Making the Best of a Different Situation…


The Accidental ACCIDENT.



To some extent, this would sound rather Ironic or very Strange,

Still thinking about what transpired.


Late afternoon on a Saturday I received a Call from my Oldest Sister,

Her daughter had suffered a little Accident,

Unable to Miss the Man-hole which someone had Opened,

Ruining her one Tire on her car – She found herself stuck…


I jumped into action and helped out,

Disbelieving how Idiotic people could be,

Removing this while the Hole is in the Middle of the Road!


We were done and they were on their way again.

What I didn’t know was,

The very next day I’d be in that same specific area with an Accident of my own!


At this Specific Intersection,

No less than 50 meters or so from the Spot we Finished with the Flat Tire the Previous day;

I was involved in an Accident!


Now as I spoke to a few People,

Since this Accident

AND they told me it doesn’t Matter if there was a Third Party involved,

Which was the Case here.


The Insurance only require to know what happened with the Two vehicles

Or Heaven forbid,

You hit a Pedestrian!


When I tried getting myself out of the Escalating situation,

I maneuvered my Car


At this moment the Motorcyclist was Right next to me.


We impacted each other,

Having Concentrated on the Car which was blocking my way,

I didn’t see or notice the Motorcycle next to me.


He impacted my car right behind the Rear door,

Talking to the man after he was Discharged from Hospital,

He told me that he was knocked off his Motorcycle and

Spun around in the Air.


Hitting the tarmac,

And breaking his Arm –

Needing an Operation, repairing the Bones which was broken.


I saw the X-rays,

Knowing on the Accident Scene and the Impact on the Car,

Suspecting that his Arm was broken.

Speaking to the Man,

I apologized for my Part in the Accident,

Being Extremely Shocked at what happened;

Feeling a bit better, when He confirmed that Neither of us had a Chance,

Or any place to go because of the Third Party in the Situation.


Now here’s the kicker,

The moment I realized the Motorcyclist and I connected,

I stopped, turned around, calling for help…


BUT – the Idiots which were Instrumental in Facilitating the Accident,

They sped off, getting out of there as fast as they could!


Now then, the Insurance is in the Process of dealing with Claim from the Motorcyclist,

At least he’ll Recover,

Luckily for Both of us – his Backpack and tick work Jacket protected him.

If not – He could have been much Worse off!


So here is the Moral of this Accident;

No matter how Long you’ve been Driving,

An Accident can Happen when you Least Expect it,

Driving Angry on the Road could easily Create a Very Dangerous Situation,

So be Mind-full of Your Surroundings,


If it so Happens that there’s an Issue, Accident or such;

Rather Stop and help,

Even if you weren’t at Fault or maybe Upset,

Helping out on the Spot will go so much further to

Defuse the Situation than Fighting over what Happened afterward…


Anything can happen at Any moment,

BUT – reacting in the Correct way,

Helping out would be Your choice.


Be Safe on the Roads!

The Caring in the CARESSING.


Luckily for me so far during this Winter,

I’ve not been Hit too hard with my problems with Sinus,

I have taken precautions with the Various Medications in keeping myself as Healthy as I possibly could!


Over the weekend I stood in the One Pharmacy,

Looking at two Girls two spaces in front of me,

Realizing something very interesting.


As I’ve seen a few Movies and Television Shows,

Using animals in their Story as the Subject which the Characters revolved around,

Seeing their Behavior among the various Animals,

The thought popped up in my Mind while I looked at the two girls.


The Older girl, possibly no older than 16 was playing with the younger girl’s hair,

Possibly her sister.

Knowing the other Sex within my Species – this I had seen many times before,

Thus, it wasn’t something Brilliantly Extraordinary at all.


That said when you do take into account the Difference between Us

And either the Chimpanzee or even Gorillas,

It would become a lot clearer for anyone to see.


The Females also groom the Males,

Spending time with the Alpha male and with the other Females and

Children they are rearing.


While the Women are the caretakers in the Dynamic of the Modern Families,

They do need help and the Point I suspect where the Fathers come into play,

Either when the Children ask them something,

Need them to teach them something, which the Children then want to do Or

Experience themselves.


It’s not that the Fathers do not care in caring for the Children,

But it’s not an Instinct which is activated for most of them;

Especially when you look at women.


Having grown through youth,

Having been a little kid,

I can tell you as many would know,

When you hurt yourself or need some input on most things,

You ask your Mother or possibly Sisters.


They would also react faster when you got injured in some way,

But when you need to Protect yourself more or something harder to do,

Then you’d ask your Father for his input.


It is far Easier and Normal for a woman to platonically in contact with each other,

Braiding their hair and spending that much time with each other,

If you were to look at the very same aspect where Brothers, Nephews or even Good Friends were involved in the very same Connection,

I suspect that many Questions would be raised.


When we need that Contact and Companionship,

Men, Boys and the such would seek out because of their Hormones as well,

The women of their Race – being pulled toward them like a Magnet.

That is the time when this Aspect of Caring and Caressing kick into high-gear.


Everyone would know and admit,

Looking at the Roles which Men and Woman do play in some instances,

The Stigma of NOT doing as such,

That would create far more trouble than what Anyone wants.


If you need someone to become More than they Are,

Especially when they are with you,

Then you’ll have to work with the

Man or Woman, you’re in a Relationship with.


NO One is a Mind Reader,

No matter what Anyone thinks,

And even more so, when you’re Hiding a Fear or Uncertainty.


If you cannot tell them what you need,

How would they know and Grow with you?

The Difference in the REFLECTION.

Refelction Of The Mirrors

I’ve written about Light, Reflection and Refraction before in various posts.

The Other day while I had to do something at work,

Driving in my Car, I saw a woman walking along the Road.


Walking in the Same direction, I was driving, as we all know;

That’s very difficult in seeing more than just the back of anyone,

Thus, driving past the Someone, Something and many others,

When you look in the Mirrors, having a Second look –

Everyone would know it’s never easy to clearly see what you’re looking at.


No matter what it is that you’re looking at,

Within the Three Mirrors,

There’s always something different between all of them!


What I’ve found while driving regularly,

Not registered this until now,

You will see that the Image of whatever it may be,

On the Side-mirrors are smaller in most cases than when looking at them

In the Rear-view mirror.


Reading a bit and having to See this as well,

On various Cars, you see that the Manufacturer already included Blind-spot Mirrors,

You’ll see them on the Outside of the Side mirror and help to see something in the

Blind-spot of the Car.


Mirrors like this are called Convex mirrors – bulging outward and creating this shape.

There are Concave mirrors as well – bulging inward and then,

There are the Flat mirrors.


With my car, the Rear-View Mirror is the Flat one,

Helping to see more of the Image, thing, Person behind me as they are.

The side ones are there to Assist the Driver, Convex help you see more detail than the normal

Flat Mirrors, giving you the chance at Reversing better.


Mostly on a Car,

The Concave shape isn’t so much a Mirror,

They present on the Headlights – focusing Light from the Bulbs, helping us to see better at Night and lighting the Road with as much light as possible.


Sunglasses and Reading glasses use the Concave lenses much more,

Also focusing our Focal point in reading Words, seeing Images, Driving and everything else we need when you start having problems with your sight.


It might not always be so nice while driving to see in the Mirrors what you’ve seen

coming as Well as you’d like,

Just as long as you know, they have been Designed to help us out as Best possible!


In Years to come,

The Concave Mirrors would be used more Frequently either on Cars or away from them,

Having the ability to Focus more Sunlight on one point,

Helping out with Solar Energy absorption for Cars or any other means at Generating this power for Our consumption.


One thing though,

With or without the Mirrors,

Keep your eyes where you’re Driving,

Don’t look back Too much while driving Forward…


Some Kind Of Deforstation

Some time ago I wrote about the Waste which wasn’t managed in any way,

Close to where I’m living.

So, when I drove past this area a few days ago,

What I saw made me stop, turn around and take this Picture from a Distance.


I know that the World at large is running on Paper in all aspects of


Our Private lives,



And every other part you can think of…


Thus, I’ve seen overseas how much the Forest had been cut down,

I suspect that Many-a-Place aren’t Planting Trees so that they can Repopulate the area,

Leaving the specific part of the Forest open for Nature’s Element to play Havoc on this area of Natural habitat for the various Animals.

Not to mention that the Erosion which will effect there area with Rain and changing of the Seasons.


I’ve seen a few Films and know from various Television Shows, as well as Documentaries,

Just how bad this can get if there’s no Management left in place to minimize the Effects the lack of Trees would effect in these areas.


Now here’s what I cannot understand,

The set of Trees which I was used to seeing along the Road was cut down,

So much so that I cannot for the Life of me figure out why this had to be done!


Looking at the area, I can only assume that whoever Authorized all of this,

They’re looking at Development for this area.

Which I can almost Understand,

BUT, knowing how things are done in Our Country,

I suspect that there wouldn’t be Trees Planted elsewhere,

Taking up the Slack of the cut-down trees…


My Assumption here could very easily be incorrect,

I do know for a Fact that during our Winter Months,

Which we are in the Season,

Wood is a very cheap way of keeping warm.


I also know that there are Less-Fortunate people out there,

Unable to help themselves with what they need to do,

Keeping warm and keeping their Families warm.



I suspect the cut-off trees and the burning fuel they would represent,

Would be carried off very fast for these unfortunate people.

This I do understand.


The very things I do keep on asking myself is this,

Why at all do they need to cut down these trees in the first place?

I suspect that the answer would be known in the next few Months,

I would ONLY hope that if they did replace the Cut off trees,

Within those very Months, I’d possibly see why this was done,

Wherever the new ones was Planted,

They would have grown over those Months, becoming much stronger;

Than if none had been planted!



There are Other more Imminent and more Troubling issues to deal with,

I get that very well – the only Ironic issue here is,

You, Me some others around you May see things coming,

Realizing Issues at hand,

But if no one Reacts to these –

The culminating Effect would be much worse.


The only lacking fact here is,

No matter who we are Most of the times,

Even if you’ve got the Best, Most Brilliant idea in dealing with Something,

If you’re Not the Person in charge of initiating this Plan,

It’ll only fall on Death Ears…


Whatever you may see and can do something about that,

The Best of Luck to you!

Racing to the HOBBY!

Midvaal Raceway

Once again I was asked a few weeks ago,

Over the weekend, to Fetch some much-needed Paperwork from a Lady

Who couldn’t get to us, but there was a Mutual location I could go to,

Receiving from her what we needed.


A Long time ago I started to tell myself,

Doing something, you’re not sure of,

Rather see it as an Adventure – no matter how it turns out!


Ironically at that,

I’ve never been to the Midvaal Raceway/Speedway,

One Town over from where I stay.


The GPS as you could well Imagine got me there,

Although it didn’t help me, arriving at a Usable Entrance;

That one I did all on my own – rather following others who looked like they could be Racing Enthusiast;

And Bob’s Your Uncle…

I found the actual Entrance – with cars to the Opposite side of the Street, from where I arrived at the Raceway myself.


There was NO way I was going to turn around,

Heading to their side and Waiting in line, waiting to pick up some paperwork!

I might not be accurate, but I suspect the assortment of Vehicles was standing at about a Mile or close to 2 Kilos from the gate!


I parked off the road on the dried out grass, close the embankment I saw to my side,

Walking over to one of the Ladies selling Entrance tickets to the People willing to spend the Day,

Wanting to know if they’d have any idea where the Participating Group of People might find themselves.

No Luck!


Like Search and Rescue –

I walked onto the grounds and had to look for them.

I knew the Crew Name and knew they Raced with a Small Bakkie – Pick-up.


While I walked into the Racing Participants,

I realized that the number of Vehicles there was Astonishing.

Not to mention, some of them weren’t just Really Loud,

But I can imagine myself Many of them must be Brilliantly FAST!


I even saw a Horse and Trailer, Semi-Truck which the Crew brought with them,

Not having seen the Racing Vehicle they brought with them,

But I got a Distinct feeling that these guys took their Racing very seriously.

Not to diminish the Idea and Seriousness of any of the Other Crews.


After I found the Lady, walking from there,

The realization HIT me, not that I didn’t think of it, while I walked onto the grounds there;

The Amount of Money spent here would be Difficult to Calculate!


This money and the People could have been at Any other place,

Some of those might not have been a good place to spend their Time and Money;

Still, they do Find and Channel their Interests and Passion in a good direction.


It was Thrilling to see all those cars,

It was interesting to see the Number of People interested in what was going on there,

Not having any idea how many Circuits there are across the country,

Not even thinking of the World at large!


One thing which still Stuck with me,

Especially when you read this Post,

Every one of us has a Hobby or Passion after work.


The Safer and Cleaner it is,

I can Bet there are more People in the World,

Interested in what you like, then you can imagine!


Spending some Money here and there,

That’s nothing to be Ashamed of,

This while doing Everything you do in Moderation,

But the Best thing I can Think of within all of this;


If what you Enjoy doing, help you cope with Your Daily Stresses,

Do what you can, to enjoy what you’re Passionate about;

Especially, when Others are partaking in said Hobbies and Passions.


May the Sunshine on You and Yours,

While you take them with, sharing your Hobby and Passion in such a good way!

The lack of WARMTH.

I’ve been at Ends with the Geyser in the Apartment for a while now,

Then, Mom had someone come, helping them at their House with a water-pipe,

AND I got this man to come to help me as well.


I wasn’t entirely sure of the Issue, suspecting that it was the Lack of Power to the Geyser which left me without Warm water,

But as it Turned out, the Heat-element was the one which Cracked because of Time.


Yes, Oh Yes;

Coming home to Warm water from the Tap was very nice after some time, Fighting with this Issue, not entirely sure when I’d get it fixed!


Then the Other day again,

Getting Home I found that the Warm water wasn’t forthcoming,

Having a peek at the Geyser,

I saw that from Underneath the Thermostat there was a continual water drip.


I not only Turned the water to the Geyser off,

Not sure it would make any difference – but then,

There was very little I could do in this Regard.

I also turned off the Power from the Earth-leakage,

Rather being Safe than Sorry if the power to the Apartment once more Fell


This would take some time in being Rectified!


I suspected that the Thermostat needed Replacement this time,

With the power On and the Resistance in the system with the Thermostat running as well,

The Heat for the water was set at 60º Celsius,

It isn’t that Hot – seeing that the Thermostat can reach up to 80º Celsius.

The Only issue here is this,

If the components in the Line, assisting to Heat up the water isn’t working well together


Failing because of Age or becoming Defective,

Then even 10º Celsius would be too much for any parts of the System to handle.


You will never ever know what might give you a Problem,

That is until you start Figuring out what is actually broken,

Starting to Fix it and finding out, there are Other parts of the System which aren’t working out so well.

All and all, it does take time to get all of this done.


Even if you can Fix everything at the same time,

Some of the times you may not have all the Components


The expertise in doing what needs be fixed.

All you can do in these kinds of Situations,

Make sure you’re ready to jump in and finish what you need to,

When the Help does arrive at that time, moment to help you!


Again the Man arrived,

Helping out with the Issue at hand,

What stopped working this time.


Later on, I saw the components – not sure this happens all over the World,

But where I live, Electrical components such as the

Heat Element



Do not carry a warranty – which the Shop selling them, will replace these failing parts.


This time the Man bought better Quality parts from where he Usually buy parts,

Replacing them and now again,

I’m between a Rock and a Hard Place.


Holding my thumbs,

Hoping that the Heat Element and Thermostat would keep on doing their jobs,

Not failing again and Costing me even More Money to have warm water in the Apartment.

This time the Man set the water’s heat at 50º Celsius.

This is Far warmer than you can Imagine – burning your Skin very fast!


Now I can Only hope, pray and see if things will work well together,

Taking it one day at a time and

Enjoying the easier warm bath each day!


Things go astray when you expect it the least…