The DIC, in the Tator.


Over the years went by, Everyone of us has seen this play out over and over again,

To say the least, so many more People had endured this,

But there had only been so FEW who had stood up against this.


The very last of these Dictators which I know of who fell,

Would be a Neighbor to us,

Robert Mugabe.


What we know of in the News and information,

It should have been far easier for Him to be kicked out of his Position,

Yet the Opposite is very true –

It took Military action to get him out of his Presidency.


When whoever it is, hold onto the Power and the Money which is readily available within their Rule,

Getting someone out of their proverbial “Seat” isn’t the easiest of feats to effect.


What History tells us,

Be it Men or Women who are in this Position,

More often than Not, blood was spilled to effect change,

Getting them out of their Position.


I’m not even Mentioning the Volumes of People who had bled in the Period which they were in Control and just how hard they’d Fought to maintain the power,

Before they were booted.


Then as well,

With all of these Crimes against their Own people –

Especially when they’d been Voted into Power,

The Moment they’re kicked Out of Power;

SUDDENLY there are Deals struck to make sure they’d Stay Out

AND it’s in this time they’re Given Immunity for the Crimes they Committed while they were in Power; this to make sure to get them out of there with the Least bit of fuss.


That’s Said,

If and when the Dictators which had been Kicked out,

Were that Lucky to still be Alive and Kicking!


Most of the time they’re given another Alternative,

Get out of Dodge (the Country) or you’d spend the rest of Your natural life in Prison.

This I must say happened to our buddy as well,

ONLY – he doesn’t care in the least bit,

Seeing that he told the New Powers that Be,

He wouldn’t go, wanting to Stay and Die in his Country.


This Tells me that this man would Never care about Anyone’s Laws and Order or Rules but his own.

This being My Thought on the Issue only –

But I can ALMOST see when the Dust Settles, that our Buddy over there would do what he can,

Wrestling back the Power away from the Current Leader;

If and when that might be Possible…?


Either there would be Civil War in this case

OR what might be even worse for this man,

If the Powers that be would Execute him in the Street.

Not sure if I’m pulling this from the “Possible”, out of my Writer’s Mind,

If this was to happen; I can imagine it would be the reason why they’re sent from the Place they’d been in Power for such a Long time.

Giving the New Powers the Chance of doing something better or different.


Not only this,

But I’d say that if and when a Person standing in the Position of being a Dictator,

To some extent, they Crave that Power like a Drug,

Removing the Temptation from Anyone who was Lead Astray,

That might be one of the First Counter Actions in getting a Power Hungry Dictator to release his or her grip on the situation.


The ONLY question I have,

In the Short run, we might not Understand or even Support the New Powers that be,

They may make Different Choices or have Different people in Office to Support them,

BUT – the Absolute ONLY way to see what the Difference would be from the One to the Next,

Allow them to run or rule their Position as they see fit.

The ONLY hope would be,

If and when they’re Required by the PEOPLE to vacate their Office,

They’d do so without any Issues or Bloodshed,

Before they Adhere to the Request of the People.


You’ll ONLY know and see how they’d act,

When they’ve got the Chance in doing what they will,

Beyond that – we can only Hope for the Best…


AN unspoken RULE.


I’m pretty Sure that I’ve written some Version of this Post a Year before,

Seeing what I’m thinking of right now, had taken place before;

Ironically – each Year, increasing in its Intensity, Year After Year…


How often had we heard this idea,

Something not spoken of and Yet, we should know about it,

Being so damn Ironic – when we Overstep this Rule, we’re asked why we don’t know about it?


There are so many things with this Idea attached,

I cannot even tell you.

Then again, what I’m thinking here may not even Fall under this Specific idea.


As we are Totally and Fully part of the Christmas Season by now,

And while we Approach it – I see it More and More along the way.


I see many Shops doing this more often than any other Person, I know of,

Happening over this period of the Year,

Each and every one of them Jump onto the bandwagon,

Hanging their Christmas decorations Earlier and Earlier in the Year.


I seriously get it, many of the People working in the Shops don’t have a say in when their Decorations goes up.

Then as well, the Continual Seasonal Music will drive ANYONE insane.

Yet, the Powers that be – THEY want every one of us to either Listen to the Music and or See the Decorations.


There’s Another Issue here when the Power went OUT in the Heavy weather,

Only then I thought of this one as well;

There’s Always Continual Competition – Not only between Us as People,

Reaching further than those around us OR in our Field,

But the Competition for Business between the Stores is ALWAYS at a Continual HIGH!


It’s NOT like we don’t know that the Silly Season as it’s also called,

Is upon us and that NEXT Year might turn out to be something Different,

Working toward Change – maybe – but then we first need to get through this Part as well.

AND these Shops and Others are looking to make a Buck along the way.


I am 100% sure that this Idea is Totally and Utterly Fueled by the Need to generate Sales and that there are Many a Board Member or Owner,

Who is looking at the Bottom Line, looking at the Year-End Bonuses.


Yet it happens Every Year,

We get Bombarded Continuously with either the Massive Amounts of Seasonal Reminders

OR the Number of Sales you see there are AND apparently, you’ll Save so much more…


There’s this Song or another Idea of 12 Days of Christmas,

Spoiling your Loved one with Gifts over a 12 Day period and then,

ON Christmas Day only, do you give them the Actual Intended Present,

Sharing your time with them as well.


If we had to Force those Many Shops into taking out their Decorations only 12 Days before Christmas – the Powers that Be, would Probably Faint or something more than that!


Yet, I believe that the 1st December would be Sufficient enough time,

The Question would be this,

If ALL of them were to pull out their Decoration on the 1st of December,

When would they take Down the Décor?


You cannot Seriously believe to keep this up for a Month after Christmas,

NOT like their Customers would Continuously buy every time after the Day,

SO it’s at this time you’ll be Faced with all of these Decorations and the Continual Music being played – Possibly, Hopefully getting a few more Sales before they take down the Décor…


Here’s Another idea from those which just Jumped out of my Head.

As I’ve mentioned the Powers that be herein,

One thing Everyone should know and understand,

No matter how big the group may be – there are Always Individuals in this group,

There’s always one Person at a time, making their own Choices.


Even in the Group of the Powers that be,

There are People.

When they’re not Pushing the Agenda of the Company of their Bosses,

They are People as well.


Yet, within all of this,

The very same thing is done Year after Year,

The Bottom line would be the Benjamin’s each and Everyone of us

Or They would be seeing in their stockings…


I cannot say that I’d do things Differently,

If I was the Power’s that Be,

So – all I can do is, Look at what is going on around me and wonder where all of it would end.

Possibly when Everyone of us Have, Find or Land that which all of us Crave, Need or Want.


Only this one Question,

When would it all be Enough,

What target would be Sufficient before a Different direction would be Considered?


Yes… Yes… I know that I sound like a Grinch,

I just hate it when Others totally Change the Intended Idea of something,

Just so it would Suite them all the way.


Best of Luck to You and Yours over this time.

As BLACK as Night – FRIDAY Night Lights…


Myself, like so Many other people I know,

HATE repeating Ourselves –

Yet in the Perfect World, that’ll Never happen!


So, what does this have to do with the Title of this Idea of mine?

That’s very Easy if you’re me –

Not saying that Many People cannot Understand me,

But you’ll soon enough see what I mean here.


For us to Learn or within Marketing and Advertising,

It’s is almost one of the Most Important corner-stones to Repeat things,

The MORE you hear it, see it, know about it;

The Chances are good, you’ll DO something “they” want you to do…


It’s ALMOST something like a Subliminal Brainwashing;

OH Yes, here he goes again!

And yet, for the Past almost Two Weeks I’d heard about this so Often,

I’m Glad that it’s somewhat Over!


What I’m talking about,

The Massive Hyped-up Black Friday sales.


I have two Thoughts on this,

Firstly – what really IS a Special Sale?

Secondly – the actual Origin Where Black Friday come from?


I’d worked at one of the Major Retail Chains when I just started working my Second job,

I was working on the Till and not soon after I’d had some time there,

I realized that I needed to do and or Find something better.


Sometime later, I worked in a Small Shop, connected with the Mess-Hall at the Correctional Services,

AND worked as a Driver for a Pizza Company.

So – here’s something Possibly few of you would know;

When you Pick-up your Groceries the next time, Remember that the Oldest stock is in front while the Newest, Freshest Stock would be in the Back.


This is a Way for the Retailers, to turn their Old Stock first

AND Us the Consumers, we Move the Products OFF the shelves,

Before they need to Worry about the Cycle of Goods sold OR moving TOO slow at times.

WE the consumers are in a Hurry and without Thought, take the First one in Sight…


Now then, keeping THAT idea in mind –

Tell me or THINK about the Powers that be,

For them to MAKE good on their Profits; do you Really believe they’d not Plan well ahead of time – Effecting as Much Profit from such a Phenomenon as Possible?


Never EVER assume that we’re SO lucky for Landing that Brilliant sale!

YES – it is Possible and I can also Tell you that Most of the times,

SOMETHING around that Product You’re getting so Cheaply,

Had been or is being Off-Set by something else,

Making Sure that when you believe in that Sale – there’s already Something else which will pick-up the “Discount” so that the Retailer will not Lose their Money…


I’ve been Racking my Brain and Remembered when I heard this from someone working at another Major Retail store.

If and when one of them Buy products in BULK, they tend to get them at a Special Price.

Adding their own Profit here, they also got a Time-Frame at which to sell Most of the Products.


Time is Money,

You’ve got NO idea on this one!


I’ve got NO idea how far along they’re Planning on these,

But if I know how far Along I’m planning my own Ideas,

I can tell you that in some Instances, they’re Possibly looking at Other Items to be sold in due time for the Very Next Major Holiday Sale – right now!


So, possibly, they bought many Items of the Same Product.

It sells well enough and over time they Make back their Investment.

Yet, there’s almost Half of them still Available in the Major Warehouse.

It’s NOW that the Sale Idea comes into play.

You see, even if they sell it at Minus 25 or more Percent – if the Retailer had already made back their Monies.

When THIS sale comes into Effect, the Money they’d Earn would be Clean Profit…


I suspect in most ways there’s a Plan with Almost every other Product sold over the Holidays or Special Days or even our Lovely BLACK FRIDAY sales.

YET – if you put two Almost Identical Products next to each other,

The ONE would be much less than the Other you’d say.

YES – very true, ONLY the expensive Product still has its Purchase Value and the other one can be Discounted, sold at Sales rate.

If I can work for you, By All Means!


NOW Secondly;

I’ve read Three different Websites in my Research and found the same Idea throughout all of them.

Seeing that I’ve heard that Black Friday had something to do with Selling of Slaves right after Thanksgiving Day.

As far as I’d Researched – this IS NOT TRUE!


What I did find was that the Phrase took a good deal of time in getting Coined.

In fact – it actually took a LONG time to be Picked up by the TV News Outlets in the US.

This Phrase came from the City, Philadelphia.

It would Refer to the Numerous Pedestrian and Vehicles of the Shoppers coming to the Shops on the FRIDAY after Thanksgiving.


Down-town Philly would become a Nightmare for the Police as there were TOO many people and TOO many cars created Gridlocks all over the City.

The Shops were SO Busy that the Staff would be working Extra Long Hours and with all of this,

The police also had to deal with More Shoplifters and every other Possible problem which can Arise with SO many shoppers around.


I’ll not Bore you with the Facts of the Origin;

ONLY one last thing I’ve found very Interesting,

Most Retailers and Shops and Businesses see Profits in the Red-line,

Saying they Break Even or NOT at all.


This may be Possible,

But I believe that’s a LOAD of Hogwash!

Anyone JUST barely Surviving or JUST keeping afloat would Plan ahead to do better!

Thus, the term – Black Friday, also correspond with Profits being in the Black.

Seeing that the Shops, Companies or Retailers only Then started showing Profits on the

Positive side.

Throughout the Whole Year, only over this Period do they Make Profits…

Very Hard to believe that one.


No matter what you believe in this regard,

If you did find something Low in Price or did manage to Buy what You WANTED,

As long as you didn’t lose, that’ll be all we want,

Getting Value for our Hard Earned money!

The OINT in the Disappointment.


I must say that we’re ALL dealing with some kind of Disappointment in our lives,

YET – the ones with the Greatest of Pinches are the ones which are Really Personal,

Not that they Don’t Hit you in a Personal way,

What I mean here – the People or the Investment we Place in the Possible outcome

Hit us Very Personal as the Time you may have Invested in this.


I KNOW how I’d dealt with my own and Thought I’d research once more what the Powers that be mentioned in their Blogs / Websites and Journals.


A few of these Ideas, YES –

Then again there are a Few Ideas I really don’t think will actually help you!



There’s my First and Most Important one of them all,

We’ll get to the rest in short due time…


Every one of us Deal with their Own Disappointments in their own way;

BUT what I found, helping me along in the Hardest one I’ve Felt in a Very-Very long time, is:

No matter what you Do or Plan – always understand it may Not work out the way you want; thus, you plan Ahead and Always have a Plan – B, C, D, E, however many you need!


Yes, I do know this is Much Easier said than done,

But if you don’t at least Acknowledge that Life will just Go-On no matter what You do,

And your Plans of Whichever it is, doesn’t work out;

While you did Plan ahead for something else to do – then you can at least Move on from here…


I can Guarantee you when this Disappointment hit you,

I’ll HURT or Sting you, Knocking you Off your normal Game!

There’s Absolutely NO way in getting away from that one – ONLY if you’re not Human and if you Don’t feel any kind of Emotions!

Beyond that – You’ll need to at least Allow yourself to Feel this Emotion and Accept how you feel about the Disappointment.


That Said,

Feeling it and Acknowledging it does Exist is the Actual fact,

Letting it be and TRY to understand why the Conclusion you received OR news from wherever it came, did turn out as it did – WITHOUT reacting to it!


As the saying goes,

Put a Guard before my Mouth so I don’t Spew Hell on others…

OR something like that – it might be that, but the Idea here runs in conjunction with giving yourself Time to experience the Disappointment.

IF you react toward the Person OR act out against Anyone in Your immediate Vicinity,

When you feel Wronged – You’ll be the one Empowering this Cycle of Emotional Pain and the

Roller-coaster of Disappointment which OTHERS might not have had anything to do with.

Calm yourself down before you React.


They say that Wallowing in your Disappointment for TOO long isn’t good,

Which I Second – but then, If you are willing to accept that things Might not always work out,

Then moving on to the Next option is easier in Planning ahead.

IF not, then Imagine yourself the Real and Possible Human reason if Someone had Disappointed you, WHY this could or may have Happened.


NOT every Door you Open will be Helpful to you,

Coming back to the Planning Ahead.

Resting and Relaxing some, will open your Mind again,

Helping you to Strategize in getting you back on track again.


YES, I also KNOW that when Life, in General, Hit us with something not working out,

That’s not as Much pain and Disappointing as it is, when Someone you Know or a Person shoots you down.

BUT, if you Only Focus on this Negative event, Not seeing that you CAN do something about your Situation – then you’ll NEVER see the next step in doing what you need to.


These days our Lives and Life, in general, is TOO Hectic and thus,

You don’t have the Time always to get to Your Support Network,

BUT – if you need to chat with a Friend or Family, Make time for them and Allow them to Help clear your Mind, while you’re getting ready to Jump on the Horse again.


One Positive you can take from the Last Disappointment is this;

You now KNOW that the Last Plan, Person or Idea wouldn’t work out for you and SO,

You don’t have to waste Your time by doing it all over again!

Yes, I do know, the Amount of time you May have spent on this May have been Excessive,

BUT – it’s not your Entire Life and the Time to come either.


You do have an Option for Tomorrow and You can Choose to Change the possibilities,

Making something Better for yourself and those around you.

THEN as well, Remember that Everyone around you also has their Own Disappointments and Eventually they’ll possibly need YOU to support them,

So, if Everything, Possibly not as Intense hits you – and you CANNOT deal with Minor issues,

How would you Help those People Supporting You; when all you see if Your Own issues all of the time.


As I’m a writer,

I read that it’s a Good Idea in Free Writing your Thoughts and Emotions on a Piece of Paper – Do not stop until you feel there’s Nothing more you’d like to Say when dealing with this.

This would Help you in another way as well,

When you React to Someone who Might not have Anything to do with what you Received,

It can hurt them AND if there was A Person at the End of the Line;

Can you Say for Certain WHY this could have Happened?


ONLY after you walked a Mile in their Shoes can you Imagine,

Thus, getting your Thoughts and Feelings down on Paper,

May help you Avoid making a Bigger and or Worse mess of things.


Not ONLY this,

While I’m writing my Books at times,

Even my Ideas I share here –

I find a New Interesting Direction when I’m busy,

Veering OFF my Original Story,

Because this time Writing something down,

Gives us the Chance at Figuring out what we Might not have Known beforehand.


It’s Terrible when we have to Deal with these things that STING so much,

But what Doesn’t kill us,

Makes you Stronger, Wiser gives Insight –

But ONLY if you’re Willing to Hear and See what Might be…


In all and all, All the Best to You all…

Tanning vs. CHARING.



Two weeks ago I once again visited my Sister and her Hubby,

We had a nice Lunch and had a few of the other Siblings there as well.


The Previous time I didn’t take a long my Swimsuit,

The water this time around looked Particularly awesome and Myself being a combination of a Pieces and Aquarius, I in fact Needed some water…


Thus, this time I took em’ with and lone behold, the Day was Extraordinarily HOT!

Because of the Heat of the day, the water wasn’t that warm – mostly it reflects the day’s temperature – so, getting it was a bit of a Mission and while I swam up and down, I found there were cold and warm Patches throughout the pool.


It’s not that big, but when you need to do More than just Splash,

It’s sufficient enough getting Yourself cooled off.


Ironically, later on in the day, closer to Midday,

My brother, the Youngest between us Six, also got into the Pool.

At this time the Water was Even colder than it had been when I was in it – swimming much Longer than the rest (being only two in the pool for the day… Hilarious!)


Getting out of the pool the Brother-in-Law suggested Top Cover – going Bald and the sort, I knew it was a good Idea – seeing that his Sun Cover net wasn’t covering the entire Seating area and although I had the Hat on, my Poor White Legs were Exposed, sitting in my Swimsuit while we had a good chat.


I had not Thought of applying any Lotion and didn’t Expect the Sun to HIT me as hard as it did while we sat around the Table having a nice Lunching.


I can tell you this much,

When we got Up, Serving Ourselves with the Brilliant Food,

I was quickly Reminded that there was Something Very Wrong with this Picture!


Having to wear a Denim during Work-hours,

My Legs don’t feel the Sun on them much at all!


While I was sitting there, Drinking a good deal of Fluids,
I was still Attacked by the Sun’s Raise!

Steadily I did feel the Heat rise, but I was far Too Oblivious to this Pending Danger!


I must say the Moment we I got Moving and had been BURNED by the Sun,

It was far Too late in doing much about this,

Luckily for me, the Shade had moved while the Sun’s Position had as well,

By this time I was covered and the damage had been done!


By the time I walked into the Apartment,

My poor Legs had felt as if they were Glowing,

Being as RED as they were over the Section they’d been Burnt, they were, in fact, Glowing with the Heat still trapped inside the Cells!


I made REALLY sure that the water I’d bathed in wasn’t warm in the least bit,

Yet – getting into the tub wasn’t easy as ANY differentiation in Heat in the water Directly impacted on the Burnt area on my legs!


It was a Careful bath Session and I took my time, allowing the water to Sooth my skin as best I could and dealt with the sudden pinching of the pain of my Sensitively Burnt Legs.


Obviously, I read-up on tanning and learned some which I didn’t know before I looked for it.

Interestingly, there are TWO ideas here –

How not to hurt yourself when you’re Trying to Tan


How to get that Perfectly Glowing Tanned body you’d like…


In most cases, You can look at both,

Reading it and making sure that you don’t Hurt yourself with Too much tanning.

The problem here is this when You’re not even Trying to Tan and damage or hurt yourself – staying too long in the Sun… how to avoid that?


  • Wherever you are, keep out of the Sun at its Peak Hours. In this time you’ll Burn yourself faster than Tan.


  • Always be Mindful how much shade you’re under, especially when you’re just enjoying the Company or having a nice afternoon.


  • Drink enough fluids, the body would use the additional moisture and use it where IT needs the protection the most.


  • Be mindful of using some Lotion, as you’re not Tanning, any kind of Skin moisture may help you – seeing I had applied some afterward and it did help the skin healing itself.


  • The MOMENT you feel like you’ve burnt, move out of the position and make sure you’re covered if you’re going to keep on visiting, staying longer.


  • Even in the water, when you’re more active when the Water is Warmer; be mindful of the hottest time during the day – in the water, you can Burn even more than you might think!


  • Even if you’ve Burnt yourself, aftercare, when this did happen, is as Important as it would be – beforehand. In this, TRY not to scratch your skin when it starts Itching – it’s one of the Signs that your skin is healing itself, applying more Lotion at this point will


decrease this feeling – Believe you me, I KNOW!

We’re in our Summer Season and Christmas is on the way as well.

You don’t have to be in the Summer, even in Winter, if there’s enough Sun and even Through light cloud-cover, you can still Burn.


Just be Mindful what you put yourself through and when You feel any kind of Discomfort, Know that it’s a wake-up Call for you to Know you’re doing something wrong for yourself.


With Rising Global Temperatures, we Might see more People being Affected by Skin Cancer in time to come.

Don’t be one of them if you can Help it.


The UP’s & DOWN’s of Dating.

The Dating Life

The UP’s & DOWN’s of Dating.

I’ve spoken to an Acquaintance of mine a while ago. It did take some Time in remembering what I heard from another as well,

Thus – the Thoughts in regards to this Circled the Mind-Drain and here we are again…
I looked online for a bit more insight into Dating than what WE, in general, would have thought of ourselves… Things to do and what you Might consider NOT doing. This Especially when I heard what had happened to the these Two and what I took from what I’d heard from them.

So here comes a few Tips and some of them Just my Ideas on this…:

As you’d WELL imagine, if You’re getting back into the Dating scene – THIS one is Very Important. When You’ve agreed to go out with that Man or Woman; whichever direction You’re Leaning into – doesn’t matter;

Here’s the most Important GOLDEN Rule – For the first few times, Especially before You’ve not Decided to go on a Second Date =

You meet the Person You’re on a Date with AT the place where You’re going to go on this Date. You also Leave in Separate vehicles or however you want to see it… You may Never know who this person is and for Them to Know too much about you, Especially where you Live – for the first times, NOT such a good and safe idea!

When you are on the date, make sure to go to a Place You’re Comfortable with and which You know well enough. Not only to set your Own Mind at ease – Not saying you’re dating a Psycho; the More Relaxed you are, the Better you can Concentrate on this Person and read them, SEEING if you’d like to get to know them.

Feeling Safe and Comfortable, that would Help greatly in seeing who they are with you at that Point.

If you’re Lucky enough in this, Allow your Friends to set you up with someone. I cannot say that this is Fool Proof – but then you’ll have some kind of Reference Point of the Person you may be with. This is a Two-Sided Coin, seeing this Person can be Totally different with You when others aren’t there…

I don’t Totally agree with this one, but then it’ll be Your choice in the Matter. But the Smarter people than myself say it could work out… Dating Your Friends, seeing that You know each other some and You Could make the best Fit, rather than someone you Don’t know at all.Your choice in this one…

Dating Sights… I REALLY don’t think they’re such a good idea. In Reality, you may read what I’m writing here – BUT, in person, you’d Know and Understand me far better than the Insights you have about me, by just Reading my posts.SO THEN, How many people Lie about themselves each day which WE cannot even See or Know about?

Take that on an Internet-Rush, and what do you have – Things you cannot Easily prove and therein lies this Problem.

I can tell you this with 1000%  Certainty;

First Impressions are Crucial! The Expert says that it takes you about 15 minutes to decide if you’d like to get to know THEM better or even Think of a Second date…

Possibly My curse; Within Seconds when I see a Woman / Lady approaching me; I look at Everything I can see and very Easily make up my mind, I’d take the time or not. MIND YOU, I can as easily be Wrong!

Yet, when You’ve gone out of your way in Getting there; at least, for the Time being, Put your Best foot forward – it Might just help IF you like the other Person…

What do you have to Lose?

To be Polite, Nice and YOURSELF is far less Stressing than you May believe. If you Pretend to be Something or Someone You’re not, I’ll guarantee that THEY’D sense in due time there’s something amiss. If the Person is there for You, then at least TRY to be yourself, IF they say Yes for a Second date – they like the Real You… Duh!

Avoid if you can, Over-Sharing. Walking Hand-in-Hand with this one, when you’re TOO stressed about the date – You could talk far Too much and this would Stress you out even more.All in All, this is really Easy to say – but then do your best to Allow them to get something in to say as well. Taking account of what you say, it could help you and when You’re Paying Attention to them; hearing What they say and How they say it,

It’ll give you Greater insight into what kind of Person they are. AND Yes, I get how difficult this can be… hence, we all try our best!

Keep eye Contact and be sure to engage with them. If and When you do this, You’d see if their Interest is with you and more Often than not,

You may just see more into their Intentions than you can Imagine. As well, you could see if They’re really Into you.

Take the Thoughts and Suggestions of your Friends and Family in consideration. They May not always be Right and they May not always See what you do, or even Feel what you’re Feeling right now – but also remember They’re trying to help you in the Best way they can. This is also one of those Two Sided Coins – sharing with them could help you Making up your mind about this. THUS, either way – if you like the Person go and take the Chance;

If not, don’t waste Your time nor Theirs – Move on if it doesn’t look Promising…


And the Most Important!If it doesn’t work out – Remember, Not ALL of them out there are the Same and You could be Lucky enough, meeting the Perfect Person – Perfectly Fitting with you. There ISN’T something like Mr. Perfect nor Miss. Perfect – they can ONLY Fit you as best there could be.

If this one didn’t work out so Well, then Try and Try and Try again.The FACT is this as well when You’ve Stepped out of your Comfort Zone and took the Time for a Date – then You’re in the Right Mind Space in your life Now to take this On once again. Don’t allow ONE Bad or less than GOOD experience stop you from Trying again…

There are Absolutely NO guarantees,

That said – If you do not take the Chance,

I can Guarantee You that You’d not Find that Possible Person to share Part of Your life with,

Maybe what is still to come… Take the Chance and see what may be.Just don’t waste Your time when You KNOW someone isn’t Right for you.
Never Ever feel any Dread from walking away – Just be Honest and Upfront in telling them what you think. Playing with Someone Else’s Feelings will affect Them when they as well take the Next Leap of Faith and Could potentially Harm their own Shot at being Happy.

Imagine yourself in their Shoes and then ask Yourself,

Would YOU enjoy it if They weren’t Honest with you? Be Honest with Yourself and Accept Yourself for the Better or the Worse.

The BEST of Luck to you as well, in this Life’s Battle for Happiness!

The Conditioning of the BRAIN Washing.


I’ve Seen a few times; seeing First Hand just how easy this had come.

I’ve Heard an Explanation of Reasoning behind US changing OR doing things Differently,

AND allowed all of this to Sink-In and process the Information.


AND Yes, I had this very Interesting Thought along the way while I allowed these various Situations with various People to draw their Own Conclusion.


Even if you may not Think this Possible,

There are such Influences in Our Lives and Other People’s Points of View,

Which either could Influence you OR they’d



And Forever Change the way You see and or Do something…


Anyone and Everyone who Believe that this kind of Change in another Person’s Point of View or their Lives just happen overnight,

They’ve VERY Sadly mistaken!


It’s Exactly the same as the Idea or Thought or Story which I’d heard so long ago;

A Frog hop into a Camping area – there’s a Fire and it hops onto a glowing hot log,

It jumps off knowing that there’s something Wrong and goes on…

This Same Frog is placed into a Pot on the Stove.

The Plate is slowly increased in heat and eventually, the Frog believes this to be Normal and would in the End die.


In this Change, there are TWO very Important things Everyone should understand,

Day-to-Day influences, Meaning EVERYTHING around Everyone of us are bound to have an Impact on Everyone.


Anyone’s Change doesn’t just Happen overnight and,

SERIOUSLY – if We believe that We don’t have Any Impact on those around us,

Effecting their Change, Conditioning OR Brainwashing;

Then Everyone believing those Other’s Who had Changed,

It wasn’t JUST their Actions, Personalities, and Lives which was Singularly Impacted,

Making any Conditioning or Change possible –

Everyone of US has an IMPACT on the Person which We believe they’d Changed for the Worst when We get to the point where we Really See this!


People Grow, Possibly Away from the Rest of us,

They Grow becoming an even Better Version of Themselves

OR Not at all…


You, Me, We can see this Happening;

AND I had seen this Happen over and over before,

Not that We can do Much about it – seeing the Harder You may try,

The MORE they’d change (which for them) Might become their New Normal.


There’s NO Easy direction here

AND there’s no Easy Fix either,

Knowing and Understanding, MOST of the times the Conditioning or Change had taken place

AND the More we Force the Reversion,

It might Never come.


Also, it could as well be a Phase,

The Ironic aspect of this is,

The OLDER the Person is, Enduring this Conditioning or Change;

The MORE permanent this could End-Up being.


This isn’t a Truth,

It’s just my Idea, Thought or Suggestion as I see this issue;

NOT saying this would Take Place in this way or that People who Experience this Situation would Definitely Change or Keep on the direction they Chose to move in.


Seeing as well that Most of us have to Experience what we see as something New,

Not Everyone would Know how their Actions would Impact their lives,

They had not Lived this Change before.

They’d Most Probably Continue with their Actions,

Having no idea just where it May lead – seeing this is Their Learning curve…


When we care about those around us,

We most of the times Want to Protect them, having Experienced the Possible Harm that Actions can result in.

Yet, Pushing this Too hard would as well cause Issues;

Not Ever saying that there’s an Easy Answer about this.


Knowing why things may Happen is good,

Even better is that we had some kind of Impact on those People around us while they Changed or Aimed into a New Direction,

It may not be such a Big deal – Then again, it could be Life Altering!


Stemming the Trouble on the Horizon would be ALL our first Reaction,

Understandable we want to Help as best we can,

BUT – be very careful not to Push them Over the Edge while You want to be Protective…

Those Ones who we Fear for Could, May or Would Rationalize the Issue so it would make Better sense to them,

Having Heard that one as well –

Bide Your time, and Help those you Care for when You need to.


Their Changing mindset may be Necessary for their Personal Growth;

Just be sure to React when it Does turn out Not to be…

As I mentioned,

Protecting Anyone around You which you Care for,

That’s Never an Easy Job to do…