The weekend over Father’s DAY – this Year, I had Lunch at my Sister’s place,

Between the Sisters, she’s the Youngest – yet she’s older than I am…

Between the Six siblings, we were Three there on the day.


It was a nice Lunch out and quit Relaxing, having a good time while I was there,

The food itself was Really nice and I enjoyed the company as well.


The Oldest Sister’s Kids arrived there after Lunch and we continued Chatting for some time.

Within this time I heard my Oldest Sister saying that she had to Change the Radio Station’s Channel in the Mornings when she Drove to work.

Talking about the change the Station or rather the Presenters initiated themselves, seeing they’d been working in their Spots on the Radio Station, for such a long time.


I was pretty Amazed that my Oldest Sister didn’t like the New Presenter,

The Very Host of the Morning Show which had Changed…


When I got home the Thought still stayed with me and I came to Realize that this has happened to almost ALL of us at some point,

Not that Someone you know didn’t see Eye to Eye,

But their Personal Preference differed from yours…


I do not care in the least bit what the Next person Likes or for that matter Dislike,

But the Issue comes when We, They or Any Others,

Like to change your Point of View or what You’d like to suit Other people’s Idea of what they believe You should like…


This is in fact what makes Life of Interesting,

Not ALL people are the Same and if that was the Case,

Life would have been REALLY Boring at the end of the day!


Over time You’re Enriched by your Experiences and if you Give that options a Chance to Test it,

OR if you Immediately see that you Dislike what the Option is,

That’s well Within Your Right to Exercise Your Personal Preference on whichever Topic You’re dealing with or facing.


I also must Admit that I don’t think that the New Presenter is that Terrible,

BUT – as well, I’ve listened to this Woman on the Radio for a while,

Knowing her Eccentricities by now as well.


I can compare this to Us watching a Brand New Movie or a TV Series,

If you’re NOT use to it and it Doesn’t Resonate with you,

It’s going to be Really hard for Us to jump into it.


LIFE it all about Trying New things,

AND when you’ve given it Your time,

No matter How much you do – at the End of the Day we ALL

Know what your Personal Preference would be…


As Long As everyone else accepts what you Like or Not,

Then things should be Pretty Okay…


Cadbury          vs.        Beacon Chocolate


Coke                vs.        Pepsi


Google            vs.        Bing


Apple              vs.        Microsoft


Apple              vs.        Samsung


Audi                vs.        VW


iZombie           vs.        The Walking Dead


There are so many, Yet I’m not going to mention all of them,

The ONLY fact we need to Understand here,

Like you’ve got Your Own Preferences,

Those around you do as well.


The Best we can do, Respect the Choices of those which are Different from Ours,

As they would in turn,

Respect Your Choices when they Differ from THEM…


All the Best with your Different Choices!

The BLUETEETH within the Accessories.


I am LUCKY enough to own a Nice Phone,

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 AND I might add a Nokia 208 as a Backup Phone…

It does help to be reachable if needs be.


The ONLY issue now is, my Samsung is getting Old and not only is there a Very Irritating Sound which I hear regularly,

But the 3.5 mm Audio Jack plug isn’t working well anymore…


So it took me some time in Buying the Current Bluetooth Hands-Free kit,

Driving regularly as I do,

With the LOVELY new Laws on our Road,

I don’t Want to land myself a Nice Fine AND

Totally HATE driving and then Answering the Phone without a Hands-Free kit!


The IRONIC funny thing about New Technology is this,

No matter How well you want to Read or Understand the Instructions,

There’s only but that One saying we All possibly live by,

Trail and Error!


I’d set-up another Phone on the Bluetooth System of one of the Work Ladies in her Car and the same thing here,

You see what happens and then Re-adjust what you have to do,

TRYING all you can in getting the things working with each other!


This doesn’t happen Regularly and I’ve had to figure out my new Technology the very same as Everyone around me had to in the past!

What is Nice about this unit, it’s running in Stereo and

One OTHER thing I’d seen; with myself,

For the First Few times, my Subconscious told me that There’s a Wire leading to the Phone still,

Even if there wasn’t – Yet, I’d try to move it a few time after I clipped my Seatbelt…


We all could Learn from our Mistakes,

Changing our Point of Entry while dealing with an Additional Problem,

MAYBE, able to figure out the Issue and go on from there.


But then,

When I found myself the First time Wondering about the OLD wire system,

I found it so Funny that my Subconscious worried about a Wire which there wasn’t.

Things we do Automatically that MOST people don’t even Realize!


The Bluetooth technology is very Effective for a Great Many of us,

This is in actual fact, something really interesting,

As it works on a Low-Level Radio Frequency and at the time when we’ve linked at least Two devices to each other – we’ve already set up a Network, with the two or such Items working

together while they’re Paired.


Many times when You set two Devices up with each other,

Either they Scan for each other and then when they Do pick the other up on this Network,

There’s a Security Code to be added,

The ONLY thing is this – when that doesn’t happen, it becomes a Bit hard to Lock them in on each other.


Scanning and Re-scanning so the Two Devices pick up on each other,

That’s really Irritating and when they fall out of the Network you’ve engaged in,

You’ll have to activate the Bluetooth setting on the Device with you,

Hence, the other Stationary Unit should have its Bluetooth unit On so that they’d Possibly Automatically pick up on each other.


What I’d found,

This Hands-Free unit, it switches Off after say Five minutes if my Phone is out of Reach,

Anywhere beyond 10 Meters and thus,

When I get in the Car I just have to press the Multi-Function Button so that it Wakes Up again

AND with my Phone’s Bluetooth on already,

They connect with each other…


Another thing to take into Consideration,

If you run your Bluetooth during your Work Day,

It will and could have a Significant impact on the Battery Life of your phone,

OR the Device which you’ve paired with another Bluetooth device,

THUS, make sure you don’t run out of Battery power halfway during the day!


If and when You do try Pairing the two Devices,

The Code which You’ve got to Add,

When dealing with Phone are Mostly Generated by the Phones and

Accepting or pressing OK on Your phone when you see a Code to be Shared,

This will lock them into each other.


It also helps them to Link in a More Secure Network,

Knowing each other and thus, there’s Far better Communication between the two Devices while you’re working with both of them, linked to each other.


When I was asked a Code for Locking my Hands-Free with the Phone,

NOT having Read the instruction Manual myself,

The Shop Assistant helped me out –

I would have seen the Number on the Paper as being,

( 0000 ) – this is a Generic Code and Possibly only for Devices which wouldn’t Generate their own Codes like a Phone which is far more Complicated.

Just keep this Code in mind if you’ve got something to Pair with each other within the Realm of Bluetooth…


This SMALL Bluetooth Network is very short,

From 1 meter, to so far as 10 meters,

This also helps not to Allow any other Device to easily breach this Network – which is Very Important to make sure that You add the Security Code between them.


There’s another Thing I’ve found, Possibly it works this way IF I’m correct,

But saw that when I sent Items between my two Phones –

I found that the speed at which You send Something between them,

Depends on the Speed of the Slowest Unit with are Linked on Your Small Network.

Just take this into Consideration, when You’d like to Share a File which is Big,

Via Bluetooth, it might take Much Longer than you’d like…

Just some Food for Thought.


There you go,

Knowing a little bit more about Bluetooth…

Winter is Coming; NO – It’s already HERE!


I’ve heard the Phrase,

Winter is Coming… from the TV Series,

Game of Thrones.



This is a Post at what I’ve read on a Site,

A few things WE as a whole can do for Ourselves in building up a Stronger Immune System to tackle the little Viruses which Attack us during the Cold Months of the Year!


That said, no matter what we Most of the time do, it happens that we do Fall Prey to this little virus called the FLUE…

Here are only a few things which Might help you along the way.


Everyone might know this OR You’ll read it here,

BUT – there’s a Lot to be said by what We eat and how it not Only affects us but what It’s got to do with ourselves as Human Beings.


It wouldn’t be a Leap then to Understand and Realize that when I’m mentioning this,

One of the First things I’ll be Mentioning here would be,

Take care of your Diet and the additional Supplements which You consume.

Eat Whole Foods;

From the foods Our Bodies use some of the Following Nutrients:

Vitamins A, C, D, and E – there are Minerals such as Selenium, Zinc and Omega 3s which support your Immune System.

Look to whole foods such as Animal Proteins – if you don’t like this, eat Legumes, Whole Grains, Nuts, and Seeds; with this, you can supplement the Whole Foods with Fruits and Vegetables.

There are Superfoods like; Camu Camu, Reishi mushrooms, and Micro Algae.


In this, you should avoid the following, Seeing they Suppress your Immune system –

Processed Meats, Friend Foods, Soft drinks, Processed Baked Goods or Products with Artificial Sweeteners or Refined Sugars…

We cannot side-step Everything, but keep what you can in Moderation.


What helps a great deal, with the Flue and with your Immune System, that would be Vitamin C.

This would be really good, getting the vitamin from Fruits and Vegetables; which include – Berries, Citrus, Kiwi, Bell peppers and dark green Vegetables.

ONE thing I’d found out over time. As with Oranges – if you either just drink soft drinks with HIGH contents of Vitamin C, what most people don’t take into Consideration;

the Regularity of taking this Supplement is as important as taking it at all.

AND here’s just another idea for you – make SURE to eat the Fruit itself when you’ve got the Chance as the raw material of the Fruit helps your Digestive tract as well…

Good all around!


It’s important to use the Strong and Healthy Herbs and Spices.

When preparing food, take the time in using some of these in your meals;

Onions, Garlic, Black Peppercorn, Cayenne pepper, Allspice, Curry, and Turmeric.

All of them contain nutrients which help Boost your Immune System.


Keeping yourself well hydrated is very good. The water assist in the production of Lymph, which in turn help with White Blood Cells and help out your Immune System Cells as well.

For an extra boost, Use Lemon with your water or in the water some Vitamin C additive.


Our bodies need sleep to rejuvenate itself.

Yes, in our busy lives there’s not always the time in Resting and Relaxing as much as we should; YET, the more Regulated your Resting is, the better your Body would deal with any Potential Viruses AND with Stress being such a High Factor in our lives – Rest is Far More important today that we think!


A great deal of our Immune System and response, fighting against Foreign infections takes place from the GUT.

THUS, our Digestive tract is very important. That’s a very good reason to keeping the Good Bacteria where they need to be. If you have to, add some Probiotics as well, found in Whole and Fermented foods –

Raw sauerkraut, Miso, Yogurt, Kefir, Kimchi, and Microalgae.

Always consider the Supplements to take, making sure of their quality and positive impact on your Health.


I’ve got you a CATCH 22 situation for you as well.

You KNOW when the Doctor Prescribe you a Treatment of Antibiotics when there’s an Infection which your body is struggling to Beat…

Just remember that the Antibiotics, helping your body out – It also attack the Good Bacteria inside your body as well.

At all times See what is the best for you AND consult with either Your Doctor and or Chemist when they issue you some Medicine.

Find it there’s something better you can take, not creating more Damage than being good…


If and when You do get the chance, Keep yourself not Only Physically busy but make sure that You’d break a sweat.

Exercise if good for the body and help increase our Immune Functions, it also Improves the Quality of your sleep and make your body Stronger.

So, do a bit more than normal – don’t OVER do it either… Everything in moderation!


Getting some time in the SUN, which in turn would mean that you’re getting some Vitamin D is a really good Idea.

With this in mind, having some FUN in the Sun sounds as good,

Which in turn would help with Your relaxation and enjoyment of your time.

Allowing the Endorphins to run Wild in your body,

Generally making a Good Positive impact on you…


BUT most of all,

With everything I’ve mentioned here,

Taking care of yourself and then Your Loved ones,

That’s the Most Promising of all…

The PAIN in the Sinus.


As Everyone would realize by now, every Now and Then I hear something,

See something and Learn something which I didn’t know,

This time It’s NONE different either!


If I can Remember Correctly,

I heard this over the Radio and Was wondering just How Possible this could be.


So, here’s what I found and just what Impact this could have on Either,

Your Sinuses


Your Teeth!


Although on This one I cannot tell you how Regular this is;

But most or any Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist would tell you –

As far as I know, Your Eyes, Nose, and Ears are linked… in some ways…


Now, this one, May be a TALL Tale,

But I’ve heard Many years ago that someone – Hence, not sure;

Would have died when this Person was Smothered with a Pillow,

Their Connections was active enough, they could barely breathe enough through the Connection to their Ears and Survived the Attack on them…

NOT entirely sure… about this one!


Yet, the connection and tubes between the Sinuses and your Teeth had been Documented.

To such an Extent that when You’ve got issues with Your Sinuses,

This could affect your Teeth, making you believe that You need to visit the Dentist.

Your Maxillary Sinuses are right above your Molar Teeth Roots…

Especially when there’s Pressure on your Teeth’s nerve endings, which also could feel like toothache when it’s not really your Teeth at fault.


The same can be said as well,

When You’ve got an Irritation or even an Infection within your Teeth,

Because your Sinuses are so closely located,

This Infection can affect your Sinuses and most of the time Block them,

Creating a Double Impact on You; feeling awful…


You may ask why do we Need Sinuses –

Which I can tell you I asked that Same question when I started reading up on this…

So here it comes,

We breathe Mostly through our noses as either we don’t Speak OR Concentrate on work OR do something additional.


THUS, not only does the Hairs in your Nose Tracts catch dust but as well as the Sinuses generate Mucus.

OH, my Goodness – You’d say; HOW awful!

This is done to Actually warm-up your Breath when Inhaled.

Within the Mucus, there are chemicals which affect the Foreign bacteria trying to Enter your body via your Nose and dislodge the possible Bacterial molecules.

With the help of Your Nose hairs, not only do the Dust get moved but as well;


Other bacteria,

And viruses are caught and moved to the back of Your throat.

They’re then deposited into the Stomach.

There’s a Brilliant name for this function – Mucociliary Clearance… Imagine that one!

The stomach acid destroys the foreign parts, which is part of your Bodies’ defense mechanism in keeping you healthy.

The ONLY issue would be, when there’s a problem, infections or you’ve got a Virus; the body’s already fighting against.

The tubes are blocked and movement of the bad particles take longer to get destroyed and you can ALMOST feel the Onset of a Cold or something more than that…


If you don’t go to a Doctor in dealing with the Sinusitis OR a Dentist in seeing about your Teeth;

There are a few things you can use or do, helping yourself out.


  1. Drink lots of fluids and or use Steam:

Water helps with a number of Body functions and helps with the Sinuses, smoothing out the mucus and helps with drainage. Thus keep hydrated and as well, get additional Electrolytes, they’re very helpful – ones important would be, Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium to acquire additional. These help with your bodies’ immune system as well.


  1. Most people will not like this – but eat some Spicy Foods:

You do not need to Burn yourself into another Blood-group; look only for something a little stronger than usual. Something like Horseradish or some Chili Peppers, even use a bit more Pepper on your food if you are willing to go that way. The properties within the warmer food can unblock the Sinuses to the point you can almost feel them free-up; Just remember it’s not a Permanent fix and You’ll have to deal with problem…


  1. Use an expectorant:

You can buy some medicines over the Counter, helping you to elevate the Symptoms of the Sinusitis – some would work fast and you’d feel it over a short period of time. Others may work in a Different way and be SURE to Read the instructions. Some of the Medicines dry up the Mucus in the Sinuses – but I’ve heard that if and when the Sinuses are burnt in this way, it can even Worsen the Sinus issue, thus be really Careful, not to worsen your Predicament.

ALWAYS speak to your Doctor about Medicines, it could have an Allergic reaction to you, something You may not Realize, but may affect you in the Long-run.


  1. Hummmm… Yourself to sleep… Okay? ;-}

I do understand to Vibrate the Sinuses loose and hope things goes better from there, but I’ve never done this before myself. I cannot say for Any kind of Certainty if this would actually work…

Rest is Very important, within your Sleeping cycles your body generate more White Blood Cells and Cytokines which is your Natural Immune Cells and would obviously fight off any possible Infection.

With the Humming and when you can tilt your head correctly, the sinuses could drain more easily And this also would help you Sleep better – giving the body the chance at healing itself.


  1. Positioning your Head for the best Drainage:

This would be Hard, when we’re already sleeping, you cannot easily control what your body will do – Ironically, I’ve found this to be true;

When you make any drastic Movements while you’re sleeping, you’re actually wake-up and do whatever you’re up to, so when you’re awake like that – see if you can manage to improve your position so as to allow better flow of your Sinuses…

I’ve NEVER done this – here I’m at a loss as well!

The best I can tell you would be this; whatever the Problem or the Issue for you, if you cannot Fix it yourself, with Medicine AFTER speaking with the Chemist,

Go see your Doctor OR the Dentist and find out where Your problem may lie…


I’ve had NOT only Sinus blockage, Pain; BUT I’ve endured that my Sinuses have brought on Migraines as well,

Those I feel coming and KNOW there’s little I can do when they do Arrive, Help yourself out and see what You can do if you do endure any of the abovementioned!


All the Best to You!



I must admit that I’ve seen this a few times – various places all over…

But the other day Waiting to unlock for Work,

I saw something that once more Pulled the Dread through my Heart.


I can suspect that in All aspects of our Society there are Idiots and Morons,

People who behave as they do,

Believing that They’ve got some Profound Right to treat other’s Horrible!


No, nothing happened to me in this instance,

But while I looked at this happening and Can recall at Other instances where I’d seen something Similar to this,
I once again Realized something here are well.


MOST People’s Fear of the Unknown, dictate a Great Deal of their Actions!


So here it is, and I can tell you that it’s None Specific to Race either.

Yet, as I sat in my Car – waiting for time to Pass me by AND the other Part of the Day to start,

I saw an Older Black man, standing against the Curb, waiting to see if the Road is Clear and safe enough to cross it.


Then I saw a Black Taxi Driver coming past him,

Not in the least worried, passing the Older man too Close,

BUT – while he came up to the man;

Continuously blowing the Taxi’s horn while he came at the man and well past him.


Having an Infinite LOVE for the Fringe Series,

IN this Series Doctor Walter Bishop was placed in a Psychiatric Hospital for the Character’s Background…

BUT seeing more than One film where a Character is in some kind of Trouble in this Regard,

You can well Imagine yourself just How Horrible such a Life can be!


I cannot say that the Old man who crossed the Road as fast as he Humanly could,

Was or Should be in an Institute – but he Did look like he was Living on the Streets,

As well as the fact that I could see there was something amiss with the Poor man physical condition – making Crossing the road so Much More Dangerous to him!


ON ONE can ever just say that Me, You, They might be Responsible for This kind of Disease – they could have taken Something OR their Bodies just react in a Specific way somewhere down the Line and Life just kick you in the Groin!



Excluding what happened to this man,

Leaving him in the Position he’s in at the Moment;

What caught My eye and mind, thoughts –

The Actual Action I’ve seen taken against People like him…


I can say that I’ve seen White Men in general who had Behaved like this as well,

ESPECIALLY when they’d have something to drink;

Allowing their Inhibitions to leave them and DO what they actually Want to do,

In this case – Especially when they’re in a Group… Doing the Same thing as well,

Harassing someone who should receive our help!


Hence the Idea that What we Don’t understand,

Scares the Living Daylights out of us!


I can Imagine myself that Most General People would be Fearful,

Having worked at the Correctional Services with one Man who didn’t have the Ability at controlling his Own Outbursts, when he got Really Upset or Drunk –

In my Mind’s Eye, I can Clearly see how he’d behaved that Early Evening when the Member in Charge of the Shift confronted him,

Why he arrived Drunk at work…


In this case, the Alcohol numbed his reaction to those around him.

Yet, there was something off about this man and

Here’s the Rub – he would Physically Assault anyone who, In his Mind, was a Threat to him!

YET, in all his actions he was already Perceived as a Threat to everyone around him,

When he acted as he did.


THUS, there are instances where things goes Really bonkers and I can imagine myself as well – if you’re not Trained at dealing with Special Needs People,

It would Upset and Scare Most People around unstable people.


While I was Watching this Older man Crossing the Street,

I also could see that he wasn’t Angry in the least – He might not have Registered how the Other man had behaved toward him OR

It so Regularly happens, it’s like Water of a Duck’s Back and he just goes on.


I saw that with his Physical Impairment, he clothes also spoke of a Very Hard and Difficult life he’d been living so far…

With his Age and Possibly NOT getting the Correct or Necessary Medical Assistance,

Over time something which had broken, maybe healed incorrectly;

It looked Almost Impossible that he would Receive the Correct help along the way.


Mentioning all of this,

I suspect that the Man for the most part of his Day and Possibly Life,

Is content at Living a Life where a Little Help here and there would be Nice –

BUT mostly, not being Harassed as Often as it might happen,

Would be Infinitely Better!


Remembering the One lady from when I was in Primary School,

Everyone called her “Mal Martha”

And this I can Promise you – at the Age we were then,

13 and less, when ANY woman screams at you on your way Home from School

Looking as terrible as she did;

You crossed the Road,

Especially when Even the Adults didn’t take any Action against her Rantings…



There’s So much we can Most of the time do in Helping Someone who Might not want the Help these Days,


What is a Definite Possibility,

How we Behave towards those How might Not be able to Help themselves,

That we can Do for sure!


Jumping out and Fighting with that Driver or even Those Drunk men might not be a Good idea in the least,

BUT – showing that Person some kind of Kindness Might BLOW their Mind or just Show them that the World at Large don’t want them Gone,

Even if there are some Asses out there,

We can choose to do something more,

Helping where we can…


Seeing that No One ever can Know when Something as Terrible MIGHT happen to anyone of us?!

The Tasteless Displeasure of TIME…


WOW… if you were to say this a Few times TOO fast,

It could, might just as well Twist your tongue faster than You’d like it to.


Ironically for this,

Seeing the Representation of what the Idea portray here is also as Irritating!


This specifically had happened to me more than Once and I cannot for the Life of me understand why someone, Whomever they may be,

Will – Willingly waste your time as they sometimes do!


The Major issue I found shaking this Thought loose in my Mind was when I had the Issue with the Car I’d found myself in a Bit of an Issue with,

When we managed to walk away from the Freak Accident with the Car I’m driving with!


Yet, this can be Directed at as many places as there are Those who as well,

Waste Your time in the



Or the



So here’s the Rub,

When I got into the Freak Accident with the Car,

The Insurance was called and was Notified that there was something wrong…


I don’t know if there had needed to be an Injury or if there had to be Excessive damage to Either my Car or should there had been another Car involved,

BUT – until Now there had not been Anyone coming to see about the Incident which Transpired.



I do get that there needs to be some kind of Follow through from the Owner of the Car’s side and I get that clearly – but this Situation just reminded me Just how often it is that Our time gets wasted because the next Person or even the Institution do not care in the least bit!


Either the Person or Peoples do not Realize what they are doing as they are,

They might be as Busy as You are

OR You might just be on the Short end of the Stick,

Not mattering much more OR enough to Justify for them to Respect your time as well!


I might have to Tell you this as well,

In my Experience, I’ve seen and known that Whomever it is that’s wasting your time,

When THEY feel wronged by you,

Not pitching up OR if you Dare miss that Payment OR if there’s some Other reason they need Information OR help from You – I can Promise you that they’d be on Your case so fast;

You’d Never suspect what hit you along the way!


I can promise you that Everybody at Some Point experience this same issue or situation;

There’s just that ONE person in Your surroundings

Which do not care at all – doing their own thing and Everyone else just have to fall in-line with that…


It could be a Company which don’t have the After Sales Service or even care about that in the least bit,

Either they could be TOO busy to get back to Your grievances, thoughts or your problems –

OR they just don’t care about you!


In the same Breath,

People do the very same thing.

AND there’s the Cherry on the Top;

MANY Men do this to Women they’re not Interested in them as well!


The Ironic aspect of this is,

Those people, whoever they may be,

Wasting Other’s time –

They are either Totally Oblivious to this
OR if they know or think about Your time which Might or Might not be wasted,

They just don’t care at Letting anyone Know that something had changed…


Even if you do corner them,

Speak to that Service Consultant,

Wanting to know why Your issue, problem or concern had not been Dealt with,

HOW would you even know, if you did take their Name;

If this was the Original Person who helped you with this – which had been forgotten and

Effectively now wasting your time…


If and when in General you speak to that Person who does this to you OR those around them, They’d believe you’re climbing into their Character and believe You’re attacking them

On and Unnecessary PERSONAL level.

Not dealing with the Lack of Empathy towards the way Everyone else might be Treated,

They’d ONLY see that You’ve got an Issue with Them…


We find this even when You stand in a Line,

Awaiting the other Person to help or serve you,

Remember that that Person is just doing a Job –

One which Very Few of us are Lucky enough to Enjoy,

Situated in Our Dream Job and so,

They also make the Best of it as you may be doing…


The Problem comes when You Know,

Feel and Experience those People who Clearly don’t Care whether they do this,

Especially when it Happens so Often that it’s become a Constant,

There’s the time and the Place where We should deal with this,

YET as I mentioned – trying to deal with any kind of Issue today;

That Might turn out that You’re the One with the Vindictive Issues on Your plate,

My Advice to you, whatever You do or Feel like doing;

Make sure that You don’t sound like you’re Attacking them,

Making the Topic at hand even more Problematic…


Dealing with People and dealing with Personal issues with those People,

That’s one of the Hardest things do handle and deal with.

In most cases, there’s almost on Right way at doing this –

seeing that they may take Offence at any moment…


The Ironic Question here is this, what about the Offence you take when Anyone, Unnecessary waste your time and they Clearly do not care about that?


P.S.:     The Insurance had NOT to this point called me, found out where the car is or made any kind of arrangements to come see it.

Use your time wisely and take care of yourself…



Quit a While ago, while I was Heating up my Dinner in my Trusty ole’ Microwave,

For a very Brief moment, I saw what looked like a SPOT,

Something black in the Corner of the Microwave.


At the moment I placed the container with food inside, I didn’t really Catch it in its fullness and started the Machine.

When I did return, it was only Then I saw this little thing on the Other side of the Microwave,

Inside the very Microwave from which I’d removed the Container.


Whatever this was, I’d cleaned up this LITTLE spec and took out the Container.


The Interesting Idea which hit me while I was eating is, what I’m sharing here now…


When I prepare “Two Minute Noodles” as well as,

Weekly – I clean out the Microwave, Using it as Regularly as we do,

Was the ONLY reason I saw and noticed that spec inside it.


It wasn’t that Heavy seeing that I had moved from one side of the Microwave to the Other while the Machine was in use…

As I can recall it was at least one Quarter of my Pinky nail,

Nothing that big.


As I mentioned,

The ONLY reason this Phenomenon caught my Eye and Mind,

It had M O V E D!


That led me thinking of How this could have happened.

It could easily have been part of some Spices which had gotten out when the Food got that Warm and somehow ended up outside the Container.


I do eat Curry and Rice as well as a Pasta Mix regularly during the Week,

So this wasn’t the Issue at hand for me,

Seeing I cannot recall Right Now what it was when I cleaned it out,

What was Far More interesting to me was, the Method in which It was moved from

ONE side of the “Mickey” to the Other side!


This THOUGHT, I allowed to run its course,

I’m NO scientist and I’d suspect there had been a few times ANYONE reading my Posts could or would have Wondered just where the Wild Horses, sometimes Drag my Thoughts to…

The Belinda Carlisle – Wild Horses… HE, he, HE, he…


So here’s the Question I came up with;

What Actually happens inside the Microwave when It’s running.

Yes, Yes – I did write at least One Post in the Past about the Microwave;


This is a whole Different Idea!


What Kind of Action needs to take Place for any Particulate to be Moved from One side of the Microwave while it’s running to the Other side?


On more than One occasion I’ve heard the Lid pop open when the Steam pressure becomes more than the Container can Handle,

Because of the Heat as well as the Moisture or even Water which resides in the Food or such which is Warmed up,

Is released and THUS forces open the Lid.


Now then,

There’s the Turning Table – glass one in most Microwaves,

AND here comes my Interesting Idea…

It is moving continuously?


There’s the Vibration of the Movement of the Components of the Microwave as well,

Include the Food being Heated up and the Water, Vapor or Steam if you’d like,

Would Easily Fill the Microwave on the inside.


The turning Table either is Creating a wave by its Mere Motion


With the Watery Vapor escaping from the Container,

Depending on where and how it got open…


COULD it be possible that there’s a Very Small kind of Weird Atmospheric Phenomenon created inside the Microwave itself?


There could be a Wind or pressure of Some kind generated inside the Microwave,

Which allowed for that Particle to be move,

Included in this, the Vibration and the Heat inside the Microwave,

It’s is Entirely possible that all of these combined created JUST the perfect Circumstances

For what I’d seen to be possible.


I know we can SEE through the Door, mesh Window inside the Microwave;


If you’re not inside there –

Just how could we KNOW for sure if You were the Size of that Particle,

HOW would the Microwaves’ Action affect You, Me or Anyone else for that Matter,

If you were to be Caught inside a Microwave…

Rather – if you were Able to Survive it;

Just how would it feel like if the Machine was running, working?


OR – would it just be Ironic – something Freakishly funny happen,

For that Piece of whatever it was, to have moved from One side to the Other…

IF you’d read my Posts,

Short Stories


Some of the Book I’d place here,

I’d rather believe there’s Far More than Meets the Eye with this Machine…


Now there’s a far More Interesting Thought…


ALL those Mundane Machines we’re using at Some point during the Day,

What kind of Atmosphere or Effect would some of them have on us,

If and Whenever we could Experience them on a Much Larger Scale…


If we were to be much smaller…


Just think of a Tumble-dryer, a Vacuum-cleaner, what about a Washing Machine –

Automatic or the manual Double Barrel machine…


Just another One of my Weird thoughts!?