The Faster reaching HAND.


If I can remember this well enough,

I’ve been keeping an eye on the Weather changes, from Summer to Winter for the past few years now.


While driving to work the other Morning,

This was a Saturday and stopped there a bit later,

Earlier than everyone else though,

Still, on the way, I once more Saw what Most People do not even realize.


A Few Months back, the Sun hung right in Front of me on the same Road to work,

YET – this morning, while the weather had changed considerably Cold,

It wasn’t even Close to right in front of me.


I’d say that a Few Months back it would have been at 12 O’clock,

But this Morning it was sitting at 10 O’clock at least!


Not only this fact, I did observe the Season Changing,

This Year it was somewhat Dramatic!


We had a greater deal of Rain and covered in this,

At least Two cold fronts which arrived on the Highveld with the Rain.

Knowing very well that this Weather Paten did bring the Weather Change.


What we Did Not expect this Year,

The moment when the Strange weather paten with its Cold Fronts ran its course,

We were left with Cold weather in full force!


With the Weather changing over the past few years,

The fact that we’ve not really Seen, Autumn and Spring,

We’ve come to Realize that even the Weather was changing it’s Paten over the Years.


This is a Shock to many people,

They expect to have Everything the Same as they know it,

Yet – everything in Life changes.


Our lives

And even the Weather!


The Smarter people on the Internet states that the Volume of Rainfall does have a Significant impact on the Seasonal Weather changes.

I suspect, anyone and everyone how to feel the Cold coming as Intense as we do,

Would just look at them questioningly.


I’d suspect this is almost the Same aspect, only on a Much smaller scale,

When you water your Garden either in the Morning, during the Day or at Night.

The volume of moisture which is Absorbed by the Plants, directly corresponds to the volume of Moisture in the air – or the garden you’re spraying.


The early Morning the Garden can absorb what it needs and Maybe retain more which the Plants can use during the coming Hours or Days.

At the peak of the day, the Sun heat up the Garden and possibly Half of the water gets absorbed,

Even during Winter, the volume of water vaporized does Diminish,

Not as much as during Summer – that is a fact.

When you Water the Garden during the Night,

Running the water throughout the Night…


Like Children in a bathtub, their Skin absorb too much water, their Skin become wrinkled;

I’d say the Ecological system around us also get Kick-started with the volume of Moisture in the air.


We see on the grass in the early morning Winter days, Especially when I was a kid – there would be an Entire Field of grass, frosted over.

Now, if you look at this Example with either your Garden or even that much Moisture in the air because of the Rain,

I can see why we would feel the Effects of changing Weather much easier.

I cannot say for sure it would bring along the Winter Season – but it can bring the Temperature down to the point we suspect that Winter had arrived.

Sometimes after such a spell, the Temperature pick up again… Wondrous!


There’s No way in saying the Rainfall has got any Influence on the Orbit of the Sun and Earth to each other,

But we Know that the Moon has got and Impact on the Tide cycles of the Ocean.


With the Earth’s Extremely Intricate Weather system,

Who is to say that the Volume of Rainfall cannot create a Rapid Season Change as we had this Year and Strange changes in the past few years.


The Rain doesn’t have the Only influence.

Like Us, taking Medicine, the Volumes of the Drug you digest;

They have Far Reaching reaction on our Bodies.


Although the Earth is so much bigger,

If you do not even Know what to look for,

How would we Know why it is that the Weather Paten, Times and Durations change.


I know for a fact that sometimes the Start and Ending date doesn’t even come into play,

Seeing that the Duration of the Seasonal changes are Way-Outside our Comprehension and not at all, in our Control to say the least!


The best we can do,

Make sure to keep the Vitamin C well in hand

And make sure you’re warmly dressed for the approaching, coming or arrived Colder weather!


The Wrinkle in the HEAT.

Over the past few Weeks, I’d been Engaged in a Little battle with our

Tumble Dryer.


It stopped Spinning on its own,

Thus, washing Clothes in the Apartment wasn’t viable anymore.

Having no choice in the Matter, I started looking in on what Might be the Problem.


Opening the Machine up,

I first saw the Elastic band, looking at the Discoloration from the Track it had run on over the Past few Years.

I suspected that if there’s Not enough traction, this could be an Issue.


Having never replaced it, I thought it Time to do so.

Depending on how Old or Big you are,

Looking at the Middle indent of your Thumb – that’s more or less the width of this Elastic band and I can tell you this, when Pulled taunt, you need to put in effort in Hooking it over the Electrical Motor’s plastic pulley.


Looking at the plastic Pulley while I was busy here,

I thought to make it bigger and added a Rubber Pipe I’d bought,

Cutting it and then with Glue and Cable-ties – put it in place.


Speaking to the Man I’d bought the Elastic Band from,

I was told to look at the Material bearing in front;

Which I saw wasn’t in Good condition anymore.


The Moment I did this,

I looked at the Bearing in the Back and found it needed replacing as well.

There aren’t many Components on the Machine,

Thus, I was starting to worry a bit, not sure what I could look at next!


This still didn’t do the Trick,

Needing to help the Drum along to spin.

Looking at the Little white Plastic Tube with the Electrical Motor – the Kicker.

When I replaced this, EURIKA – the drum started to spin on its Own!


After all of this, I put the Machine back together and while it was in Use,

While I wasn’t there, the Bolt in the back of the Drum became dislodged.

Giving the Rest a Massive fright as to what was going on,

To say the least, the Machine immediately stopped and there was no Movement!


I replaced the Bolt with a Longer one and now used a Lock-nut action with Two nuts tightened against each other – allowing the Bearing in the back to still Run Freely.

I had to take into account that the Heat Element shouldn’t be touched or bumped or hit by the Spinning Drum itself; not breaking the Element.


This didn’t Matter, as the Heat Element on my Machine didn’t Heat-up as I know it should do.

Again I took it apart, Looking for the Thermal switch and handed it in, to be Tested.

There wasn’t a thing wrong…


The Only thing I could look at now,

Spinning up, Not falling Apart when it did,

BUT, not Heating up the Clothes,

Was the Actual Hot/Cold switch!


Opening up Yet again,

I looked at the Switch and found it was Really stubborn,

Not willing to Come out!


Experiment 101,

I pulled the Two wires from the Switch and connected them Directly,

Insulating them and making sure the wire didn’t become Dislodged,

Wearing out on the Drum itself.


This Finally Heated the Element up to where it should be!

With this Long Story short,

No matter what we may Think we know,

Even the Smallest of things on any Machine can have an Impact on the WHOLE!

The Blast from the CHARGE!


My Luck with Vacuum Cleaners isn’t Anything Good at all!

The last one, also a Little Small one, with a 2 Year Warranty on it,

Died within the first 6 Months after I had bought it!


I’m confident in telling you this,

Over the past few years – I had bought at least 5 Vacuum Cleaners

AND all of them either died beforehand OR my Luck at this,

Just After the Warranty had run out!


Once again I bought myself a Little more Expensive Vacuum Cleaner,

This time Bigger and More Powerful,

Wet and Dry machine with an 1800 watt Electrical Motor.


I can tell you,

The Vacuum Cleaner is Powerful and sucks really Intense!

Thus, I kept open the hole on Top of the Pipe to Reduce too much Pressure on the System.

Even with this, the Machine is going at it Far More Intense than I could have Imagined this Vacuum Cleaner to work.


Now then,

I didn’t start with this Post because I’m Happily Excited with the New Machine,

NO – What I didn’t Bargain on,

While I worked with the Vacuum Cleaner the First time,

I saw the Dust particles sticking to the Plastic pipe of the Machine.


The First time I used it,

I didn’t wear Shoes and only Vacuumed the Hallway,

And I suspect after Only a few Minutes –

Got my First Static Shock as well!


Since then I Vacuumed two more Rooms

AND I can tell you that not only the Impact of the Shock,

But as well, the Sound I can tell you that the Charge as more than

5,000 volts.


And Yes, Yet again I looked around on the

World Wide Web,

Like our, Then young Hermione Granger,

Researching the Hogwarts Library –

I also read-up some info on Static Electric Shock…


So here it is,

You cannot Realistically do much about this Static Shock,

Even if you did wear the Correct Shoes and Clothes,

The Powers who wrote the Information on the Websites I looked at,

Forgot One very Important Aspect of getting Zapped, in this way!


Like ME,

There are differences between All people and If you’re that Person,

Your Genetic make-up is one of the Contributing factors as well

For you to get Static Electric Shocks…


The next aspect of this is,

Your body generates either a Positive or Negative Charge is the Clothes you’re wearing OR even walking over the Carpet, Sitting in your Car, or doing whatever it is that You’re doing.


The place where you finally get the Shock from,

It is charged over time with the Direct Opposite charge

AND – Wham!

You get shocked with the Electrons or Protons which jump between YOU and whatever you’re close to!


Both of you need to be able to Convey the Charged build-up,

Without that,

You’d not feel a thing!


It is said that you can Only feel the Shock between

2,000 – 4,000 volts.

Lower than this, you’d not even know about it.


The Highest Static Electric Shocks had been recorded at between

20,000 – 25,000 volts.

Most wall outlets generate only 100 volts – but with that, there are AMPS included and that would be Really-Really bad for you to endure!



I have left Little shocks and then the Massive ones as well,

The difference is very Easily understood,

You Hear the Massive ones far Better than the Small ones.


Not only this,

When you do See the dust Build-up on the Pipe for the Vacuum Cleaner,

Do Not take your hand, wiping it Off the Plastic Pipe!

You’ll only Increase your Own Charge, which would Increase the Shock when that comes to bear!


I cannot say this would be Correct, but if you take your Bathing Cloth,

Making sure it’s Lightly Damp,

Wiping the Pipe clear from the Dust – the wet trap the Dust in the Cloth and I suspect the Charge as well and keep that from jumping to you.


This could backfire as well,

But if the Pipe it clean while you work,

The moment the Dust is Drawn to the Plastic Pipe again,

The chances while Vacuuming, that You could be Zapped,

Increases so much more!


The Static Electric Shock shouldn’t cause you any Medical injuries,

But the Higher the Voltages are,

The more Intense the shock could be.

Once I was Shocked on a Previous cut injury or Close to it,

I must say that it had Healed some, BUT it was rather Painful at the time.


Still, take care as best you can.

Avoiding the Shock as much as you,

May not always be possible though… all the best to you!

The PRIDE within.


Residing in this Neighborhood I am currently at,

I saw some time ago that the garbage dumpsite was closed; probably more than a Month ago.


To state the least, you can Imagine what kind of Chaos this created,

While driving up the Street which the Apartment building is located on,

Driving past what was the Dumpsite, you see on both sides of the Street there are so much garbage left on the side of the road,

I felt I cannot drive past there and not post this on my Social Media platforms.


Yes, the saying does go – look at oneself and then at Others,

This isn’t from only one Person’s making; which let me to Wonder what there was that I could do,

Not having much time during the Day to get any kind of answers so easily.


Thinking of this,

There are others in the Apartment Building here with me,

Who definitely have the time in getting to the Bottom of this!


Another saying is Swimming very Happily in my Mind –

A little different variation on this;

If you stand and do nothing, Nothing will be done to Improve anything…

(For evil to prosper, good men should do nothing)


Thus, with what I saw along the roadside,

I can only enlist one or two people’s help in seeing what the Local Municipality will be doing or Willing to try, changing what had been taking place over the past few Weeks, Months in this area!


Before I could even get to this,

I heard how much my Mom ran up and down between the various Departments of the Municipality to get answers on the proper functioning of Geyser for the Apartment.


We did get them to pop around to help us out with the Problem of the Heat for the Geyser,

But realized that for the Municipality to do something about all the Garbage on the side of the road would take Infinitely longer.


THEN to my Utter shock and Massive Big Surprise,

While I drove home the Other day after I heard what my Mom had to endure in getting the Answers,

I saw on the Road, the Potholes were filled up –

Possibly by either the Road Maintenance Section or they could have external Contractors doing this for the City.

What I realized driving on this Road with the Potholes filled up;

The Local Municipality KNOWS about the Garbage lying on the Side of the road.

These Contractors would have Reported this Problem to the Offices…


To say the least, the Vendors as well, know that there are Multiple Items up and down the Roadside which They take out, which is deemed Worthy to sell – the “Vendors” would sit at a different place on the road-side, selling these Items while they can.


I cannot say if the Municipality choose to Leave this situation be,

Giving these people the Chance at making some Money for themselves along the way,

But I know from Experience – there are Far Too Many people working at the local Municipality who do not care what this area looks like.


This wouldn’t be easily solved,

But that doesn’t mean that I’ll not see what could be done about this,

It’s now to reach out to whomever else can help with this issue.


All of this leaves me with the Question,

Any and or everyone who do not Care about this,

Knowing that this Situation does exist,

Doing absolutely nothing about it,

How do their Lives or their Home-life look like if they don’t care about this?


Still an uphill battle ahead of me…

Walking back in TIME!

Walking back in Time

This is in conjunction with the Power which was out at the Apartment I wrote about a few weeks ago.


After trying to find out where I could report of find out, who exactly could help with the Power of the Geyser and Reinstate running Warm water in the Apartment,

I eventually reach another Division of – I suspect, the Water and Sanitation for the Local Municipality.


I’m very sure here, this Division is called something else – Might as well be,

Seeing that I’ve got no idea what it would be.

The idea here isn’t what they’re really called OR what they do OR me asking for the help in resorting the Warm water to the Apartment.


When I walked through the Main-gate of this Division,

I was directed down a path, Forgetting I had been there a time before – a long-long time ago and that there was another way at getting to the Control Room from where they sent out Help to assist with any issues at hand.


What Totally Hit me while I walked down the tarred road,

Heading to the Side-door, looking for the Help I needed,

The path I walked down, the Memory which arose in my Mind, while seeing the Image of everything around me on this Path – It struck me Fully that I was walking Back in Time!


I can Remember the words and think of this so clearly, Come from my then Brother-in-Law;

Who left the Correctional Services long before me.

And when it was My turn to Resign from my Position there,

Accompanied me on the Day I Resigned with 24 Hour effect.


Like me on this day I walked down this Tarred Road, seeking the help I needed,

On the Day he came with me when I resigned my Post,

Like me, he wanted to get away from the Place he’d worked for such a long time,

The very same Feeling I got – seeing the almost Identical kind of Landscaping which was used not only with this Current place I walked down,

BUT it was used for General Purposes with other Governmental Institutions’ layouts.


The memory of where I had been and what kind of a Prison it was for My Creativity,

And now I was experiencing this kind of feeling,

Walking back in time wasn’t what I was looking for.


Like my then Brother-in-Law;

I could imagine myself working with People who Never would have taken the Chance at Changing their lives – even in the Year since,

I’ve spoken to a few People I’d known from there and

Even if they wanted to Move on to something Better,

The Fear and Uncertainty for doing just that,

Is what I suspect would mostly keep them from Trying at all!


I cannot say that Everyone there wanted to Leave or even where I had worked since then,

But I can say for sure,

If you did Leave a Previous place of Employment,

And there were People there unwilling to Change their lives for the better,

By leaving there was well –

The day you walk back into that Place of work,

If you saw them there;

Would those people have the same outlook as they had when you’d left?


This is the same Feeling I got from walking down this Tarred Road,

The same kind of Thought which was Blasting through my Mind at the time,

Could it have been the same Narrow Mindedness which my then,

Brother-in-Law found when he Spoke to those still Stuck in the work, lives, and situation they were in,

When he’d left.


Incidentally, my Sister, who is Medically trained had worked here as well,

And had also left there to Peruse her Chances at reaching her MD qualification.

Thus, it’s not Always to say Someone has to Change their lives Radically,

They could be Very Happy in what they’re doing,

BUT, if and when you do return to a Place which almost felt like it was Dragging you down,

When you walk amongst the Ghost of the Past,

And you feel strange at the same time…


It could be an indication that you did the Right Thing at the Right Time,

YES – no one said it would be easy,

The question would be – if you were able to See into the Future,

Would you rather Stay where you’ve got no Actual Fruitful Future?


The Irony here is this,

Working for the Government in most cases mean You’ve got a few Good benefits when you give so much of your time to them,

But, if you do stay there, You’ll almost Never move on to something much better than what you’ve got while you’re there!


When you do step Outside your Comfort Zone,

You need to work harder in what You’re looking to Accomplish,

The Fact here is this –

Almost Every other Person in History who Reached any Place or done something Better for themselves did that while they had No safety net to Catch them.


Without taking that Risk – there wouldn’t ever be that Reward either!

The Lack of CONTACT in the Wires.


Since my Second Oldest sister bought the same Ford I’d written about,

I had to help her with the Globs on the car and found this was a Really big SLEP!

Especially when she had a problem with the Lack of lights on the car.


Yes, yes, yes… as you can Well imagine,

I’ve had this issue a few times over since I started Driving this car on a Regular basis myself.

Strangely as you can Imagine this, the Longer you either Use something or try various options,

You eventually find other methods or conclusions to the same problem as to what you already tried to fix.


Then the other day I found that the Indicator light didn’t play along anymore.

Yes, I replaced it and found that it was Much easier to do so,

Yet I did have to remove some of the Plastic Moldings on the car, ONE to be exact.

I’ve got no idea how many people know this,

But if you’ve been driving a few Year there’s a good chance you do have to change Globes.


Both the Left and Right side of the Indicator sets Flashes at the same speed,

When you find that one side is Flashing faster than the other side,

It’s an Indication that one of the Indicator lights are out and you can go Hunting to find out which one of them it would be.

This was a rather cool inventive idea from the Manufactures to help us in this way,

Knowing when something is up with those lights…


Three days after I replaced this specific Globe,

I found that the light once more didn’t work and again,

I went Looking, to see which one it was I have to replace.


The moment I investigated here,

I found that it wasn’t the Globe itself, but there was a lack of connection regarding this Fixture,

Which Shockingly repeated itself with the small Park light and then,

The Dim light on the very same side of the car,

On the very same Headlight of the car!


I was just a Little Irritated here,

Looking at all the Electrical fittings right now,

Realizing that they weren’t making the Connections they needed to make,

Allowing the power to reach the Globes themselves!


Thus, I fiddled with them some and found where the Sweet-spot should be,

For them to keep on working when they needed to.

Realizing that after all, the various Globs I’d replaced,

Possibly half of them weren’t Blown –

Not that you’d look at them in any other way.


When you do see the Flint or the little wire inside the Globe hanging loose,

That’s a very good indicator that the Globe isn’t well anymore,

As well, if At All you see any kind of discoloration in the Clear glass of the Globe,

I can almost Guarantee you, it had burned and will not work.


If you’ve got a piece of Wire at your disposal,

You use the Car Battery,

Placing the Globe on either the Negative of the Battery or the Positive,

Then with the wire, you just touch the Globe on the Side of the silver metal –

Having placed the rear of the Globes contact on the other Terminal.


If the Globe does not light up, then you can replace it.

If and when you did replace it, and only days after this,

You find the Lights aren’t working,

There could be a Problem with the Plugs which supply power to the Globe itself,

The pins might not make good contact with the slide-over contacts which are connected to the Wires which supply the power.


I check the cars light Regularly,

To such an Extent –

I’ve got a Spring which I’ll involve in keeping the Fitting at Tension,

Making sure there’s Contact between the wired-plug and the Contacts of the Positive and Negative of the Globe.

So far it’s not been Necessary.


Everything does wear out at some point and that’s where Maintenance on the Car comes into play.

Without the lights working properly, You’re putting yourself and others in Unnecessary danger.


Do take care!

Surviving 21st Century DARKNESS.

Surviving 21st Century DARKNESS

Anyone who had been Following my post on a regular basis would Wonder just what would be going on in my Mind with such a Tittle;

Not to worry, it’s Not as bad as what it sounds to be.


The Only idea here would be the next thought;

If at all you’re Willing to try to Imagine this, you could if you Wanted to,

Take the Challenge for the Moment or two and Plunge yourself into Darkness, which you’d Experience when there’s No power at your place.


I’ve had an Issue with the Geyser, not sure after I’d reported it,

How long it could take before they would help me, solving the problem,

So it came to the point I tested the Geyser and found that it Tripped the power of the Apartment and I got stuck without any power for a few days time.


Yes, I can tell you that it’s Not nice in the least.

We all might have had the Weather knocking out the power or even there could have been a Transformer which had overloaded and blown.

The problem here is, you’d make plans if and when you heard the reason for the lack of power.


On my Pre-paid electrical system, there were enough units in reserve,

The Irony here is this,

When I looked out the window right After the power went out,

I saw the other Apartments had power and with the preceding sounds I had heard,

They were the signs for me, knowing there was Something different wrong with the Power!


From just past 7 at night I was left without power,

Unable to heat up any food and

There wasn’t any easy way of using my Laptop without running it down,

Having to keep my Cellphone battery charged as much as I can.


Luckily for me, for the time being, I had very few Perishables in the Fridge.

Yet, there wasn’t anything warm to eat and thus,

Luckily for me, I had a packet of Simba chips which I could munch on.

Drinking some Soda, from the two-liter bottles I’d bought over the weekend,

This was the only Caffeine I could get in my body.


Coffee was Totally and Utterly out of the Question!


Sitting here thinking about this,

I doubt that I even had a Book to read in the Apartment,

That would obviously Exclude the Copy I have of the Self-Published book,

And as I cannot waste the Laptop’s power – I only let it run till the power reached

50% before I switched it off as well.


Running around during the Day as all of us do,

I thought this was a good idea for me to get more Shut-eye than I usually get,

Meaning, there was more than 8 or so hours of sleep and rest in store for me.


Now, there’s some Irony for you;

While I got to bed around say 8 that night,

I rolled around and woke during the night, that night say twice.

Seeing that we’re used to running on Automatic and keeping on going,

Getting done what we need – when we rest Too much,

That suddenly does not correspond with our System.


Yes, Yes… laugh as you will,

When I’m busy and Focused, I run like a Machine,

Now the opposite isn’t true apparently –

If I’ve got the chance to rest more,

My mind just doesn’t want to shut down, Go Figure!


This is also indicative of the Weekends,

Getting up around 7 in the Mornings,

I’m awake much sooner than the Alarm goes off.


Herein lies the next Problem now,

If I woke up Too early and got out of bed,

I’d be walking or sitting around the Apartment in the Early morning,

With little or Nothing at all to pass the time before I leave for work.



I was forced to relax and stay in bed for as long as I needed,

When the time was right,

Dressed and then got to work…


This kind of routine wasn’t Designed with me in mind,

So now, I’d be waiting to see if the Powers that Be,

Will come and help me with the Hot Water Problem,

At least with Power, I can very effectively make due –


Trust me, without Power, depending on what you do;

That’s just not something so Brilliant to have to deal with.


All the best to you when this Adventure comes around to your Neighborhood!