The NETWORKING in the Farming.


As Everyone may well Know by now,

Running and Working as Constantly as we do, in Today’s Day in Age,

Getting around to do those Little things we Love, that doesn’t Happen too Often!


So when there were Plans made to Visit the Farm again,

I was ALL Up for it!

Not having been there in such a Long-Long time.


As we all know,

99% of the time, when Dogs sleep they dream and so,

I’d almost say that not only a Personality but they could Easily have a Soul themselves.


There had been more than Enough Theories and Speculation about most of the Other Animals around us, how they behave and what they do.

The reason why the Believe about Dogs is so Strong,

More people observe Dogs and possibly Cats than most of any other Animal on the Planet.


Yet, this day we spent at the Farm,

We saw the Cows there for the First time –

As I mentioned, not being there in such a LONG-LONG time,

We saw the heard when we arrived at the Farm.

I had to jump out and open up space for the big SUV to get to the Farm House…


While we said our Hallo’s and unpacked we chatted and caught up with what had happened over the past few weeks, months and Years.


We saw the Big Brahman Meat Cows and got a good Earful for what they’d been up to.

As my Aunt mentioned to Us,

The older Bull had grown too Old and wasn’t able to tend to the Heard.


Thus, when they had to Replace the Bull,

They got a Younger Bull and introduced him to the Heard.


For the time being, that didn’t go over so well,

As anyone who seen these Cows, they’d know the animals have got Horns,

Yes – even the Females got them.


At the First sight of the Heard,

The Little Bull – back then,

Was intimidated by the Larger Females and wanted to take Charge of the Heard.


This led them to argue and Fight amongst themselves,

So much so that my Uncle and Aunt knew they had to do something,

Having lost one of the Cows because they’d been Fighting,

They had to make a Plan before all the Cows kill Each other,

Seeing each one now wanted to be in Charge of the Heard…


Just then, before they thought of Really intervening;

To their great Surprise,

They saw that the Little Bull had the Cows standing in a Corner of their Penn.


The Bull got irritated with the Cows who were Constantly Fighting,

All of them trying to take Control and so, harming each other in the process.


The Bull kept them from Sleeping most of the Night,

Forcing the Cows to stand in the Corner for as long as it was Needed,

Making sure that each of them knew that He was in control of the Heard and

Creating peace between all of them on the Farm.


Since then,

The Bull had grown and become a Stud between the Cows,

Helping the Heard to grow and keeping control of them as well.


This isn’t just Instinct based actions,

But I cannot for sure say that any of them have got a Soul either.


Later on, my Aunt told us about when she was working alone with the Cows,

She struggled to move one of the Claves,

It wanted to take a Shortcut, getting to their Penn and got confused.


One of the Older Cows, one which had Kicked my Aunt,

Stopped, seeing that she’d run up and down trying to Move the Calf,

Yet – it didn’t work out so great.


This Older Cow walked toward the Calve,

Making my Aunt really worry – having Two of them to struggle with now,

All her energy draining and the Disbelieve that she wouldn’t get them out of there now.

Luckily to her Great surprise, the very same Cow which kicked her;

Possibly feeling sorry for her actions,

Actually took the Calf and moved it where it needed to go…

As my Aunt mentioned to us – when she’s out with the Animals, the Cow always follows her and help where she can.


No matter who says what, there’s just so much we cannot Explain,

How even wild Animals behave or when they grow-up with People around them,

Behaving far more different than when they didn’t have that Human interaction.


The soul and the personality in this case,

Making strange and different choices, which we can see;

That may very well Say and or Show,

Something Unique or Different from the rest,

How and what I cannot say or explain…


Rather see these Small Miracles and Differences as something Unique,

Than looking over this with Scrutiny,

Rather see the Wonder in what we cannot Explain to being with,

Knowing there’s Still things out in the World we cannot Truly Understand.

Very interesting to say the least…


The EUPHORIA of the Disbelieve…


It happened for the First time EVER, Yep – You’ll have a need a read on Further.

Between the YEARS 2017 to 2018 while we had a Nice Spit-Braai for the Coming New Year,

I was asked a Curious Question,

Why had I revealed a Subject from One of my Posts.


With my Mind mostly Running at Miles an Hour,

Places I only Later would arrive at,

I was Totally Shocked and in Wonder as to what I actually did.


It turns out that there was Nothing I did,

Yet when possibly Anyone reads some of my Work,

Seeing themselves in the Idea, Thought or Written Words,

I cannot help for their Insight into the same Situation.


This wasn’t Actually this kind of Effect

AND Still, I didn’t mention any Names within the Specific post.

It’s NEVER Nice to lay anything Bear to those Around you – If at all,

You’re not at all willing and able to Look at Yourself in the same way,

Especially when I’d point out things about myself which have Bearing on the Post itself.


Within this Idea,

I handed the Post to an Independent Third Party after I’d assured myself,

Reading the Post again; that I didn’t Make the Mistake at Shaming anyone with my Lack of Resistance in Naming the Subject.

So far so good.


Then something Really Interesting happened,

AND this is Actually very Ironic as well,

My very Last Post of the Year was read aloud…


I suspect like Most Artists,

Singers, Songwriters, Authors, Actors and every Other Medium out there;

There’s a Curtain Euphoria they may feel when People in General either See, Read, Hear or Such what they’d Created.


I had a Double Dose of this,

Hearing the Skeptical Thoughts about My ideas, thoughts, and comment on my Own Posts.

This with the Insight to this Post as well.


Hearing my Thoughts coming from another’s Words,

Hearing the Understand from them as they see some of what I’d shared

AND being present when the Realization of the Idea hit home,

It’s ALMOST like a Drug you cannot get Enough of.


Luckily for me in this Regard,

I ABSOLUTELY write for Myself first and foremost,

Making this Feeling that almost Tingling Feeling you get from Driving too Fast through an Even dropping dip and popping out on the Other side.


It could just be the Pressure on your body which moves in Such a way,

That it Actually feels Magical when you’re Young and this Happens to you,

The Feeling and Insight, the Wonder and the Believe that in Life the Magical can be as Real as our days are right now.


I do not crave Anyone to tell me If at all I’m any Good in my Passion,

I just DON’T want to waste my time at being Terrible at it,

Able to use my Time better than Wasting it.


I do have to Admit that I’d never had Thought and Believed the Feeling I did Experience while I sat there,

Enjoying this Sensation at what I had Created and at some Corners of the World at large,

I’m as well Giving Something Back from all which I’d Received.


The feeling was so Natural,

Not having Searched it out,

I would say it was a very True Feeling,

Something which Everyone should Enjoy at least Once for the Correct Reasons.


I suspect it’s just another Step in Reaching where I’m Aiming at

AND while I have Enjoyed the Sensation of Hearing my Words, Thoughts, and Ideas aloud like this – I also know that the Long Lasting Effect should be what and if Anyone can Themselves take something even More away from what I try to share.


I cannot Refuse the Idea that One day when I may be Recognized from more of My works, the Feeling accompanying that Might not be even More Intense;

That would be a Straight out Lie!


Within all of this,

I cannot say that many People Across the Globe would Enjoy this specific Feeling,

That withstanding – It’s not to say that Anyone cannot Feel this either,

Like Miracles, if and when You don’t accept them Possible –

Then there’s no way that You’d not See that reaction in Your Loved Ones’ Eyes,

The Joy in Your Children’s Laughter,

The Happiness in Your Friends Body Language, seeing you for the First time in a While.


Accept the Smallish Miracles,

Those Great Feelings and those Many-Many People who are part of them,

Live Your lives, Do not hold out for that GREAT one single Feeling,

It might Not Arrive
AND the Many Smaller ones Combine over time,

Making an Extra-Ordinary Life if you can Only See if for Yourself.


Make Your Days Count!

In the Name of ME.


I’ve seen this quite a few times, to say the least, strangely as I might find it,

I myself to some Extent have had a Weird runaround with this.


O K A Y, what I’m talking about?

I’ve seen over the Years some Women enjoy their Own Beauty,

Which is 100% brilliant for them.


The One idea here I’d like to mention would be One aspect of their Monthly or longer stints of that;

Their Routine where various women enjoy Fluffing up their Nails.


As I mentioned,

There’s absolutely Nothing wrong with ANYONE looking their Best and Enjoying what You can do in making Yourself feel even better than Normal.

Doing up your Hair, Dressing in what you Love to Wear, Working out to keep your body… So Nails is just One area I share in some weird way!


I ABSOLUTELY Hate Shaving and even more so, HATE Growing my Beard.

To say the least, I’ve only ONCE let it go – Suspecting it was when I got Retrenched, not entirely sure of this – being such a long time ago,

BUT, what I can Remember Very well; the Longer my Beard grew, the more my Skin React to the growing hairs and I literarily have a Problem with something like Dandruff or something like that when my Facial Skin becomes either Irritated OR I lose too much moisture because of the Hairs growing continuously on my Face.


Mentioning this, I just want Everyone to know that what Most Women do,

Not everyone else can get to Or enjoy doing,

Thus – coming back to my Original Idea,

I’ve seen many of the Women – enjoying their Redesigned Nails and how Happy this makes them feel, the ONE thing I’ve seen with most of them – when their Artificial nails are too long;

It makes working with their Fingers a bit of an Issue.


Now, coming back to Myself on this,

I like my Nails SHORT enough not to Actually Cut into my Skin,

When I wash my Hands and do it Too intensely…


I have also for some Strange reason found that,

If and when I sometimes Don’t get to the Keyboard enough,

Maybe not even that – Only One of my Fingernails becomes Irritated.

That is even After I had cut my Nails before and the Finger’s Nail in Question is already Short,

Still, it gets Irritated as if I’ve not Cut it.


This led me to Wonder some days just how Frustrating it Could or Might be,

Either when the Women, wearing Artificial Nails either get their Own Problem with them

OR hurting that much, When the Nail breaks and cause such a Great amount of Pain when it’s ripped off with some kind of Accident.


I cannot Remember which Movie it was,

But the ONE older Lady told the Younger one,

“There’s a Price you’ve got to pay for Beauty…”


I can clearly believe this one,

I can clearly Understand how Irritating the Women’s Nails could end up being,

Seeing that even though I shouldn’t have an Issue with my Own Clean cut Nail,

On One of my fingers – there are just Those days that I can forget,

It will bug me Throughout the day!


Everyone Enjoy what they do, how it makes them feel,

I’ve seen the women Adjusting what they do and how they do it,

For the Issue, they may experience – there are Mostly answers to what they endure and know possibly what they need to do in getting past this feeling or issue with their Nails.


I cannot for the Life of me Understand why it’s Continuously only One finger on my Hands which the Nail Irritates me like this,

Even if I, Very Carefully Cut the Nail even further,

I sometimes I feel the Pain when I cut if Too far

OR the Irritation when this Irritating Feel will not Subside…


Most Women I suspect, may not have this kind of Irritation at times,

But I can Imagine myself when there’s something that’s Bothering the Fairer Ones,

I’ve NOT yet figured out why it is that This One Finger Nail is irritating me at times…


When Women Enjoy their Beauty Regiment and something goes array,

They know why that may be and they can take Appropriate actions because of this…


Myself, why this is happening, One finger alone,

That’s possibly another Part of My Strange, Weird, Different Eccentricities –

Not a Dull Moment Ever…


If and When You Feel Good about yourself and what You enjoy doing for Yourself,

When “THEY” have an Issue with that,

As long as you deal with any Irritations along the way,

Don’t MIND what anyone else Say or Think –


Do what makes you feel Beautiful!


If only I can now Figure out why this Damn nail Irritate me so much at times…?

The GIRLS from a Life Past.


THIS, remind me of the two Films –

The Ghosts of Christmas (Charles Dickens)


Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (Matthew McConaughey)

Had me in some kind of a Similar position.


Ironically at that,

There are Two women by now that I’ve seen if you can say that,

At an interval far too close, making me believe this isn’t such a Coincidence,

For me NOT to wonder about this.


Listening on the Radio sometime before this started,

The Presenter asked about someone they’d known OR anyone the listeners knew,

Having not seen them in such a long time.


As curious as I was at this,

I did a Search on Google,

And very Surprised I saw the Results and the Research,

This first woman was Ironically on some Part of Social Media.


The reason I was somewhat shocked,

In the years before, possibly between 8 and 10 so far,

I never suspected Her to care much for opening any such Accounts,

Remembering this is what she told me, as a matter of Fact.


As we Most of the times do,

We get rid of Everything of that Person when we break the Connection

AND this was what I had done as well – this, while we weren’t even Serious in the least.

Still, the basic Idea was the same.


Then, when I ran the Search,

I saw the result and saw a Picture of her of at least Two Years before;

Closer to what she’s looking like now.


This I would say is Mostly also why there are Reunions,

People, in General, want to SEE and or Know what’s more or less been happening with those they’d like to keep tabs on.

For me, seeing this Image and concluding what information I was able to gather from the Two Profiles I had seen – I could make a few conclusions about her.

NOT in the Least bit sure At all how Closer or VERY Far from the truth…


So here comes Yet another Shocking Insight,

No matter HOW much we Hope, Believe and or Think;

That we’re so Brilliant – ONLY when you walk that Mile in Their shoes,

Would you and do you Know what it’s like to be them!


After all of this, there’s NO way that I can Ever believe my Conclusions are Correct no matter how many times in the Past I had been correct with them.

The ONLY thing that I’m 100% sure – her Expression in the Picture was a Sad one,

And this is something I thought would be possible.


Something I dreaded and HOPED would never happen,

But, what we Want for Others doesn’t always happen to them.

A Sad truth of life.


Even if we’re NOT personally involved with Someone We shared some time with,

You still do not Want anything Terrible for them or See that Life did not turn out that Well for them – Seeing that if this was what Happened to them, something You suspected could be,

There’s a Very Good Chance that you’d be in the Same boat with them,

If you’d stuck around…


Now I suspect that Life did Knock her around far more than I wanted.

Yet – You leave when you don’t have any Other Choice AND suspect You could have been Correct seeing them after all of this time had passed by.


Now for the Second of the Ladies,

Seeing her Mother more Often than I want to,

KNOWING this Lady smokes like a Chimney…

Myself Absolutely HATE Cigarette Smoke…


Thus, when I Least expected it,

I saw the Second Woman walking toward me, at the Apartment,

Walking to the Main Large garbage-bin,

Walking down the stairs behind her a bit later,

Either She had picked-up her Mother’s bad Habit of smoking

OR Her mother smokes so Constantly that no one would Survive there!


There’s no Answer to this Conclusion,

Except for the reaction from her,

Not in the least saying I’d have Dated her OR she might have been interested in me,

But the Lack of Communication from her side,

Leaves me to believe that some Ships sail for a Reason.


You, ME, All of Us at some Point Grasp onto the Idea of keeping that Person in our Lives when there’s Possibly NO factual Reason that this would Work out correctly.

Yet – as the saying goes;

If you let them go and they come back to you,

They were Yours to being with…


Just remember to Leave them Be when they Never come back to you.


We as a People don’t like to Lose,

BUT – take this Little Conclusion into account,

If they’re Never supposed to be Yours and You keep on Pushing,

How many Other Chances will then Slip through your Fingers,

Before You could Really find the One who is Really supposed to be Yours?


No matter what the Smart people say,

Letting go of Anyone at any Point in time for Whatever reason that may be,

I suspect it’s NOT in our Human Genetic Code to let Anyone go which You’d connected Deeply with.

Even worse than that – Accepting Life as it comes while we’re getting Over that person,

Living as You do or Have to,

Never such an Easy feat to pull off.


The Silver Lining here,

If you’re Willing and Open,

There will Always be a Chance at another Relationship,

ONE which is Yours to have and One which could Chance your life forever…

Just be Mindful of the Chance which could Present itself.



The Girl in the Pic isn’t one of the Two I wrote about, it Just Looked Nice.



I DON’T believe in New Year’s Resolutions,

I do believe, making your Plans and working toward Your Dreams is a Priority.

YET, there are so Many people who do make them

And Possibly before January is gone, they’d Abandoned the Idea or Forgotten what Resolutions they’d made to Being with.


I cannot tell you just what kind of Time waster this one is,

IF and When you do Stick to them,

That’s all good and well…


Not saying that If and When other people make them,

This isn’t something which does not work out for Other people,

I’m just saying that when the New Year arrives,

Many a Person Hope and Believe this would be the Year or the Moment they’d Reach that Plato for their Plans to Materialize.


Ask yourself this question,

In the Year past,

How many of Your Ideas, Thoughts or Plans had fallen by the Wayside?


Yes, it’s really Good if you do Keep with your New Year’s Resolutions;

Never saying NOT to work at them,

Keeping them alive and Changing your life along the way…


I’m Just saying,

With many of Us, It’s so easy to Dream Big and Never to really work on the Idea and keeping it going Until you actually reach the Actual Goal you’d set for yourself!


It’s Almost like Myself when I’m working on something on the Home Computer,

When I really get into it, with Lovely Cup of Coffee right next to me,

The first few Sips of the Very Hot Coffee is really nice.

But the Busier we get, the MORE life holds us by the Hand,

The less we concentrate on our Plans and Dreams,

Like me – when I finish saying with ONE page of Literature,

When I turn back to the Lovely Coffee…

I have to Reheat it, seeing it went Cold.

LIFE regularly get in the way of Our Plans!


If our lives,

Reheating that Idea, Plan or our Dreams we had such High hopes for in the beginning of the Year, that turns out to be really difficult.


Here’s another idea,

Take the First of the Ideas you did have as far back as you can Remember,

Think about it for a bit and See if this was only Done, having Something to say when People

around you ASKED what you’re Aiming at or Working toward…


Think about this Idea, Plan or Dream;

Is it really Attainable and if not,

Was it something of a Comfort in Choosing this,

Seeing You’d never Succeed in it?



If you’re Honest with yourself,

What is there that You’ve Always been Wondering about and

In the back of your Mind had always been Secretly Planning,

Seeing if ONE day you could Set this Idea Alight?


It just needs to be ONE idea, thought or plan you have,

Even if it’s so Old and Dusty,

As long as you Remember to keep it Alive,

Then you’ve got a Reference Point a Target which You can Aim at.


Life isn’t just a Sprint,

It’s a Marathon, for many of us,

Seeing that You’ve got to Work for Long and Harder than You want,

Seeing the Moment you stop, when you do not turn the Corner,

You may lose that chance reaching your Goals.


If and When your Idea, Thought or Plan eventually turns out,

Impossible to succeed –

That is the Moment when we Shift over to Number Two,


You’ve got the Right to leave it all be and just Continue like this forever,


If you’ve got that Fire burning in you, it’s Time to move on to Option Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten…


If the First of Many don’t Pan out,

You’ll need to choose where to go from there.

Hence – New Year’s Resolutions, for That Year Only could work,

But Your Idea, Thoughts or Plans for your Life,

Those are the Difficult ones to Really Reach!


Best of Luck to You!

The ACHE in the Mechanical.


Today I’m more than a little bit late,

To say the least, I wasn’t even going to Post this thought,

Yet – After I once again struggled my Rear off, I thought I’d actually Ask the next Question of Everyone…


This morning I planned to sort out Two issues on my car,

The one I had no idea, how Difficult it would turn out to be,

Knowing only after I had finished I would know just what the First would entail.


On my car, on the Ignition – when I start the Car, the Kilometers / Miles and various trip information don’t show Immediately when they’re supposed to show.

So I found out what this Cause could be and got a hold of the Part.

Which is the Rear Plastic unit in the back of the Ignition, which didn’t make the correct Contact and so, there are small issues because of this.


Never before did I Replace the Rear of the Ignition on My car;

So there wasn’t any certainty of how to do it or how difficult I’d find, it to do this.

The other Issue I had on the Car,

Both the Dim-Lights on the car started giving me trouble again.


Both of them I did Replace before and KNEW very well that neither one of the Globes in the Headlight casing was in any way easy at all to replace.


I’ll not bore you too much, but the Rear of the Ignition was really fast – one of the items I’d ever fixed or replaced on the car;

Which was done this Fast!


After the Ignition, I lifted the Car’s Front wheels,

I systematically started with the work, knowing that there are Various issues with getting the Work done and once again,

Really struggled with TWO screws, which were placed well out of the way,

Making it a real pain in the Rear to get this done.


This issue for the Day let me think back to the various Times I either Tried or Did fix something.

Then you should Look at the issues and the Design of what you’re working on.


Like the Car, I had to replace the Globes on,

Have you Ever Thought or Wondered, if the people Designing the Cars or Most Other Things;

If they worked on them – or struggled with the Item YOU struggled with;

Would they have designed or built it in a Different way?


Only when this Specific Item is Second Hand, in most Cases;

When You have to Or want to Or believe you can Fix it,

It’s only then when you started to stubble with whatever it is,

Do you really see just Horrible it’s been Designed…

IT’s at this Point in time You want to Scream and Hope that at Some point the Designer did in fact, EVER themselves struggle with the Item they’d created!


I doubt this would Ever happen and I know for a fact,

We’ll Fix, Repair or See about something or another in the Future

AND the Smart People wouldn’t much care for what we’re Struggling with,

Even if it was them who Designed it Far Less good than any of us would have Thought possible…


I REALLY Hate to have to Replace those bulbs…


What is there you Hate doing, having to do them over and over,

Struggling because someone Else thought their Idea was far better than it really was…


Just some Food for Thought.



Over the past few Weeks, we heard of so many Men who had been Accused of some kind of Sexual misconduct or Straight Abuse,

On either Women or Men as well,

It’s really shocking, to say the least!


Many of them as far as I know either Lost their Jobs,

Been pulled from their Current Contracts and Possibly,

Many other Legal issues are being Raised,

Regarding what they’d done.


While I heard all of this,

I’ve come to more than one Conclusion and had thought about this specific Idea which I’ve been wondering about longer than these Cases have been running or Accusations been made in the Public eye…


It is Terrible to think that Anyone goes through this kind of Ordeal,

Especially with someone who May Be in Power –

Wielding it over the various people, when they don’t have a say in the situation.


There’s a very Big Difference between Stupid Curiosity when we’re growing up,

Wanting to know more OR being Stupid when we’re in the Situation to learn some or even Experiment when we know none the better…


This Unfortunately isn’t the case here.

Everyone who KNOWS better at Their point in time should also face what is coming to them.

And I’m not saying any of them should Argue they didn’t know better –

This would be a Big Damn Lie as well!


But the Major thing I suspect, why there are so Many Victims of any kind of Abuse,

Is that either the Victims feels such Shame,

Their Abusers hope, believe or think they’d Forever keep Quiet about what had happened,

Not talking to anyone about what Happened.


As well, in the Greater Society – I suspect that more often than Not,

Certain things are to some Extent a Taboo issue to talk about,

OR to bring from out of the Darkness and thus, Shame those who prey on the Helpless looking, good People out there.


Everyone of us, at least Once or Twice have encountered some kind of situation which You’d had the Power over someone else, Possibly without even thinking of it.

YET; thinking of this now, you’d not do the same thing Over and Over again.

That’s said IF ever We learn from our Mistakes – the People of Power don’t!


There are so many ways in which Every One of Us can abuse another,

One which Most would say, Manipulating another to Your own Advantage,

Even if, when You are on this side of the Coin – it would be terrible for THEM to do something like that to you.

And Yet, when Anyone believes they can Get something for Nothing,

That’s also a means of Abusing the Situation they’re in.


The TWO major thoughts here would be this;

If you don’t feel Comfortable with Whomever it is, get the hell out before it’s too late – don’t Mind if they might not like you Walking out, just do it to save your own skin!

Then as well;

Never Ever keep Quiet if this happened to you, Those People who do this on a Constant as so many other Criminals – they start Small and the more Confident they feel about what they Believe they can get away with, the Bigger they start acting on this.


We Might even experience a Single incident,

For someone behaving like an Idiot or just Read their situation wrong;

That I’d say when They don’t know better.

BUT the Older anyone gets the Better they should know,

UNDERSTANDING that, Acting against Other’s Best interests,

That’s not something Stupid – it’s Criminal forcing them into anything!


If you do believe that Anyone would put you in Harms’ way,

Don’t Put Yourself in that Position.

AND Yes, it’s not always to say You’d know this beforehand,

Some of These people would come across very Mundane.


Read the Situation as best you can,

And if you feel unsure,

Rather Run and find out what Others know of this Person,

You can always Apologize if there’s no need to Fear them;

BUT – if and when you don’t React,

You might as well become the Victim if you don’t take Care of Yourself…