Beyond the SMILE,


I cannot say with Any kind of Certainty that this is even Close to what the Truth of Other People’s lives are or could be.


While I walk up and down during the Days or do something when and where I need to do this – I see people around me. Yes I know as well, Looking at them you Cannot ascertain for sure if they’re Happy or just what may or may NOT be going on in their lives.


I know for a certain FACT that you Cannot judge a Person by the Moments you see them AND what you Perceive of their Actions.


THUS, it’s sometimes Very Interesting for me to look around me, looking at almost Everyone walking past me. Knowing that they’d Possibly see in Me what I see in them at the same time.


Yet the times I see Unhappiness, Sadness or Despair in their Faces – I wonder just how Accurate I really am; Understanding that I Cannot forever always be even Close to the Possible truth, as to what these People may Feel or Think…


We Cannot always as well walk around with a Smile on our Faces, BUT it’s not this which I see. If that is, I’m even Seeing what is the possible Truth.


This Image had not Left my Mind in all of this time, knowing that for a Certain Fact that there are a Mired of People we See or Interact with, who aren’t Happy in the Least bit in their Lives. Something which very Few of us could do a thing about.


This doesn’t mean We’ll NOT want to help anyone we know OR that Person you see, looking as Glum as they do. You may Not be able to Spark that Happiness in their Lives or their Souls.


Like an Infectious Disease, when you see someone – thinking of a Baby who sees you Smiling at them; this could very Easily be the First reaction they learn from you. Smiling back at you or whoever it might be there with the Infant.


As long as we Live we Learn how and what to do from those around us. Not saying this is Only the bad and worse things there are out there.

But this stands fast, as we Do what Others Do and not really what they SAY to us, in doing…


There are Times I grant you that, when we need to be Alone in our own Thoughts and you Cannot just sit around, hoping that the Issue or Thought would Resolve itself – in this Times and Days when we’re out and about; Those times could be what I’ve seen in the People as well.


Yet, what I saw, was an Older woman at the specific Shopping Complex and while she walked Alone – with her Possible Age unknown, I did see that she was very Grey and suspected that she could be a Widower (no proof for this thought).


And while I passed her by, I saw the seriousness in her expression. Not saying she was Unhappy, but she wasn’t in a good place either.

Right after her, not ten Steps behind her – there was a young boy. Possibly Primary School and while I approached him, I could see his Expression as well.


From my Perspective, he didn’t look Happy in the least bit. And with the Speed which Children grow-up these days and the Number of Predators out there, Horrible situation they could be involved with – No One can ever tell me any Teenage Child couldn’t have seen Terrible bits by now in their lives…


There is absolutely Nothing wrong, not always Walking around with a Smile on your face. It’s just once again Something I see around me, looking at People as I do, realizing just how few times I do see Happier people themselves.


My belief in most Instances, for Myself, is this – I cannot say that I’m always Cheerful which for All of us would be Really difficult. And so, I believe that Forcing ourselves in being that which You’re not feeling at the time; takes a Greater Deal of Energy from you to maintain.


In this Regard, I’ve become a little more Straight Forward over the Years. Not only this, I hate it to Waste my time and thus, Anyone would know Exactly where they Stand with me. In doing so – I don’t waste their time either.


When they then Do see me, out of my Skin, I’ll have good Reason for being such a State of Euphoria. Another thing which helps me, when People see me, as Neutral as Possible, Acting Normally around them – they’d far more Revert back to their Current Internal Emotional State.


YES, Yes I know this sounds Funny. SO, I’m almost Hiding in Plain Sight, seeing and looking through the Looking Glass which is so Eccentric to me, Observing those around me and in this way; Learning more and more about Human behavior.


The ONLY thing here I really do have an ISSUE with, even though we Might NOT always want to Smile or jump out of Our Skins – I do believe that when You, Me, We Affect others Unjustly; that’s when our Personal Feelings become something to DREAD, making other People around us Unhappy as well…


Being Honest is good, Being Rude isn’t even Close to that!

Being Upset or Unhappy is your right,

But Willfully Affecting others because You’re not in a Good place,

That should Ring some Bells, for you to Look at yourself and Figure out what is going on,

Do NOT pull Other’s down because they’re not there…


It is SO easy at Pulling others Down with you,

Self-pity and wallowing in your Issue is Far Less Strain –


Seeing, when You’re not Positive or at least Content – Reaching there, Could be Much Harder Work in Reaching AND Maintaining this Personal Level of being…


The Struggle UP-HILL.


When I Heard about the Whooping from the Second-Last game which the

Springboks endured by the hands of the All-Blacks,

I wondered just what we’d see in Due Time to come.


Then the Thought occurred to me as it had Happened so many time before,

How many times Had we, you, I come back from a Terrible beating;

Massive mistake or LIFE just kicked you in the Butt.


We LEARN only when had made a Mistake OR

Had fallen to stand up and ONCE more do what we need to do,

Going on with our lives…


Even with all of this,

The NEXT Game the Springboks Played,

They’d Improved to such an Extent,

They ALMOST won the Game.


Even though they came Back for the Absolute Beating,

Losing by ONE Point,

There would be those who would once again Argue,

THEY had not DONE the best they could have…


I’ve NEVER seen or Known how Other Countries and their Fan would look at this,

I’ve NEVER visited any other Countries and heard how they’d react to losing by ONE Point after their Team had lost by 57 – 0.


At this Thought, another hit me as well.

The reason why we Most of the time Listen to the Radio, Watch this on TV

OR Read those Gossip Magazines.


SOME of the People like nothing better NOT to see the Sun shining over someone Else’s Life, rather than their OWN;

As well – there’s Always someone out there who Know better than we do,

Could have been Better at it as well and KNOW how to remedy the Problem…


The IRONIC fact here is this,

I’m NOT talking about the Fan wanting and willing to Support their Teams all the way,

Through the THICK and THIN,

I’m talking about the People who are without Fault.


They’ll NEVER accept that a Team and bounce back,

They can NEVER Imagine that Others might be able to do Something better than They can,

They CANNOT believe or accept that THEY’RE not in the Thick of things,

Making those Changes and Living the Dream as to the Others are.


UNFORTUNATELY, this is also Truth,

They will not Even want others – hard work or not,

Having the Success they cannot Attain,

No matter what they do in their Life-times.


In this, the very OLD saying is also very True;

“Time is wasted on the Young…”

Not saying ALL Young people waste their lives,

BUT the Idea here is inherently the same.


There’s ONLY so many people would Hunch down and get their Work done,

Training or Studying or Finishing their work Project AND so on,

Not wasting their time and become as Good as they possibly can.


These Other people who Love to criticize what Others do

OR where they’d Failed, rather seeing the Leap forward they DID make,

They are Mostly also the People would may be, Wasting their Time, Lives and Opportunities!

These could mostly be the ones NOT willing to believe You deserve what you Obtain when You do reach the Heights which You, Me or They had worked for.


EVERYONE should ONLY be measured against their Own Dreams and Desires and Work,

You’re the MOST unique person out there,

Measuring yourself against Someone who isn’t YOU,

Just how would You know if they had not been Very Lucky at some point.


Like the Rugby team,

They worked hard and got their Mind-set right.

Being as Positive as they were and Playing the game are Hard as they did,

It’s ALWAYS a guarantee that They’d win.


BUT, what does make the Difference,

Stepping Up and doing the Business,

No matter where the Dice lands.

If they need ONLY our Approval,

More Teams and Individuals WORLDWIDE would fall into the Abyss,

Seeing – if You’re not Do, Living, Fighting and Reaching for Yourself ( FIRST ),

Then nothing else would Ever be good enough in Someone Else’s eyes…


First and Foremost,

You need ALWAYS to be Your OWN Number ONE Fan,

When You’re happy and KNOW you’ve done your Best,

Then Secondly – the rest may come BUT not too Tell you what they think,

Take ONLY their Constructive Support,

Beyond that – Their Intentions may not Always be so good for You!




Over the Years there had been MANY-MANY Films and TV Series or TV Movies made on a Great Many Private – Personal Topics.

YET – as far as I know,

Each and Every time, They or Anyone else want to do this,

Needed some kind of Permission from Those, it’s about or May affect; Is Very Necessary!


In this regard, I can Remember as well,

the Book which was written about our Late Statesman,

It was also Pulled from the Shelves and now the Doctor who wrote the Book,

He’s got a few questions to answer about what he’d done.


The same with the Film of the Murder Accused Athlete,

Which the Film is about.

Now what is really Weird and Strange about this for me,

How it’s even Possible when the people Aiming to make this Film,

Didn’t do their Homework in knowing what they needed,

Getting the Film off to the right start?


I myself aren’t in the INDUSTRY and even I know that there’s a Process to be followed in this regard, as to Making a Film.

To say the least – there are Permissions to attain, as well as Permits, depending on where the Location is, Planning WELL ahead of time, Knowledge of the Story and everyone involved in it?


In this regard as well,

Where or How did the Producers believe they can make the Film,

WITHOUT doing the Research on the Real-Life Events?


Not only that but then You have to speak to those People who were involved with what happened.

Everyone would have their own insight as to what happened and what they may think,

Finding out as much as possible about your subject and in this way,

The Story would be told as truthful as possible.

IF that was the Directions the Producers were Leaning, making this Film… no idea.


Now I’m just speculating in this regard, but I suspect that the Producers jumped the Gun on this Idea of theirs.

I can myself as well THINK that if Someone was to give me the Green-light,

Making a Film – I’d be really Devastated when the Powers that Be – those directly Part of the Real-Life situation,

Was to refuse me or whomever it is, Permission at using their Lives and what had happened in making such a Film…


Here I can Imagine that if Monies had Changed hands,

When the BIGGER Company paying for the Film,

Wanting this Story told and a Film made from it,

They’d want the Chance at seeing just How much Money They could make with what had happened.

They would also Expect that the People who Pitched them the Idea –

Were able to do their Due Diligence and get the Permissions they needed.


When Someone Jumps the Gun,

For whatever Reasons that may be,

Expecting to get away with it, NOT securing the Rights,

That’s where things get Really complicated.


I cannot for a Fact say for sure what happened there,

But such as with the Real-Life events, which this Film is based upon,

The Press would Very Fast sweep in – Especially having Covered the events before;

It might NOT be such a good thing for the Producers,

Not having Dotted their i’s and Crossed their t’s!


Just like the good ole Doctor,

How could He have Imagined that Nothing would happen,

When He not only Wrote the Book,

But aimed to Generate Profits or Funds from the Sale of the book!


As soon as the Book idea was Presented to the Publishing House,

They would have put out feelers, find out what everyone directly Impacted with the Release of the Book,

Thought of what was written about the Topic.

To say the least, the Press would have Picked Up on the book,

Asking Questions and then, when the Doctor had his Interviews,

Everyone would know soon enough, what it was about.


I wouldn’t say this is always the Case,

BUT in many instances,

MONEY is a very Big Influence for People taking Liberties,

Especially when they shouldn’t be doing so!


The IRONIC fact here is this,

There’s ALMOST no way that either the Doctor or the Producers didn’t Think what they were doing,

Was A-Okay?

If you think about this and there’s a Hint of Something bothering you,

When You Ignore that Feeling and Ask the Question later,

Don’t ask WHY did things go Wrong later…


That’s the time when Life would kick your Butt;

Seeing the time when You had to accept that there’s something wrong,

You didn’t… Now they’re Forced to see what they had done and KNOW that,

Way back then – when they suspected something to be Off,

It was!

And now the Producers and the good Ole Doctor have to deal with the Issues and Problems which Arose because Many People like to take the Shortcut…


MOST; just don’t like to be called out on this and even Fewer than those Want to

Pay the Price involved with their Actions.


Rather Make sure everything is Okay with your Plans,

than Gambling, trying to see if you can Beat the House?


Water_drop_001 a

While I had this Idea, I also had the THOUGHT or Cool Phrase from a Film I’m not entirely sure if Many of you had seen it.

“The Day The Earth Stood Still.”

YES, I get it that it was a Cool Film as well.


Within the Film one of the Supporting Characters told Keanu Reeves’ Character,

“Only on the Precipices of Extremes do WE as Human change,”

Especially when WE do not have a Choice in the Change in what we’ve got to do.


Now then,

It was a few weeks in the Making,

BUT on Thursday this past week, the Geyser in the Apartment decided that was it!


It started to Leak continuously,

So much so that the water Ran down to the Geyser below mine and

Apparently, from there the water ran to the Light Fixture of the Apartment in the Kitchen,

Leaking through there and dripping into the Kitchen itself.


Not only Us,

But I suspect the Tenants in the Apartment below also Logged a Complaint about the Issue that is currently hampering them,

Thus, the Powers that be, came to see what was to be done about this.


HERE is where the Issue really becomes a Pain in the ASS!

Understandable that It affected others,

I must say this – it’s a little bit Weird – seeing that the Coldwater,

If run Long enough become warm…


Beyond that,

The water was turned off so not to Harm or Inconvenience the Tenants below,

YET for me,

I’m currently in the Apartment myself and I’m left without Running Water!


AND this is the Idea I wanted to share;

Hearing that in our Country there had been such Issues with water,

ONLY when You’re really, without it,

Do you Really understand just how Important it is for LIFE in general.


I’m not Suggesting that Others cannot Imagine how Difficult this would be,

BUT then that One saying also comes to Bear;

“Walk a Mile in my Shoes, Only then will You Know…”


In this case, that’s SO True,

E V E R Y time I want to Use water for whatever thing I want to,

I have to Stop and or Remind myself that for the time being,

I cannot just Open the Tap and Water would run from it.


In this Regard,

There’s SO much we can Loose in our Normal Day-to-Day lives,

There’s Absolutely NO way of knowing just what Might or even Could happen

For anything such as that to Take from You, which WE need.


I made sure to Stop at one of the Shops

They sell Filtered Water,

Making sure that I bought myself even MORE Bottled Water than which I normally do.


It’s within this that I know that Many People would also waste it,

Never having to Deal with the Issue Connected with the Lack of Flowing Water,

YET, when they Can do something to Save it,

They Might not care about that in the least bit!


It’s a Very Fast turn-around in Calculating what I have to do,

Planning WAY Ahead and making sure to Save and or Re-Use as much of the water I’ve gotten for Myself.

Yet, Even after the Municipality comes and Replaces the Geyser;

I’ll still NOT Waste a Thing in my life.


It’s Just that Interesting to Endure this kind of Life’s Experiment,

Having to Plan and Deal with the Lack of such a Precious Commodity,

AND even if I know just how Precious Water is,

In this situation, there’s Nothing that I can do in Helping to resolve this Faster and Easier for myself…


I’m not SURE just what else there are which Everyone else could have,

Which – not having it,

Would put You OUT really Badly,

YET – I know from Human Nature,

WE’LL do whatever we can, NOT having to deal with issues…


That is,

Until We’re ALSO standing on the Edge of Understanding.


If and when You Know there’s something to be done,

Pre-emptive Action is Much better than having to RUN around Blindly,

Unable to deal with Whichever issue that may be.


Anyone can Adapt to their Unpleasant Situation or Surroundings,


If you can Plan Way Ahead of this,

It’s NOT to say You’ll have to deal with that Issue to being with…


All the Best to You and Your Possible Issues,


HOPEFULLY, I’ll have a New Geyser before Long,


NOT Entirely sure about that one either…

The CHANGE Is In Thee Air…


It’s been a Few Years since I can truly say that We had a Cold Winter,

To say the least, Only Last Year did we really experience any kind of Effects from the El-Niňo which made its Rounds sometime before.


We had a Drought and the Lack of rain when we Expected it to be here,

That with the Date, Times and Previous Knowledge made things a little Strange;

Not that anyone would Think what I’d be saying is Remotely possible…



Go look around your own Area and see if things had changed,

And this, which I’m referring to is the Weather itself.


Once more our Winter wasn’t that Intense

AND Like us Humans do,

We CRAVE not to suffer –

Thus, how many times did Anyone around you ask; when the Summer would be here?


As so it was, before long,

ONLY, this Year Everyone saw that Spring wasn’t here in the least bit,

No, we moved from Winter to Summer without any Stopping along the way!


The IRONY here is this,

With Winter over and Done with,

Our Temperatures are much Warmer than Most would like,

Seeing that the actual Weather Patens had changed…


Now just What the Hell does he mean?


Well, here’s the Ironic Idea which I’ve got here.


Holding your Hand as if you’re holding onto a Ball which is bigger than Your hand.

Imagine that this Ball is our Earth…

Okay then, it’s Just for you to understand what Idea or Thoughts I’ve got swirling in my Mind!


NOW, while you’re still Holding onto the Imaginary Ball in your hand,

Imagine that around this Entire Ball there’s an Atmosphere.

If you can Imagine a bit further,

There are plans, People and other Living things on this Small little ball…


So, Day – Night 101,

The Earth Rotate and generate our Day and Night in the process.


In the Same way,

MOSTLY, when One spot on Earth’s got Day the other side, SAY 180° in the Opposite,

There would you find Night…


BUT now, let’s say, Either with Global Warming


Worse than that,

What is Nature and Mother Earth are working in Conjunction,

Changing these Weather Patens over time.


Here could be Two reasons why this is Happening,

FIRSTLY – if it can be said, Global Warming is causing these Events to take place much faster than what we would have expected.

SECONDLY – if this is in ANY which way possible, what if the Planet or even Nature is trying to Heal itself because of OUR excessive Lives?


There’s as far as I Know,

NO Reason to believe that any of my Ludacris Ideas are in Any which way Correct or even Possible to happen,


Yet – I suspect if things do continue as they are,

In a 100 Years or thereabout –

I cannot say as I’ve not done such Research on this,

I’d suspect that since before We, They, I suspected that the Weather had changed…

That the Areas on the Globe where it Once Snowed during the Winter,

Wouldn’t have Snow in their Winter…

Could it have something Totally different in Due Time?


I’m not even saying this will happen,

BUT what if in Our Lifetimes,

Things on Earth will change in due time…


Remember that Imaginary Ball you have in your hand,

Look at it, Focusing on One side.

NOW Imagine that the side You’re Focusing on,

The Weather over time Swing around to the Opposite side,

As things, we had Experienced over the past few Years…


Let’s say there’s a Chance,

IF at All the Weather in due time would Change from one side of the World to the Other side,

Just Imagine,

If you were to wake from a Sleep of a Thousand Years say,

What would have changed in such a Period as well?



Here’s a Really disturbing question for you,

If this was to happen that the Paten would shift and something Else come into its Place where you are right now…

What will you do then?
Seeing, if this was to happen, If this wasn’t just some Rantings of a Crazed Author,

What would be our Conclusion if Things really had to chance?
What would we really be able to do about it?


Like so many times before,

HOPE that things once again would Change?

My Misfortune of DEBUGGING Myself…

sick-dog-in-bed 1

YES… it’s that time of the Year yet again!

Debugging… Yes I must Admit that the Changing of the Season did Catch me

Off-guard this Year!


Living in V-Town, Gauteng, South Africa,

With Sasolburg as Close as it is,

There are a Great many things in the Air which We, Me, I, They are allergic to.


This would mean, I’ve got a Constant battle against Sinus,

Seeing that Many Moons ago,

When I moved to V-Town I wasn’t struggling with Sinus as I’m right now.


This is also ONE of the things the Pharmacist told me the Other day,

MOVING to a Cleaner area will Greatly help when My body reacts to something in the Air

AND I’d feel better faster when I’m using the Correct Medicine.


During the Half-Day, I was off from work,

Feeling really Bad,

While I slept as much as I possibly could,

I also had this Weird and Strange dream as well…


While I was TRYING to sleep as much as possible,

I came to realize that while We, Me, They are Ill or not feel so bright,

Our Subconscious is trying everything it can in Understanding what is going on.


Although when we’re Resting as much as we can,

Dreaming the very Strange and Weird dreams,

Don’t always help us to really Relax and or even get enough Rest in,

So that the body and start Healing itself with the Mired of Medicine which we take at such times…


When we’re feeling okay, healthy and good;

Just sometimes we dream strange things,

Having seen a Movie or TV Episode,

Which makes things a little strange for us to dream,

THUS – don’t even get started when we’re NOT feeling that well…


While I was THIS under the Weather,

I kept on Thinking and Remembering that If I could ONLY have a good enough Sleep,

This Cough which has been with me Until NOW,

Would be Fixed and I’d be feeling better!


Another Ironic fact here,

When You’re feeling ill,

You Actually sleep Less,

Seeing that I kept an eye on the Time while I was out of it.


Not only did I look at the time to see What the time actually was,

But I kept somewhat Calculations of the Medicine I was drinking

AND when I should take the next Doze as well.


I must Admit that I’d drank more Medicine during that Night the other time I was Fighting with the Virus…


While I was so OUT of it as well,

I found that I was Hot and then Cold and in between,

To say the Least,

I’d slept a few Places throughout the Apartment.


The least one I was in or at,

This was the Bathroom floor,

Where I actually Sat against the Laundry Bin.



This would be the Question…

Why would I spent time on the Floor of the Bathroom…


Well, here it is,

When You’re feeling REALLY Terrible,

Sometimes Your body has the Need to Expel the Foods or something which Is, in fact, Making you sick…

Throwing-Up or Talking to George…


It was the Frist time in such a LONG-long time that I was feeling in such Situation,

I was speaking to George…

This doesn’t actually happen to me – seeing I had an Operation;

YET – the Physical Action connected with speaking with George,

That DOES happen and I can Assure you,

It Doesn’t feel Brilliant in the Least!


ANOTHER strange thing which Happened with me along this way,

The Sinus Drip isn’t nice in the least bit


This time around I once more had my Uvula become Irritated because of the continuous drip;

Hanging on my Tongue,

Swallowing becomes Really Painful!



Shocked myself,

I found that Suddenly my Taste buds got Completely Screwed!


Until NOW,

Everything I eat or drink,

It doesn’t taste Nice in the least bit!


Addicted to Coffee as I am,

If I don’t drink it Past the Terrible Taste –

I don’t have a Cup during the day…

NOT entirely sure if the Taste would Come back Normally,

LIKE a few Operations before,

Not eating Breakfast…


This time Falling Ill might have Longer Lasting Affects on me,

Very Weird and Very Strange to say the least!


The Debugging still Continues…


HATE feeling Sick!


Into My HOUSE,

In my house

I’ve heard the HYPE for this Boxing Match for such a Long-Long time,


Having NO idea who would win OR what would happen during this Fight,


YET – there were a Great many People having their Own opinion on this!




Then the Fight took place,


I didn’t watch it and only Heard about it when it was Over and Done with,


When I Googled the Results over the Internet…




At this I had Another One of my Many Thoughts,


In the Very same way in which I do Everything I’m doing,


I looked at this Fight and the Challenge between the two men.


As you can well Imagine;


Mayweather vs. McGregor…




AFTER the Fight everyone was going on about this,


Mayweather winning with a Technical Knock-out,


Which I cannot dispute in the least bit.






Now everyone wants to Sell McGregor out,


Seeing that he couldn’t Last the Distance?




Both the Men had trained very hard as I can Imagine myself,


AND Yes – Boxing is a much different Sport than that of Cage Fighting.


That said, I’d wager if Mayweather,


Not that he have to – got into the Cage with McGregor,


With what the man have Done and Can do,


Would seriously injure Mayweather.




KUDOS for the McGregor at getting into the Field which takes YEARS at getting to the TOP,


Taking on such an Elite Athlete in Mayweather,


Which is an Excellent Opponent as he is,


Boxing in this Match in Mayweather’s backyard and Lasting as long as he did!




Mayweather taking on the Challenge and believing the Challenge to be Serious,


He didn’t Hold a thing back,


Giving McGregor a run for his Money.






If and when those MANY Critics who Love to Pull McGregor down at stepping up,


Would and or Could they muster up the GUTS to go up against either one of the MEN,


Just in Boxing and see how long THEY would last!




It’s SO easy to tear someone down from Stepping out of their Comfort Zone,


NOT sure which other Boxers would take on McGregor as Mayweather did,


Seeing that McGregor stepped into that Ring to see what he could do,


MAY not be a Push over for just ANYONE in the Ring itself.




ANYONE to just Assume to get up and Box


OR even get into the Cage and Fight with someone else,


Not having the Basic understanding for that kind of Physical Confrontation,


You’ll be lying on the mat Much sooner than you could even Imagine yourself to be!




It doesn’t matter at the End of the day,


No matter WHO You are,


The moment when we Possibly branch out of our Normal Routine,


If and When we could Fall,


There always HAVE to be someone willing to Pull us Down ever further!




Such an INOY,


It Could be Argued,


It’s Mostly those kind of People, willing to Criticize you in doing what You Dream about,


Are the Ones NEVER willing to do more than what they Know!




If you Make it or NOT,


Those who are the Worst Scared of Crashing,


Are the ONES who are the Least willing to Step-Up,


Step-Out and do something More than what they KNOW of…




We MAY not make it,


But when you don’t,


You see how you Could, for the Next time you do step out,


Seeing – those who Crash and Burn when they’re Trying,


THOSE are the Ones who would once more TRY it again…




The Next time it Could be their Moment,


This it’s ONLY the Critics who are Left behind,


Remember the TIMES You may have Lost,


HOPE it would happen again,


But Unable or possibly Unwilling to follow Your Suite…




Nothing worth a Damn comes without Effort,


BUT – not to say ANYTHING you try,


Will work out the way You want it,




Never Ever stop Trying!