The Truth, REALITY and the Unknown…

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William Shakespeare had various Quotes:

This one is of direct value here –

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

– Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio.


I do my Utmost at keeping my Distance from Intense and the Repetitive, Continual arguments and discussions of things that we cannot Really See or prove correct or not…

NOT saying they might not be there, but I’ve seen Time and Energy been wasted on such issues that I cannot always discern between all of them – had either side come to any kind of Realization or better understanding;

From their point of view, before they started with this…?


Interestingly enough, if I take my Siblings and Me as almost a Case-study;

We grew up in the very same household and were in general Parameters,

Taught the very same set of Principals, Rules, and Ideas –

YET if you were to Chat with almost every one of us;

Each has their Own idea on various reasons for various things happening around Them, Us or in the World.


I can easily say that from the Age you grow up,

Starting to Reason for yourself,

You start also asking Questions.

Not saying this is wrong – but it’s not Always to say that You find the Correct People,

Giving you the Truth of the Matter.


Also herein, while You, Me, They grow up – a Great Deal of influence is Imprinted on Everyone with whatever Happens to Us during our Lifetimes.

THIS also shape our Idea, Thoughts, and Conclusions of Life in general!


How Everyone deals with Issues, Problems and Hurt within themselves would be the Emotional connection which drives them.

If People deal with these before they go Looking for Answers,

They Might just see things around them in A different light…

OR that could just be My thoughts on this.


Learning not Only who we are, but also what We’re looking for,

Especially the Answers which had been with us over the Years,

They Lead us on our Journey – Path and Road which in Most instances leads us to Whoever we may become or could have, meant to be.


I do not have ANY issue with anyone having to Learn or Walk their own Path,

BUT – I Really-Really do get Peeved when Everyone how Either HAD found that Insight

OR Believe they have –

Do not Allow Others to See and Learn their Light for themselves as well!


The IRONY here is this for me;

When People who Seek some kind of




OR Awakening if you’d like to call it that,

Into the Uncertainty within their Own Lives –

THEY most of the time believe that You, Me, Those Around them,

Who do not share this Newly-Found Knowledge,

Need the Insightful people to show you, me, them the New way…


No matter if We’re not Looking for this

Wisdom, Insight, Clarity or Knowledge –

In whichever direction this Should come to us;

Be it,





IF those who believe they’d found the Answers,

It’s not to say that Their Answers are the ones You’re looking for.


When You, Me, Them,

Cannot be allowed to Find or Struggle in finding those Answers we’re looking for Ourselves at our Own speed and pace;

Then I suspect the Insight or Wisdom or Answers,

These far more Knowledgeable People want to give you,

Push you toward, Would or Could be the Wrong ones for You, Me or them…


The Journey of Life is for Everyone of us making Mistakes,

Learning from them and Gaining insights from that for Ourselves;

BUT the Point where even WE want to Force our own Ideas, Thoughts, and Insights

On those around us – we Might just be at Fault for not allowing Them,

Doing this for Themselves… That is if the Person wants it that way?


There are FAR too much for Us not to know in this World,

Not to Understand and Comprehend as well,

YET, there are a Great Many people who seem to tell A Great Deal of others – they KNOW

And that you Should follow them, seeing they Know better than You do.

THIS could be Correct – seeing that I cannot say Yes or No to this Fact;

BUT I do have some Common Sense to KNOW that a Great Deal more about this Life

Had been hidden from Many of us for a Reason,

IF at the end of the Day you don’t feel Comfortable with the Teaching and Insights

Of Specific People or what they WANT you to believe –


TRUST your Instincts if you feel Uncomfortable… Instincts might be Far More Truthful to You than what Others’ Like You to believe…?!


I’m in the Process of looking to Sell my Computer,

THUS, while my Oldest Sister many Moons ago worked on my PC,

When she and the Kids were here,

I saw how hard it was for Her to work with my Natural Keyboard.


In the Subsequent time,

I got a Normal and Cheaper new Keyboard with which I’d be Selling the PC

Keep the Lovely Natural Keyboard,

Working in conjunction with my Laptop,

When I need to do something…


The IRONY here is this;

She cannot and MOST people cannot easily work with Most Natural Keyboards

I cannot for the Life of me; work at Any Lengths with the Normal PC Keyboard,

Not even the Normal Keyboard of the Laptop either…


I’ve ONLY seen something Excessive,

In Keyboard wise, when I watched the Movie –

The Net; with Sandra Bullock.


I’d say it was Designed not to Allow the User trouble while in a Moving Vehicle,

Still able to connect with the PC or while Searching something on the Internet –


This time, it might have been Created for the MOVIE only –

Used by Extreme Hackers or something along those lines…

NOT entirely sure!


I’d searched the Internet to see if there was something like that,

Not that I found the same Keyboard which the Bad Guys were using,

While they tried to Hunt her down in the Movie…



Thinking of this and the Various other Positions and Jobs we have and do;

How many of us have to use some Additional kind of Tool or Learn something Additional as well, when We’re doing this specific Job ourselves.

OR Moving into a new position, section within the same Company?


How many of us have to Learn a new Skill in doing your Job,

Making sure that You’ll be able to do this Specific work or Keep on doing it,

Making sure that You’ll be paid and keep on doing this Specific Job until additional Plans can take you somewhere else?


Now then,

What do we need to Learn or Adjust our Mindset to,

Reaching our Additional Plans or Dreams or That Ultimate Job?


It’s never as easy as we may think,

Especially when we Most of the times Don’t Do our research into what we’ll need to know


Even if we, you, me did this – it’s not Always to say that we’re that Lucky in having the Tools at our Disposal in reaching further beyond ourselves.


The same as in with Training,

You cannot reach another Level of Fitness or another Plato of Physical Perfection,

When You’ve not mastered or Trained in sustaining where You’re at now.

If you don’t do the work, how could you go further without Harming yourself,

Pushing further or even Harder in becoming better?


It might be a Simple analogy,

But we have to Learn a new to reach further,

Especially in today’s day in age,

Having the Tools, Knowledge, and Abilities – the Passion in learning as much as we can,

BUT the willingness to do this as well, Is needed…


The moment You accept to First attain those Tools for the Next trade,

It’ll be much easier to reach ahead to that Position, Job, Career or Reach to that Dream,

Seeing that You’re willing and busy or even able, Learning what You’ll need to do that Job

Or working in that Industry…



The Biggest Tool you can Posses would be a Willing Spirit and

An Active Mind to take in as much as Possible for as Long as Possible,

Depending what You’ll need to do and Learn in doing what You must!


This may not even be for You to work or reach that Other position,

It could also be to stay where You are,

Seeing that we need to Learn and Grow each and every day,

Becoming a Better Version of ourselves, doing what we Love in a better way,

Thus doing what You’d like or want or love for that much longer and better…


I cannot remember for the Life of me who said this or where I heard it first:


A Brilliant Mind is a Terrible thing to Waste!


Thought I’d share this interesting concept Keyboard…

The Other one I couldn’t find an Image of…


Expect the UNEXPECTED!



Over a Weekend a bit back, I had to jump in my Car,

Drive to where the Person was, STUCK next to the Road,

Helping them out with this Issue of a Flat Tire…


The IRONY here is, they’d had more than Enough time to get their Current Spare sorted out AND then the Wheel which they were using… as well…

ONLY as Life would have it,

We don’t always get to Everything we intend to get to!


I had to Pick-Up someone they were on the way to go Fetch,

THUS, I got a Passenger showing me the Way in getting to the Collection.

While we were doing this, at the Filling Station, I started there, asking if Someone could help us out with the Flat Tire.


ONE Major Issue that I found very fast and easy,

This Wheel wasn’t as Normal,

It wasn’t a Tubeless wheel on the Car…


There was a Tube inside the Tire like a Normal Bicycle You’d ride at some point!


This now Created me Yet Another Problem which I had to deal with!

Not only is it NOT that easy to take a Car Tire off the Rim under normal Circumstances,

BUT as well – If I wasn’t able to change the wheel from Tube to Tubeless,

There was very Little for me to do in helping out with this!


Then, the Next issue was this,

At almost 10 o’clock at night, 22:00 –

There are only So Many places open which Can or Would help you with something as Tiresome As sorting out a Flat Tire on a Passenger Car!


We stopped,

After Picking up the next Set of Passengers,

At no less than ( 5 ) Garages – Filling Stations along the way Back.


We were Very Lucky at last finding one Man willing and Able to help us,

IRONICALLY – at the beginning, he didn’t care for any Assistance,

But the LONGER we were busy,

The later and Busier they became at the Garage,

He Finally needed me to Help him out with some of the Work on the Tire / Wheel.


There were numerous Questionable people at the Station,

Drinking and being Happy on a Saturday Evening;

BUT what I found and Picked up on very fast and Easily,

The THREE gentlemen – Probably having had something to drink,

Were Holding-up (sitting) the ATM.


While I waited to see what this Man could do for us,

I realized that the Three men sat there –

Effectively Blocking the Way to the ATM for anyone who needed money.


I Heard one of them Say they would Negotiate TERM for the Clients of the Bank to withdraw Money from this Machine,

IF they got their Cut.


They didn’t get ANYONE to “Bite” on this and

Neither did the Tire / Wheel look that Promising to us either,

Yet – this man willing to Help us was still Looking what he could do.


The Three idiots at the ATM got Chased off by some People,

Bigger than they were and More in Numbers…

I think they just Tried their luck at seeing what they could manage,

Not that it really Helped them in the least bit!


AFTER we tried Patching the Tire itself,

This man told me that we needed to See and try to Fix the Tube itself;

THUS – he got busy with that and found there were THREE punchers.


By now I was pretty Tired and kept a close eye on what was going on around me at this Filling Station.

In all this time the Man had to Assist their Clients as well,

Still doing his Job while we waited.


Luckily for Us,

He worked Faster than I would have!

Not only that – I now saw what I’d have to do the Day I had to check something on such a Tire OR if needed be – do what I needed to,

Taking the Tire from the Rim to Replace it with another.


That’s all good and well;

JUST Remember, If you don’t Have the Correct Tools to try this,

Well, GOOD Luck with that one!


The Tire itself had FOUR Punchers and at Number TWO we weren’t able to Seal up the HOLE – which led the man to Patch the THREE punchers of the TUBE itself.

We had to discard the Valve he’d Fitted as it wouldn’t work with the Tube.


Now the Tube was inside the Tire and we needed to Look and be very careful,

Not to Pinch the Tube itself,

Then only steadily did the Man inflate the Tube itself inside the Tire.

I once more heard the Popping off the Tire-Wall jumping into its Groove – Which there are two

of them to Hear pop.

That was a Good sign!


He inflated the Tire more and My Goodness,

The Pressure and the Air inside stayed!


It wasn’t a Cheap Ordeal and it wasn’t Easy in the least bit!


So do make sure that Your Emergency items in Your Car are okay,

Seeing the car got stuck on the Highway at Night!


HELPING someone out is one thing,

Such Adventures at Night,

Witnessing other People’s Actions,

Unsure of what Could happen
AND Being Responsible for those with you,

In a possible Sticky Situation…

That’s NOTHING anyone should Have to OR Want to Write home about!


Do whatever you can in Keeping Yourself and Those around You Safe.

The CONTINUATION of Human(ASS)ness…


I’ve come to realize with the Number of Clients, either I’ve worked with

OR seen OR hear about,

That there’s just that Situation which You’d read between the lines when You least expect to see it.


You might have Endured this when You’ve been a Client of someplace as well,

Things we WANT to do and GET done as fast as Possible,

But the Fact of the matter is this –

No matter how much we want sometimes;

Want to Force something to Happen or be dealt with for Us, it takes its own time!


YES, I know I’ve been in the Position myself where I waited to see what will be;

BUT here’s the Rub,

As much as You, Me, We want the Problem dealt with;

Everyone also Expect that issue to be Dealt with Correctly and NOT to have any Issues about it when the POWERS that Be, had done what they Had to,

Sorting out Issues for us…


Either YOU have done this OR

You might have Heard someone Getting upset with the Problem at hand,

KNOWING or Seeing that there’s actual Progress,

BUT – there’s another Side to this,

When even the People set out to help you – get Hampered in doing what they Can in helping you…


I’m not saying that We should Relax,

But I’ve seen that sometimes Clients and People, in general, can Really go Overboard,

SUSPECTING that when they Threaten You or the Company,

They’d get things done Faster,

That may not Always be the Case.


The ONE thing most Clients don’t Understand,

They’re also Speaking with another Person,

WHO most of the Time, really want to Solve this Issue.

Yet, they MIGHT not be in the Exact position to Manage all of it,

Doing just that…


THUS, it’s so Interesting to See people going to that Excessive Over-reach,

To the Point when they find that there’s OTHER issues or Parts solving their Problem; out of Everyone’s Control.


When this Client or Person, Understandably had Reached the End of their Rope,

Client Service might not be able to Immediately solve the Problem and had been Communicated back and forth,

You find that there’s just THINGS out of Our Control,

You Sometimes would see these People – Wanting to Change the World


Make those Ready and Willing to help them, KNOW they can Do more than they really can,

FIND it far more Disconcerting that finally things just Turns out of Everyone’s Control.


You, I, We know there’s People most of the times Willing and Wanting to help,

But when You’re in the Position you See the final Reaction from these Clients;

Realizing that If they do not allow the Time to Pass,

So they could be Helped and Assisted –

There would be Nothing more to Force.


I’ve Felt really Irritated with Companies and Places seaming

UNWILLING to help Me,

But the Fact of the Matter is this – when We blow-up at Someone,

Just doing their Jobs, that Person needs to Absorb our Irritation and

IF ever you’re NOT in the Position to really have to Suck it all up;

You’d NEVER know just how Continually Irrigating and Terrible that can be!


This is a Lesson as much for Me as it could be for Joe Public,

ESPECIALLY when we Don’t See ourselves going on like this –

If you Could EVER stand Neutral, Looking at How you Behaved when going OFF at someone Willing and Able to assist you –

How would we React any Different seeing ourselves from Another’s Eyes?


IF ever someone was to Jump at their Own Family or Children in this way,

I wonder how Often would we get Out of Line when Speaking to that Company’s Assistant,

Who really want to help Us out with our Grievance…

Would most People Jump at the same Person in the same way,

If they weren’t really Unrelated to us…


A little Humanity could go so much further,

Stopping to think about it…

Treat Others the way You’d like to be treated –

That said if they are Willing and Able to Help you.


The Other side of this Coin, when they DON’T want to help…

That’s for the next time, possibly…

Personal SPACE…


Very Recently I’d found that within the Idea of Relaxing,

Shaking off the Dust of the Day’s work,

We need some Space either at Work and at Home, in Your life all around.


We I spoke to a Client the other day it Struck me,

He walked up to me, greeting as we’d do Usually,

But this person had no Inclination of stopping until he stood almost Right on top of me.


I must admit if it’s an Attractive woman in minds Eyes,

That wouldn’t be an Issue – But I’m not interested in men;

THUS it felt VERY uncomfortable when this Man stood so close to me.


Being Taller as I recall, he literarily stood a Head taller than I do;

Looking at the Cars we had on the floor –

I saw my moment and stepped back only Half a foot…


If You did this and Stood back TOO far,

People who mostly don’t get the idea of that Personal Space would ONLY

Step forward again and You’re idea in having some Breathing space will be Null and Void!


I DO GET the idea at not being Overpowered by their Lack of understanding this Space,

But if you do this very Subtly, You can help yourself out in making this feel much better.

SO, do not Move too much AND obviously, NOT when they can See you doing it!


This person Might take offense even if You feel somewhat Uncomfortable

They Might think there’s something else wrong and If they’re sensitive to this,

They’d take real Offence here!


Another place where I’d seen this,

While we were Helping one or more of the Clients with their Cars,

EVEN when I had something done for myself,

No matter which Item you’d take to any Technician,

Have a look, the MORE difficult or Consuming the work would be,

THE more People working on something need to Concentrate…


THUS, the Client Might fear that the Technician Might make a Mistake,

In this Case, they WANT to See what is being done,

KNOWING some of what is being done OR none at all!


Looking at this in another way,

UNLESS something is Done to you,

Hair, Nails, Tatoo, Suite Fitting, Shoe Fitting or such,

THE more you can Hang around that Person who is working on Your item(s),

The LONGER it would take AND there’s also the Chance for them Making a Mistake along the

way as well!


It would All depend on what You do for a Living,

BUT, looking at this in Yet another way,

If YOU don’t like someone Looking over your shoulder all the time while You’re busy working or Fixing something for another Person,

Just how do you Think would things go when you do it to Them?


Especially in this regard,

When you Expect them to Fix or Do something which You don’t have the Expertise in doing


Unwillingness in doing this, Rather paying someone to get that Done…


This Personal Space isn’t just Exclusive to the Workspace,

This can be in Our personal Lives,

At our Homes when we have Guests,

When we’re Shopping


When we’re trying Desperately to pick that One person Up for something nice…


WILLING and Able to see this,

Can help you out of a Few very Unfortunate Situations,

IF ever you care about it…


It May not always be so Easy with this in mind,

But as soon as You feel Uncomfortable,

Imagine what the Other’s around You might feel when You’re in their Space,

THUS, you can Always see how they may React to you,

If and When you react the same way When You’re in the very same spot as You might put others.


That’s just the Rub,

Either some people KNOW they’re doing this,

No matter when or where,

Some people don’t care, don’t know, don’t realize


They might even Use this to their Own Advantage…


Just be mindful of how People around you May React to you,

Especially when you Expect it the least,


Everyone differs, THUS – someone might just Think and Behave different from Us,

That’s NOT to say they’re being Rude;


They might just Need a Bit more of that Personal Space in doing what they Normally do…

Sacrifice – WHY indeed?


Who has Never been in the Position,

Wanting your Plans to work out and THEN only seeing that Possibility of something falling into place and Things able to work out…

THE Only thing You need be doing – You’ve got to Sacrifice something.

Ask Yourself this Question, How many People do you know who would Gladly do this,

Taking that Chance for their Plans to come to Fruition?


I’ve read a few things and on this one Website by a Screenplay Writer / Novelist, I found one of her posts –

Jeanne Veillette BOWERMAN,

Talking about the Idea of our – Fear of Success…


I’d read her post and the one before this one about our

Fear Of Success – which was,

10 Tips to Prepare for Opportunities When They Knock…


HENSE, you may ask how do these Two ideas come back to Sacrifice and Thus,

The Idea is this,

Mentioned in her Post on Fear of Success,

Is the idea that If you need to Change, reaching that Success,

You’ll have to Change…


The Question begs to be Asked as well,

Sacrifice your current Comfortable situation,

Sacrifice something in your Nice Life,

Change what You’re currently Use to –

Reaching what, Gaining what, Ending up Where exactly?


Most people may NOT be Scared of Success,

But we’re ALL Scared of Failure


That’s also something Very Debilitating holding us back from Reaching for that Brilliant Change or the Opportunity of a Lifetime!


You may not have the Experience,




OR the Expertise – there could be So much more…


If you have the Guts to Follow the Passion which Burns in Your Heart,

That Passion will Shine through no matter what you do.

The People in the Know, Looking for Whomever it may be at the Moment You’re there to do Your thing – They may see what You cannot Imagine them to pick up on!


There’s Another Issue at hand here,

Not only that Fear of the Unknown and Making a Complete Ass of yourself,


Worse than that –

If You’ve become so Happy with Your Mundane situation

SO Happy that Neither You nor anyone else for that matter,

REQUIRE something MORE from You,

Then it’s a good place to stay – in that Comfort Zone and Enjoy what You’re Use too!


Interestingly Enough,

I’d spoken to my Oldest Sister,

Not sure if the Passion I’d felt while I’d Written various of my Fictional Works,

Would that Feeling and Idea and Heartfelt for the Character and Story shine through?


She told me that when she get SO caught up in any Story,

When it Interests her so Much,

When she cannot Put down whatever she’s Reading –

then at that Point, the Writer did their JOB (this is mentioning my situation).


When You reach this Plato I suspect,

You’d be lucky to Receive that Contract or Possible that Job or even that Raise You were Aiming at.


The OTHER thing here mentioned,

That Lovely thing,

Your Comfort Zone!


I’m Waiting to find out if I’m one of the Lucky 40

Writers, Producers, Directors or Such landing a Chance

at getting the Chance to do Something Brilliant!


Not ONLY this,

But I had to Change my general Idea and

JUMP out, doing something totally Different!


I had to come up with an; As Original Idea As Possible,

When that was Done,

I had to Write the Synopsis well enough to draw Attention

AND, from there had to Write a Comedy Piece,

Not in English as I’d Written in English Exclusively for a LONG-long time!


ONLY when you try will you Know if things can work out,

THUS – The Sacrifice in Reaching where I want to be,

That’s an Ongoing Plan which has Various Aspects in it,

AND I’ll be Damned if I don’t even Try!


AND Yes,

There’s no way in this World that it doesn’t Scare the Life out of me,

Seeing this Leap of Faith may be Much BIGGER than I’d expect it to be,


Not doing it,

Not taking the Chance,

Not throwing my Name in there…

What would I Say at the end of the Day,

When I allow this Possible Opportunity to Slip through my Fingers…?


What would be Worse,

In another Year I’d wonder why I didn’t do it?

How many Years would have to go by, before You seriously ask yourself,

What was the Worse that could happen?


Sacrifice Your Calm,



Comfort Zone for the

ADVENTURE of a Lifetime?


They don’t say,

A Leap of Faith for nothing –

Only After You Leap would you WORK your Rear off to Make it Work for You!



There are Regular incidents where we have Issues and Problems with Insects which come and Disturb us in our Homes, Apartments or places of Work.


The IRONIC fact is this;

There had been Natural and Instinctual areas for these Insects to live and thrive,

Long before we arrived at the SPOT where We decided to Live and Build our Homes…


So, as a Matter of Fact;

We are the Ones who First came to Invade their Habitat and became a Pest to them before they could Ever become one to us!

The ONLY difference is this, They cannot kill all of us as We use various Poisons to deal with the various Infestations of these Insects…


I’m living on the First Floor of an Apartment Building,

We had a few years ago,

A Cockroach problem, when One of the tenants Died.

As far as I know there were a lot of insects in their Apartment on the ground floor and from there, the insects became an Issue for most of the other Tenants.


I eventually Found the Correct Poison and combination of how to deal with this Infestation and Until Now I’ve not had any such issues with them.


I do have the Problem with Ants at this point
AND there are small Red Ants between them!


I’ve been bitten by a few Ants and over the past few Weeks have tried a few things in getting this Current Problem under control.

In the Picture I’ve taken, corresponding with this Post – there’s the Antrap and Blue Death,

Having some Sticky kind of Poison inside it.


As you can see, when You do open the three holes,

Placing the Containers where they Could be the Most effective is a very good idea,

That as well as Not moving them around too much –

Even if they work within a few hours, when You do move them, the Ants which had been dealt with in the Previous area, Could and Would Probably come back…


As with Animals,

I’ve come to once more Realize, even Insects have their own Natural Instincts.


This I’ve seen as you’d as well within the Picture.

The Ants comes along, taking the Poison to the nest – BUT,

When the Ants, in general, Realize that there’s a Problem,

They do all they could – especially those NOT affect for the time being by the Poison,

DO what they Can in blocking the holes so that the Other Ants which don’t know about this


Cannot get to the Poison and doing so,

They save as many Ants as they could.


I received Two of these white Containers with the Poison in,

Sticky and Sweet to them I suppose,

And I can tell you that I’ve opened both Containers even more so that they’d still be as Effective as they can be,

Seeing that this closing and blocking notion happened to Both the Containers…



When you are dealing with Whichever Infestation,

From whichever Insect it may be,

Remember, they as well as Animals also use Instincts and or Even Inherited Knowledge or Information from their Species which had died because of the Poisons We might have used.


In the same way almost a Virus inside the Human body and mutate and become resistance to the Medication which we use in Treating the Infection.

I cannot say that there’s Knowledge or such passed on to the Insects to come afterward or not,

But I do know that not ALL the poisons sometimes work on the various Insects.


Either they’re might not be Affected by it,

OR they might even steer clear of this Problem facing them.


I do know that sometimes we do Struggle to find the Best way at dealing with the Infestation and the Question I’d like to ask here;

If the first Treatment A,B,C Poison worked on the Infestation,

Why is it NOW that You have to look at X, Y, Z to do the same trick…


Coming to the Second Item in the Picture,

I’ve heard about this one from one of the Ladies working with me,

Telling me that this would work in getting rid of the Ants as well;

This had an effect on them, but I cannot say that the Nest is still intact and they’d not return again…


LASTLY, When I spoke to my Mother she told me from what She’d learned from her Mother, that Ants dislike the Smell or Taste of Baby Powder.

I can attest to this IF there’s not Baby to have this Powder used on them,

Smelling this without Reasonable understanding why –

It COULD do the trick on the Ants…


By now I’m at Full Blast War against the Infestation,

NOT entirely Sure which of the Three would work the Best,

But I also KNOW that there’s a difference at the Migration of the Ants into the Rest of the Apartment… We’ll just have to see!


I might be Grasping at Straws,

So here’s the MOST important Idea of all;

If and when You’re dealing with some kind of Infestation,

When You find something that works,

Make SURE to kill the Entire Nest,

Because when they come back and have that Immunity,

Their Offspring Could as well


That would Become REALLY hard in dealing with them,

Than you’d have found beforehand…


Just something to think about.