M i l K…


I cannot Remember where I’d seen either that ADD or in the Picture or even in the Film,

Television Program,

That single Green Bottle of Milk with the number of White bottles around it…


I must admit that I’ve used Powder for a very long time,

Taking it rather than using Milk in my Coffee.

This was Particularly helpful to me when I was working Night Shift at the Correctional Services.

If I had to take Milk with me there, I would have been a bit of a Problem…


Coming back to this Image I cannot get out of my Head AND not remember where I’d seen it last,

I’d like to mention a few things about Milk itself…


I South Africa we Mostly use Milk from Cows,

But all over the World, they use Milk from all of these animals as well:

Goats, Camels, Llamas, Reindeer, Sheep, and Buffalo – just saying, when traveling Overseas, you may Never know where You Milk for whichever purpose comes from.

I cannot believe it’ll be Harmful if so, they’d have Stopped this action a long time ago…


When Milking Cows, the Farmers make sure of a few things,

Ensuring the Freshness of the Milk in Question and the Safety of Use for us in general.


Obviously, everything they Use in Milking the Animals is used and cleaned under Regulations.

There are Specific ways in which the Milk must be treated, Producing the various products and specific Processes for the various products and in the way, the Milk must be Stored.


Most of all Usable Milk for Human undergoes Pasteurization and before the Milk is to be delivered is Chilled before Packaging.

With the Milk to go sour so fast, the Testing and Regulations of Milk is really high to maintain its Quality.


After the Animals had been Milked,

Some of the Milk is passed through a Centrifuge Accelerates, this Separate the Fat from the Whole Milk.

The finished product is called Skimmed Milk – when you look for it on the Shelves.

In the same Process, Half-fat Milk is a Semi-Skimmed product…


In most Industrialized Countries another process is used as well,

Forcing the milk through a Small Nozzle,

The Fat Globules reduce in size but don’t separate after that.

This is called Homogenized Milk – which is used on most Milk.


Creating Buttermilk would be when Chilled Cream is churned gently, the Fat Globules

gather together and thus form Butter.

Hence the idea of Buttermilk.


Yoghurt is a popular by-product from Milk,

Which is Fermented – at the end of this process,

There’s mostly Fruit Flavoring added, giving it that Nice taste…


So why does Milk goes Off?

Within the Milk, in this Lactic medium there are various types of Bacteria.

Under normal condition, they’re not Harmful to us and other animals;

BUT under the Influence of Accelerated Factors – this change!

The Bacteria start to Multiply, they change Lactose into Lactic Acid.

Hence the Milk’s Acidity increases, which affect the Protein in the Milk, separating from the Liquid and creating not only the Viscous Mass, but we get that “LOVELY” smell and “HORRIBLE” taste as well.


So, wanting the Milk to last much Longer and not SURPRISE you when you Least Expect it – here are a few things you can do;


  1. Tem­per­a­ture – the High­er the Milk becomes, the faster it becomes sour.
  2. Always keep your con­tain­ers clean – the Pres­ence of Water, Fat, Dust, ANYTHING which shouldn’t be there, it will Double the Speed at which the Milk will Sour in.
  3. The Weath­er – Leaving Milk not Only Outside, placing the Milk Jug on the win­dow sill dur­ing a Storm, it will turn to Home-made Ke­fir during the Night. Sci­en­tists don’t Know for sure, but they suspect it has something to do with Elec­tro­mag­net­ic Im­puls­es…?     I’ve got NO Idea on this one!
  4. Spe­cif­ic Bac­te­ria – The very same Additives cre­at­ed and de­signed for a Quick­er and more Ef­fec­tive change of milk into ben­e­fi­cial fer­ment­ed milk prod­ucts.                      They in­clude: Ke­fir Fun­gi (ke­fir),                                                                                       Lac­tic Yeast (yo­ghurts),                                                                                                         Pro­pi­onic Bac­te­ria (cot­tage cheese) and                                                                           Lac­to­bacil­lus (boiled fer­ment­ed milk).

Thus there’s ONLY so much you can do in keeping the Milk from Spoiling.

I’ve been buying Long lasting Milk, which has been Treated AND one other thing here,

The very Same packaging is as Important to keep it Fresh.


After you open the Container,

Be sure to keep it Refrigerated

AND the Unopened Containers, keep them out of the Sun and Inside a Cupboard of some kind.

In the past, I’ve seen this to help a great deal.


Drinking the First Cup of Coffee in the Morning,

Even After the Milk had been stored in the Fridge –

That I must say is one of the Worst things to Taste,

That Lovely Cup of Coffee which should have woken you Up totally,

Kick you in the Never Regions when the Milk had gone Off!


All the best to You…


The PAIN in the Conflict

The PAIN in the Conflict

When I heard about the issue in the News,
Like myself, I suspect that any more people wondered just how many times this has happened and or Remember when they were the Victims in something in the same Ballpark.


I’m talking about the Wife of the Dignitary who allegedly assaulted the Model,

Firstly, even when the Person – whoever they are,

Is caught on a tape or camera, still, they Allegedly did the crime;

That’s really-really Funny for me!


I suspect this kind of Speak and others like this,

Is aimed at keeping the Eye or Thought of guilt from whoever it speaks about.

It’s easier to deal with the Issue or Problem or Trouble those would be involved with,

When their Guilt had not been Proven in Court…


That said,

When was the last time that Someone,

Anyone with some kind of Power, whichever way it may be,

Crossed you Personally and degraded you as a Person.


This may not have been something Physical,

They could have Verbally assaulted you

Or even refused to let you be…


The POINT here is this,

It’s not just this First Lady which had done this,

Although she’d been in the News more often than Most,

Especially when she gets away with it;

Just to do something like this somewhere else!


Getting away with whatever isn’t really the issue,

But that the People around us who do Treat others so Terrible,

Believing they’ve got the Right to either Assault You, Me or Anyone else for that matter,

AND they then Expect nothing to happen because of this…?


Here’s the Next Ironic Question on this issue;

What would happen,

When anyone does this to the Wrong Person

And that Person react to Protecting themselves against such an Attack?


It would all depend on Who would be with this Person, wanting to bring Harm to You or Me or Them.

That’s said as well,

As soon as SOMEONE reacts to any such Incident, they would be taking care of.

AND just how bad would that also be or become?


I cannot say that Allowing any kind of Bullying to either Continue

OR Allow any Bully to get away with their Actions,

Is at all a Good Idea!

If this was to happen too often,

Just what kind of issues would we end up with?


If you have got someone Able and Willing to impact your life,

Knowing that it’s not the Easiest Problem or Issue to deal with,

Not doing a thing about it, that’ll be as bad as it is – facing it head on…


The LONGER such people believe they’ll get away with this,

The Bigger this issue will become

AND before long,

The Consequences would become unmanageable!


Everything in Life escalates eventually,

The Problem here is this,

The Further such a Problem or Issue with such a Person Escalate,

The MORE people will get hurt OR

That One person in the Worst possible position,

Could Really get hurt – Or even worse than that,

Could Potentially lose their lives…!


Conflict is hard enough to Deal with,

But to Handle a Person believing they’re Allowed to Assault anyone they choose to,

That’s not just One person’s Problem to deal with,

Just remember, You’re never alone and there’s always People out there who would listen and help you if they Only know what is going on.


It’s very Easy for me to say this,


Never Ever keep quiet,

Speak to someone and get the Help you need in dealing with any such Issue.

There are Many people able and willing to help,

You just need to take the First Step and

Tell someone what had happened…


Take care and

Stay Safe!

The e-XPOSURE side of Business.

NBX Brochure

I met with an Acquaintance the other again,

He had helped me out with Issue on my Computer over the Years and I saw that He’s Ideas for not only His Business but Helping Others in theirs was coming along very nicely!




Not ONLY looking at my kind of Need for Reaching more People,

But if I was to look at Most Start-Up Companies,

Seeing I know of Another one going up as well,

To Reach more Customers and Generate more Clients,

That’s almost the Backbone of any Current business today!


So here’s something to Look at for Yourself,

YES – if you look at the image,

This is for the Time Being just for South Africa,

NOT sure if this will reach any further beyond our Borders,

BUT – the Rule is the Same,

Help Others so that they can Help You as well!


No matter what You like to do for Yourself,

There always Could be someone Willing and Able to help you along the way,

THIS I know very well,

As I’ve got someone Looking in on Connections for me as well.


Looking at this Opportunity for yourself,

Not only does it Cost Much Less than what You would have Expected,

R999 for a Year,

As I read it R83,33 per Month when in Use.


So, here are some of the Benefits of working with this Platform.


  • Get Your Business Listed Nationally


  • Search for Top Rated Services Providers


  • List and Find Jobs


  • List Your Property


  • List Events, Upload Galleries & Audio Podcasts


  • Social Media Integration


  • Write & Receive Reviews


  • Platform available in over 100 Languages


  • Secure Online Payment Gateway


Just have a look-see here, it’s not to say that this would be a Good fit for you or anyone you may know,

But at least there’s something out there which you May find helpful.


We’re Taught from a Young age,

One Step at a Time,

If you’re interested in taking that Next Step,

At least you know they’re out there.


All the Best to Whomever you are,

Where you’re Going and

What you’re Planning for the Future!

The STRAIN in the Muscle Pain.

The STRAIN in the Muscle Pain

Thee other day I was working on Something very Physically,

TO this moment I cannot for the Life of me Remember just what it was doing,

YET – the Next morning when I woke when my Unhappy Muscles got relaxed and had a Night to reflect on what had happened;

I walked around sore and stiff.


This reminded me when I was training, I had the same feeling at that time when I trained – as well as the time when I recovered after my Back surgeries.


While I was training and Excursing myself or my poor Muscles,

I was using a great deal of Energy.

The body uses an Aerobic method in creating this Energy – meaning that it uses Oxygen to generate the additional energy to train or run harder or lift something heavy.


In this method, the Energy boost is only temporarily and when You’re not that fit, you start breathing much harder and faster as well as feel the strain on your body.


The further we have to push the need for Energy, the body starts to produce the Energy needed in an Anaerobically method.


The energy is then taken from stored Glucose, in a process called Glycolysis, which now breaks the Glucose down to Pyruvate – creating more energy for the body to use and even in this form, the body uses stored up supplies of energy, which in the end it will have to replace.


By now you breathe a great deal more, even if you don’t think this.

Most of the time You’ll need to be running or doing something intense, but when Your body needs the Energy for something Excessive, we don’t even realize what our bodies are doing to generate that energy.


At times, especially when you’re not fit, and there’s still a Lack of Oxygen,

The body Temporarily changes Pyruvate into Lactate; which is the process of creating a continuous energy production.


Through all of this, there’s an additional by product, which there’s currently a Dispute about.

There’s a build-up of Acidity in the Muscle cells because of the continuous Metabolic processes.

AS well, this build-up of this Acidity, Lactic Acid – is said to be the reason why We have stiff muscles and pain after Excreting ourselves during this Strenuous time…


There’s another reason why we have this kind of Irritation and Pain and Stiffness in our bodies – as the expert says.

Reading through this Argument, it could as well be possible…


When we either Train hard or Run from a chasing dog or Work harder than most of the

time while you doing something, Moving from one place to the next, Lifting something really heavy or such – we tend to OVERWORK our muscles.


While I was strength training or at the time,

Recuperating from the Surgeries,

I found that there are Muscles which Look to be relaxed,

But they’re not really relaxed – in fact, that’s just the Opposite!


Hence, here comes the Other argument for our Soreness, Pain we’re in when You do TOO much when you shouldn’t.


When you’re either Training too Hard or going to Fast,

The Pain you feel in your Muscles are an Indicator for you to know not to Push too much,

Seeing in this Particular pursuit – You’ve reached your safe limit, training or excreting too much of Yourself at the given moment.


When I was running Track back at school,

The ONLY way of either going Faster or for Longer,

Would be to Run through this barrier as well.

You cannot Go Faster or Longer if you keep on that Barrier or Pain,

It’s only After this that Your bodies are building itself Up to do more.


This is a Pretty Damming PARADOX!

Working Harder,

Training Further,

Going Longer

AND that barrier to keep you from Damaging yourself or Hurting something, even Tearing a specific muscle while You’re doing this.


That said,

NEVER EVER just do this without having something Training or working out some or having warmed up some.

Even if you do, that’s NOT to say this will stop any Pain, Strain or Damage to Your muscles or Yourself – it ONLY means that like everything else in Life, You’ll eventually reach that Barrier beyond which You really starts building your body up…


While You’re either Training or Working hard,

It’s argued that while You’re excreting Yourself this much,

You’re actually Tearing Muscle cells and Stretching the Muscles to either deal with the Load on them for the Next time OR while they’re Over-worked,

They do get damaged while you’re doing whatever this is You’re busy with.


As with Cutting Your skin or burning yourself,

When something is Touching your open nerve, You tend to FEEL that intensely and will do what you can in keeping the Tender area as protected as possible.


I would say in this way;

If and When the Muscle cells are Torn or Damaged by what we do so Intensely,

They can be Affected by various reasons.


While they’re Recuperating,

This process could be Strenuous as well OR even the Acidity which build-up with the need to Produce more Energy while this Excretion takes place,

The Experts do not know for a Fact why we do feel this Tension in our Bodies,

After Training Hard


Working intensely as we sometimes do…


It really doesn’t matter which It might be,

Just keep in mind that Your body can ONLY go that Far,

When you DO push the Limits, as guarded as you may do this,

With the help of a Coach or Trainer or whichever this may be,

When You damage yourself to that Extent,

Sometimes there’s no coming back from that…


Just be Careful and Mindful of your own limitations,

Not stepping Over the Line and unable to reel that back in,

Keeping yourself Safe and Healthy.

Haar AND Haut – (German for, Hair and Nails).


As per Usual and Possibly,

I’ve written about Nails or Hair or something along the Lines of the Strength thereof,

POSSIBLY not, but I cannot be Too sure…


While I read over my Research, the Amount of Info I read,

I suspected that I didn’t share all of This on a Post,

So – at least there should be something New of Everyone…?


Now then,

How did this Come about,

Which is interesting – to me at least.


I’ve Looked at one of my Fingers,

IRONICALLY – the same finger with the Weird looking Growing Nail,

That was after I suspect I cut it a Little Askew – but the very Same Finger,

Even when the Nail isn’t that Long, really not; It irritate the Heck out of me,

So much so that I have to Cut it VERY-VERY short just to get the Feel out of it… which works?


The Longer my Finger Nails become when I’m working,

That is Typing while I’m getting something Onto the Computer,

That SOUND while I type – that’s Also REALLY irritating!


There’s also a very Good reason why we cannot Stand the sound of Nails scratching over a Chalkboard (blackboard).

If the Studies are correct, the sound generated by the Nails scratching over the board, this Frequency is naturally Amplified by the Shape of our Ear Canals and so it’s Far more Irritating to us than we would like… Go Figure!



Before this time I cut my Finger Nails,

The Question arrise about Nails and the Fact that I’ve heard and Seen so many Women either dealing with Broken Nails, HURTING like Hell and the Irritation with their Nails not growing so Fast and Strong as they’d like.


I did a Little digging and found this;


OUR nutrition for our Bodies can be Directly Related to our Hair and Nail growth.

The very Nutrients which you need to take Account of would be the Following.


  • Hair and Nails consist of Protein called; KERATIN. Primarily called Keratinoytes cells. They are pretty touch and feels different from the rest of our bodies. Amino Acids are needed to produce this Keratin. Vegetarians, with their lack of Proteins in Meats, need to eat more Nuts, Soybeans and Whole Grains.


  • You’ll also need some ZINC as well. The shortage of this could cause Slow-growing, Nail splitting and/or Discoloration. If you like Oysters, one serving it’s 500 % of your daily intake. No, then try Whole-grains or Plant-based Zinc.


  • This one would be easy to get around, CALCIUM.


  • MAGNESIUM can help with your Nails and Hair as well as, It helps you deal with Prolonged periods of Stress. You’ll have to deal with the Issue of the Stress yourself as well, but try some – Pumpkin seeds and Something some of You’d like; I do…


Dark Chocolates… Nice!


  • There’s also VITAMIN (H), Biotin – called the Hair-saver. People suffering from Alopecia are mostly Prescribed this by Doctors – hair-loss. Also people with Immune disorders. It’s in a variety of foods, the Highest in Bananas, but also in Peanuts and Lentils as well.


  • Then there’s OMEGA-3 Fatty Acids; You could lie in the SUN with some Oil on you, NOT sure that’s going to work out so well. Rather ingest some, helping with Soft Skin, Sleek Hair, and Shiny Nails… You can also try Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel, and Sardines. Not a Fish person – there’s Walnuts, Flaxseed, and Eggs.

So there are a few things WE or You can do for your Nails and Hair. The LOSS of Hair on my part is in Part due to DNA – which I suspect will take its OWN course!

Not Worried about it, that’s just Part of Life, but it does give me something to Share in this Post.


On one of the Sites I’d read this as well;

So I’ll be Posting this here with the Link http://www.cutexnails.com/nail-care-center/nail-factsif

you’d like to Read it on the Site,

It’s 20 Things I didn’t know about Finger and Toenails…

E N J O Y!




  1. Fingernails grow three to four times faster than toenails.
  2. Toenails are approximately twice as thick as fingernails.
  3. On average, fingernails grow about one tenth of an inch in a month.
  4. The fastest growing nail is the one on your middle finger.
  5. The slowest growing nail is your thumb nail.
  6. Freshly cut nails grow faster than nails that aren’t cut regularly.
  7. Men’s nails grow faster than women’s nails.
  8. Nails grow faster in warmer climates than colder ones.
  9. Nails grow faster during the day than at night.
  10. Nails grow faster for younger people than older people.
  11. Pregnancy causes a spike in nail growth that is not related to prenatal vitamins, contrary to popular belief.
  12. Nails and hair are made of the same thing: keratin.
  13. Your nails are likely to grow faster on your dominant hand—so if you’re right handed, the nails on your right hand will grow faster than the nails on your left.
  14. Typing on a computer can stimulate nail growth, as can nail massage or tapping nails on a table lightly.
  15. You can get a read on your physical health by looking at your nails.
  16. Dry nails can be improved by increasing your water intake.
  17. Hangnails hurt because you’ve actually ripped open the edge of your nail root.
  18. According to Guinness World Records 2011, the world’s longest fingernails belong to a woman named Lee Redmond and total 28 feet, 4.5 inches long. Redmond hasn’t cut her nails since 1979.
  19. It’s bad luck to cut your nails after dark.
  20. Queen Anne Boleyn was said to have an extra fingernail on one of her pinkies.


The Fact is if You can and are Willing to do the little bit of Work,

You could Always find ways not in keeping Justyu or Nails and Hair healthy,

But YOURSELF as well.


Have a good one!

That LINGERING Second.


I once again drove a few places today,

That’d be part of what I do at work,

Yet – I do a lot of things as fast as I can,

Get them Done and Move on to the Next task…


ONE of the routes to another Extension of Our town was Blocked by water filling a Dip underneath a Train bridge.

SO, I drove the long way round and

Stopped at one of the Preferred Supplier of work for us.


At the Intersection,

It’s Underneath a Bridge which the Highway runs underneath,

I had to wait my Turn, getting to the Next road in getting to the two Stops along my way…


The LIGHT changed twice before I got even Close to drive,

WHILE this last change of the Lights,

There was a Puck-up (Bakkie) ahead of me,

The driver COULD easily have made it,

Yet the driver didn’t cross and waited…


Again I waited to see when it was Clear for Us to drive,

The Light from the Other side had changed and jumped back to RED for the Crossing Traffic,

For US, the Arrow would Blink for us to turn onto this + crossing Intersection.


Listening to the Radio and Waiting for my time,

I saw that the Green arrow blinked for the First time.

Being parked Behind the Bakkie,

I was able to see the Other Traffic as well.


The Arrow blinked possibly Three times before the Driver even moved.

Not Me – as soon as I got the Go-ahead,

I would have jumped and got Moving,

Getting done what I need to do!


As I would MOST of the time do as well,

I’d not reach Over the Line,

TRYING to get across the Intersection As fast as Possible,

Jumping the Light as it was…


While I sat in my Car I saw that the Bakkie before me Stood just a SMALL bit past the Leg Post, PILLAR of this bridge above us.

It would have Obscured the Normal Driver who would have patiently Waited for their turn…


Just as the Driver ahead of me started to Move,

I saw from my Position,

An 18-Wheeler Truck – Semi willing and wanting to Catch the Intersection,

Jumping it and trying to get Across without stopping at the RED light!


The Bakkie ahead of me Barely stopped before the Truck ran the Red light!

I didn’t even move in my Car,

Shocked at what I saw and then Realized,

If there was NO ONE ahead of me;

I’d have JUMPED into gear and gotten in the Way of that 18-Wheeler.

It MIGHT have just missed me,

Being Said – If I was able to Stop in time


More Likely,

It would have Caught me on the Nose on the Driver’s Side,

Hitting me all the way up to the End of the Wheel Arch!


If I had driven or moved as Fast as I do most times,

AND with the Support Beam of the Bridge,

Had Just blocked My vision,

I’d have seen the Truck JUST too late a… n… d…

I’d NOT have written this Post.


I can Say without a shadow of a Doubt,

My Angles were working Overtime,

Stopping me just enough for that Truck NOT to have hit my car,

As I might have been Hit on the Driver’s side too Full,

Not getting out of the Car in one piece.


What SHOCKED me even More,

The Speed at which the Truck raced through the Intersection,

That Truck would have taken out Most of anything in its way without TOO much trouble.


Not ONLY was I really happy that I didn’t move when it Could have meant my End,


With So Many people losing their Lives in Road Fatalities,

People in general Drive Really Recklessly.


They would believe themselves,

Such things don’t happen to them,

It ONLY happens to other People…


Being Injured in an Accident is one thing,

Having Others with you in the Car when You cannot do much of Anything isn’t that Nice,

Worried about how they’ll deal with anything which would affect them later one,

Makes you think a great deal!



How would you be able to live with Yourself when You Kill someone,

Driving as this person had done within this Incident…

Having the Unfortunate foresight,

I was VERY-VERY Lucky today,

Willing to Use my Time as best I can;


If and when this same Driver does the same thing Again,

When will it happen that He Might Kill or Maim someone so badly,

They’d Never been the same again…


It’s such an Unfortunate situation that People cannot Care in the least,

Believing such things Will Never happen,

Not to them or Because of them…


Be very Careful and Mindful of those driving around you! ! !


(An actual Aerial view of the very same Bridge…)

The UNNATURAL Disaster…


While I was writing this Post,

I checked up on the Information on this Specific Area,

Trying to see just how much of the Info I was using is correct.


I cannot say for sure if what I’d heard was correct either,

But You’d possibly know about natural Disasters in your own area,

BUT, when it comes to the point and there’s Suspect that any Disaster wasn’t Natural,

That makes such a Massive difference!


Knysna, located in the Western Cape and part of the Garden Route,

Had been ablaze for the past few weeks and still, there are Fires which had been chasing the

Fire Brigade around the Town.

The population is Estimated at 51,000 or so people.


As far as I spoke to one of the People at work,

It’s been reported as far as I know,

Some or in part, fires had been STARTED in the area.

I cannot say for sure and with the amount of Devastation there had been left behind,

I cannot think that it’ll be that easy to ascertain for certain what had happened with this massive Disaster hitting that Town.


I’m quite sure that





And the likes do not have a Human hand in as a Fire would or could have.


What got my Attention even more so,

Was the number of People all over the Country who jumped at the Opportunity at Helping with the Disaster Relieve which was arranged for the affected Area.


As the saying goes, I’d read in between then and now,

See something – Do something;

And if this was caused by Someone,

I’d really Love for them to Answer to this – not perpetrating this once again,

BUT – what was very Impressive,

The number of People who were willing in helping out as much as they could.


Not only on the Radio did I hear the People raising money for the Disaster Relieve,

But there were various Trucks heading down to this Area,

Taking along much-needed supplies to the area as well.


The Wind and the Cold of the area and with Nightfall,

All of this stood against the Fire Fighters and Emergency Services Personnel to help out where and who they could.

Making the whole area very Dangerous when You were faced with a Run-away Fire.


I’ve never seen Anything as bad as what those Poor people had to endure,

I did, however, have to burn down the very Tall grass on the Small Stead we’d lived on once,

Chasing the Snakes away from the house,

Seeing they looked for a better place to Nest and that wouldn’t have been that safe for us.


The grasses stood over a Meter tall and almost all of them were dry-dead.

When we set the fire, we have to keep an eye on what was happening.

Having old bags and heavy rags would only help that much.

Watering the grass close to the house makes it harder for the Fire to jump, but this isn’t Foolproof either…


While we were busy here,

There came a very light wind and blew the fire along so fast that you’d Only Pray that nothing bad would happen along the way…


With this, the Heat and the Power and the Speed at which the Fire burnt were far more intense and so we stood well out of the way of the burning grasses.

The wind changed direction fast and before you’d know it,

The Smoke was surrounding you, catching you off-guard!

This with the massive heat and anyone caught off-guard, the Dehydration can very easily leave you in a very dangerous position!


Burning eyes, fear, and shock prevent you from focusing on getting yourself out of harm’s way,

Without sufficient Oxygen, and being Disorientated,

That would leave you in a very dangerous position!


We mostly kept clear of all of this and the LUCKY fact was,

The grass around the House was still very much Green and didn’t burn,

It could and would have been far More Dangerous if something were to catch alight!


If ever you need to Burn some dead grass anywhere,

Firstly start with the Shortest and Smallest of the grasses.

You create a Barrier a Meter and more, between the short and the longer grasses.

Possibly the Fire will not easily jump this barrier – but that’s NOT a Given!

As well,

Never do something like this in a Residential area OR when OR where you’re alone!

If you Have to or Need to clear some weeds or grasses,

Get the Fire Department to come help you when They can assist you.


There are so many Factors which can Impede our control over Aspects of Nature,

Believing Yourself to be more Cleaver than You really are,

Could end up being your downfall!


There had been a great deal of Help supplied to the People of Knysna,

But the end of the day,

The Little bits we can do for Each other Each and Every day,

That would make such a Difference to more people than You or I could even begin to Imagine!